7 Foods Rich in Probiotics that are Beneficial to Your Gut


Most common gut-related discomforts are caused by lack of probiotics, healthy bacteria, but can be overcome by eating certain foods.

Do you experience abdominal discomforts? Some time you may find out that your stomach is causing your some problems due to one reason or another. Mostly, this occurs if you don’t have enough healthy bacteria deep within your tummy. As a result, your gut can get inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea and constipation, or gurgling of the stomach and other digestive problems. The good news is that you can make corrections naturally by consuming whole foods such as fruits and vegetables and other foods rich in probiotics.

Your stomach can stay healthy while working correctly if it is supplied with adequate probiotics. Probiotics are also important in maintenance of health and helps in losing weight. Here are some of the foods renowned to have probiotics to overcome those challenges most people experience from partying or after consuming some meals.

#1 Apple


Apples play major roles when anything about health is the concern. It is as if that an apple is the best fruit to keep the doctors away. A recent study found out that eating apple regularly helps in the production of friendly bacteria in rats. Although, not yet proven in human, researchers concluded that it can be beneficial too. Apples help in the production of short chain fatty acids which provide the appropriate pH conditions where friendly microorganisms can thrive.

#2 Greek Yogurts

Greek Yogurts

Greek yogurt refers to a wholesome rich and healthy dish loaded with live bacteria which are helpful for the colon health. It can be taken as a thick creamy food like a snack or along a light meal with fresh fruits, seeds, granola or your preferred sweetener on top such as honey, maple syrup or agave nectar. Greek yoghurt is also low in calories and contains calcium. Additionally, it is high in protein ensuring that you will full fuller for a longer duration. This makes it a part of the plan for people wishing to shed some pounds.

#3 Pickled Vegetables

Pickled Vegetables

You can find different types of prickled vegetables including cucumbers, asparagus, olives, green beans or carrots. All these contain plenty of healthy bacteria that form during the fermentation process. These bacteria are beneficial in that they keep your gut healthy while naturally preventing your stomach from common discomforts. Pickled vegetables can be consumed as they are or combined with salads, main meals or appetizer platters. Other than being a great source of healthy bacteria, pickled vegetables also come with a lot of fiber which helps in digestion.

#4 Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Though it may sound weird, dark chocolate is one of the probiotic rich foods you can readily get. When eaten along with other fermented foods, dark chocolate helps in the delivery of healthy bacteria in your gut where they are required to facilitate digestion and avert possible stomach complications. According to studies, dark chocolate have lots of health benefits necessary for boosting cardiovascular function and increase insulin sensitivity.

#5 Sauerkraut


Friendly bacteria are used to ferment cabbage. Once the cabbage and friendly bacteria have been shredded, they are fermented to create a wholesome probiotic rich food commonly referred to as sauerkraut. Sauerkraut can be along with main meals or on top of hot dogs or sandwiches. You can also eat this delicious fermented food as you like and be sure that you will be doing more good to your stomach.

#6 Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese comes loaded with lots of bacterial that are helpful to the human stomach. It can be used as a light lunch or combined with leafy green salad as a dressing. Some prefer to have cottage cheese at breakfast mixed with fresh berries or pineapples. Sometimes you can go for fresh cheese curd which has a mild flavor. You can wash the curd to remove the acidity to make it sweet. The use of Cottage cheese dates back to 1831.

#7 Miso


These refer to paste made from fermented soy which can be used to prepare soups, season dishes or served as a condiment. They are loaded with lactobacillus acidophilus. A single serving is enough to fill your tummy with enough bacteria and rest assured that you won’t experience any sorts of discomforts that most people are faced with regularly.


It is the high time you should start incorporating some probiotics in your meals if you would like to avert possible stomach complications. Also many people are taking probiotic pills like probioslim for their weight loss issues. These will be helpful in getting the functions of your tummy back on track to facilitate proper digestion and smooth bowel movements every time you go to your washrooms. At the end of the day, you don’t have to be plagued by stomach problems if you can take some healthy dose of healthy live bacteria that will ensure the overall wellbeing of your gut is maintained and sustained all through.


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