Chronic Pancreatitis: Types, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment

What is Chronic Pancreatitis?

Pancreatitis can be defined as a pancreas inflammation that leads to impairing your body’s function to digest and manage the sugar level in your blood. Pancreatitis can be categorized into short term pancreatitis and long term pancreatitis. The short term pancreatitis gets better over time, but in case of long term pancreatitis, it stays the same even after a long period of time. This long term pancreatitis is also called chronic pancreatitis.

Chronic Pancreatitis: Types, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment

Chronic Pancreatitis can be seen among the people of all age groups, but it is more often seen among the age group of 30-40. This disease is found to be more prevalent among men than women.

The statistics show that around 50 out of 100,000 people suffer from chronic pancreatitis. Chronic Pancreatitis gets even worse in the future, and it might even lead to permanent damage if it is not treated properly.

In this article, I will list out some of the ways of how you can recognize the signs of chronic pancreatitis.

Signs of Chronic Pancreatitis

Signs of Chronic Pancreatitis

The signs of chronic pancreatitis will help you to recognize it. You should never be careless with your health, and it is better to have a full body check up in regular points of time. It is better to prevent yourself from different types of diseases with the help of regular exercises, healthy diets, and so on.

Despite of prevention, you might suffer from various types of diseases. If you suffer from some kind of diseases, the first step of treating your disease is to recognize it. In this section of an article, you will find all the key ways to recognize chronic pancreatitis.

1. Upper Abdomen Pain

The first sign of chronic pancreatic is pain in the upper part of your abdomen. This pain is not a onetime pain, but it is a recurring pain. You will find this sign really common among those suffering from chronic pancreatitis. This pain can even get worse over time, so it is better to consult the doctor if you suffer from recurring pain in your abdomen. This pain may even last for a longer period of time affecting your daily life and routine.

2. Instead of Getting Satisfaction, You Might Get Sick After Eating

In a normal condition, you get sick when you avoid eating enough food required by your body. However, a person suffering from chronic pancreatitis can suffer from sickness instead of getting satisfied after eating.

Due to the digestive problems, you may vomit out the things which you’ve eaten, or you may feel nausea. The digestive problems will start to show after you eat, however, there are conditions, where a person can feel sick even without eating.

Feel Nausea

3. Digestion Issues

The moment you find yourself facing abnormal digestion issues for some time, it is better to consult the doctor and diagnose the problem. In the condition of pancreatitis, your pancreas will not function as it should function.

Your body does not become able to digest the food normally when you are suffering from chronic pancreatitis. Because your body cannot digest the food properly, you are very much likely to suffer from diarrhea too ultimately leading to loss of weight.

4. Too Much Thirst and Fatigue

It is normal to feel thirsty and tired, however; too much thirst and fatigue may be the sign of chronic pancreatitis. Your body requires enough energy to carry out day to day activities, and without energy, you will find it extremely difficult to perform day to day activities.

In case of chronic pancreatitis, your digestive system cannot digest the food properly. It will affect the flow of energy in your body, leading to excess thirst and fatigue.

Too Much Thirst and Fatigue

5. Pale and Fatty Stools That Cannot Be Easily Flushed

Another sign of chronic pancreatitis is a pale and fatty stool. Your stool is not only smelly and pale when you are suffering from chronic pancreatitis, but you will also find it difficult to flush. Chronic Pancreatitis will not allow enough digestive juice to be produced in your body.

Due to the lack of enough digestive juice, your body will have a hard time breaking down certain proteins and fats. When your digestive system begins to malfunction, you will have too much smelly and greasy stool.


Chronic Pancreatitis is considered as a serious medical condition because of its adverse impacts on your health. If you find any of the above signs in your body, then you must quickly consult your doctor. In some cases, the situation even gets out of control, leading to the death of the patients. The study explains that 10% of the patients are suffering from chronic pancreatitis.

I believe this article has informed you with the necessary facts to recognize the hydrocele. If you find any of these signs in your life, then it is better to consult with the doctor to get some valuable suggestions.



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