World Hepatitis Day: July 28th

World hepatitis day is celebrated on July 28th and this day was designated by the world health organization. The day helps in raising awareness on hepatitis as research has shown that more than 40 million people are currently suffering from either hepatitis B or C. The condition is caused by a virus and approximately 1.4 million people die from the condition annually. The day helps in raising awareness so that the condition can be managed in a better way and therefore prevents the deaths that occur secondary to it. The theme of this day in Australia is ‘its time for action as an urgent action needs to be taken to help in the prevention of deaths. The celebration of this day is aimed at ensuring that all patients who are suffering from hepatitis are diagnosed early, treated appropriately and has regular checkups of the liver to prevent complications that may occur from the disease. Viral hepatitis is a condition in which there is inflammation of the liver and there are five viruses that may cause the condition. Transmission of the viruses occurs through varied routes. Hepatitis E and A are transmitted through water and food, hepatitis B is transmitted through body fluids and blood while hepatitis C is usually transmitted through blood. Hepatitis D serves as an additional infection in a person who is suffering from hepatitis B. The common symptoms that the patient may present with include reduced appetite, jaundice, fever and fatigue. Most people who suffer from hepatitis usually recover but some die in the acute stages of the disease. Infections caused by hepatitis C and B can be chronic and this can lead to liver cancer and cirrhosis.

World Hepatitis Day: July 28th

Purpose of World Hepatitis Day

The purpose of celebrating this day is to raise awareness of the condition and prevent deaths that are caused by hepatitis. Research has shown that most deaths that occur to patients suffering from hepatitis can be prevented. This is by ensuring that patients are managed properly through early diagnosis, proper treatment, and regular check-ups.
The day is aimed at raising awareness to organizations, community leaders and members, and individuals at large.

The day helps in policy work, advocacy, increasing global awareness and building capacity among community members so that the condition can be given the priority that it deserves.

What can be done On World Hepatitis Day?


People can take part in the celebration of this day by sending information on social media on hepatitis so that people can be aware of the proper management and treatment of the condition.

World hepatitis day team coordinates with world health organization to come up with a theme that helps people to concentrate on raising awareness on the condition.

The stories of patients who are suffering from the condition are highlighted on social media to help in raising awareness.

Mobile clinics can be set up where people are tested for hepatitis virus. Research shows that most of the people who are suffering from hepatitis C are not aware of. This is because they do not present with any symptoms and when the condition is left untreated, it can lead to liver cancer, liver damage which may require a transplant.

Local meetings and events can be held where the action is taken towards addressing the issues that affect patients suffering from hepatitis.

Message on World Hepatitis Day

The main message shared on this day is that the condition is fatal but it can be prevented with proper management. The campaign theme for the year from world hepatitis alliance and world health organization is ‘prevention of viral hepatitis.

Transmission of the viral infection from one person to another can be prevented with better services and awareness to help in improving the safety of blood and injections, improved services when giving vaccinations and reducing harm to patients.

The general campaign is not only aimed at raising awareness to the infected patients and the public but it will also help in promoting improved access to health services that give proper management to hepatitis.

Special Tips on World Hepatitis Day

The special tips on this day include using the social media platform to raise awareness on the condition. The patients who suffer or have suffered from the condition are also encouraged to share their experience and how the condition was managed.

Seminars can be arranged to provide an educational platform where people get to ask questions on the condition.


Hepatitis is a condition n that is caused by a virus and it can be fatal when it is not properly managed. World hepatitis day helps in raising awareness so that people can go for checkups as many people do not present with any symptoms. The activities that can be done to celebrate this day include sharing information on social media like facebook and twitter and having educational seminars.

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