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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): Let’s Unite For a Cure

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SIDS Awareness Month

Day in day out, infants below the age of one year lose their lives to unknown forces. These deaths are sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or crib deaths. They are called Crib deaths because most of these children pass on in their sleep. These are unforeseen deaths were the kid was not sick before his death and no cause of death can be arrived at. Not even after a postmortem.

Picture this:
You are newly married? You cannot wait to start a family with the love of your life. Then you spot that baby bump, you are beside yourself with joy. This is the best thing that has happened in your life: after your spouse of course. Nine months down and the bundle of joy arrives. Oh! What a joy? He becomes your source of happiness. You cannot imagine life without him. He is such an angel. You even swear how his blinking is just heavenly. You love everything about him.

Few months down the line, you go to check on him. He has been asleep for too long. You touch his forehead. He is all cold. You freak out. He has no pulse. Your world comes crumbling down… its dark all over. Autopsies cannot tell what happened but your baby is gone.

That is the sad story of SIDS: it hits you hard when you least expect it. No signal no nothing just sudden death. This is a tale that many people have lived through. But what can we do to avert this brutality? Research shows that awareness in the created in the USA was able to lower these cases by over 30%. It is in this light that the SIDS awareness month was started.

What is SIDS Awareness Month?

This is a time reserved for education about SIDS its causes and prevention measures. A time to pass the message that SIDS is real: it’s a monster waiting to pounce on our beautiful infants. It’s the month to learn about this syndrome, its causes and possible prevention measures. This is a time for all potential parents to get information about this menace and how they can reduce the risk of their children succumbing to it. It’s a time to try and secure the lives of our little angels.

Purpose of SIDS Awareness Month

The sole aim of this awareness month is to take the number of deaths due to SIDS beyond zero. It’s a campaign conducted in an attempt to eradicate crib deaths. It also a way of helping you and I enjoy lives with our children. To make sure our children live. To ensure no more parents are heartbroken by deaths of their children. To make sure these kids live to shine like Lincoln. Increase the chances of survival for all children.

Purpose of SIDS Awareness Month

Activities on SIDS Awareness Month

This will be a time of learning. You will get all the information you need to ensure your child doesn’t die prematurely. Information on the causes of SIDS and ways of preventing these deaths are presented to the general public. Causes such as smoking near the baby, putting him to sleep on his stomach and overheating will be discussed. Did you know that sleeping with your infant on the same bed increases the risk of SIDS? Yes it does. So does giving birth to an underweight child. Putting things like pillows in the child’s cot may also increase the chance of him being smothered in his sleep. You are probably wondering how all these activities that seem harmless can have such dire effects on your child. All you questions will be answered by professionals during the awareness month.

In addition to learning about the possible causes, you will also learn about possible prevention measures. Such measures include: ensuring you child sleeps on his back, using pacifiers to ensure he does not inhale cigarette smoke, placing him on a firm mattress and breastfeeding. The underlying theories to these measures will be explained during the awareness programs.

If you are pregnant, it is still not too early to start protecting your child. Proper prenatal care, abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes can also help reduce this risk. We will also tell you why you should wait until you are over twenty years before getting a child. Research shows that Children born to mothers under twenty years of age are more likely to succumb to SIDS.

Special Tips on SIDS Awareness Month

Children are adorable beings that should be allowed to live. SIDS can hit any child. It may have no cure but we can try preventing it. In any case prevention is always better than cure. Get armed with information. Secure the life of your infant.


We all pray that we will live to see our children become great. Nobody wishes to bury his children. SIDS is a beast that seeks to cut short the lives of our children: To crush our hearts and souls. Good thing is that we can prevent it. Get equipped with weapons to fight this menace. Visit a clinic during this SIDS awareness month and learn.

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