Rett Syndrome Awareness Month: Let’s Create Awareness Together

Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

Rett Syndrome Awareness Month is the month whereby all individuals are made aware of the Rett syndrome in order to know how to prevent and manage it. The people are made aware that it is possible to get the Rett syndrome treatment and cure*. Since the Rett syndrome is so unfamiliar to the public, the month of October is set aside annually to celebrate, raise funds and create more awareness.

Purpose of Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

The whole month of October is usually set for preparation of the major day in the 1st of November. The purpose of the awareness month is to make sure that everyone all over the world is capable of getting information about the Rett syndrome. The organization is offered an opportunity by one of the major advertisers to have this awareness advert repeated nine times within an hour. Through for a period of three months .This they will have enabled to let very many people get to know about the Rett Syndrome.

What can You do on Rett Syndrome Awareness Month?

This syndrome affects mostly the girl child before attaining the age of 18months. During this month as an individual you are supposed to assist in fundraising, passing word of mouth just to let people get aware of the Rett syndrome. If possible, you can help distribute fryers. An individual or a group can help meet women groups in the society to make them aware of the day and also to educate them on the prevention and caution to be taken to keep the girl child safe from the syndrome.

Message on Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

Message on Rett Syndrome Awareness Month

The Rett Syndrome involves loss of speech, digestive problems breathing and other autonomic impairments. Though it is a high profile disorder in the scientific cycles, it is not commonly known even by the medical communities. This cause most women and young girls to be misdiagnosed. The aim of creating the awareness is to heal the children and adults who will suffer from this disorder if not dealt upon early. This syndrome is very rear since it occurs in 1 out of 10000 girls. Rett Syndrome is genetic disorder and if discovered early enough and treated early enough can be very helpful. Girls with this problem cannot live independently hence need proper care and attention over their life time.

Special Tips on Awareness day

  • There are some of the symptoms of the Rett syndrome which include loss of muscle tone any purposeful use of the hands instead they rub or wring their hands together.
  • The symptoms get worse since at around 4 years the language skills worsen instead of getting clearer. The kid stops talking and hates socializing with others; they begin staying alone through withdrawal and disinterest in playing with other kids.
  • Uncoordinated breathing is also noted and awkward walking style begins getting worse each day. Parents are advised to seek proper medical care in order to prevent a lifetime bother.
  • After study and research it was found that the Rett syndrome is caused by a gene mutation on the X chromosome. This gene is not hereditary and it indicates that the X chromosome representing the girl survives longer than the Y chromosome representing the boy child. This is proved since if a boy is born with the Rett syndrome they die instantly while the girl continues to survive.
  • There is treatment for the condition that helps the girl child live without many challenges. This treatment helps the girl improve* speech and also be able to do the daily activities meaning the muscles get stronger. They are also able to socialize easily but unfortunately there is no permanent cure* for this Rett Syndrome .The treatment just involves solving some problems which is better than none.

The following conditions should not be ignored rather the kid should be rushed to the doctor immediately: repetitive hand movement

  • Problem behavior and marked mood swings
  • Slow growth in the child’s head or any other body part
  • Delayed speech development or loss of previously acquired speech
  • Decrease* in eye contact
  • Withdrawal from other kids and lack of interest to play.


Rett Syndrome Patients

Like all other disabilities the Rett Syndrome patients should be embraced with love, total care and concern. Parents should not hide or try to kill their kids who are affected. They should let them have freedom to do what pleases them though they seem to be existing in another world. Keeping away from them is not the solution rather the solution is helping them to feel part of the community. It is advisable to try and solve those problems with solutions even if not all have remedies. This will help the guardian to rest at times of shower and some personal activities since they can be able to do them after medication.

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