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National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month: Let’s Take Part

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month: Let’s Take Part

What is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

National minority mental health awareness month is a campaign held annually under the sponsorship of CDC and HHS in commemorating federal intentions of eliminating health discrepancies that were marshaled by the findings from the Heckler Report. The campaign takes place every July when the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) launches outreach programs to disseminate health information and education material designed for minority sectors of the population, including Hispanics, Blacks, Asian/Pacific Islanders, as well as Native Americans.

Purpose of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

The purpose of the national minority mental health awareness month is to ensure that useful information and technical assistance are available for patient education in response to minority population requirements, particularly those in special care services like school, medical, community-based and worksite locations. The campaign also aims at creating awareness among afflicted persons and surfaces them with details about where they can find help. In addition, the Department continues with research and implements innovative models for financing health services depending on current departmental agreements. It’s also an opportunity for initiating discussions with minority and nonminority health experts, organizations, State government, academic institutions and other entities from private and public sectors in coming up with means and ways of improving availability and accessibility of health professionals to minority populations.

What you can do on National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

You can participate in marking the national minority mental health awareness month in a number of ways including:

Mental Health Awareness
  • Donate towards organizations that fund research about minority mental health.
  • Write and publish articles in local media or online sites with useful information about minority mental health.
  • Help in the distribution of flyers, posters and other educative materials for minority groups living with mental problems.
  • Use social media to disseminate relevant and helpful information about minority mental health.
  • Pay a visit to organizations or institutions hosting minority groups with mental health problems.
  • Request local TV or radio stations to host programs raising awareness about minority mental health.
  • Take part in social events designed for raising awareness about minority mental health.
  • Create awareness about minority mental health in your workplace, school or organization.
  • Conduct research to find out useful information that can assist minority groups living with metal conditions.

Message on National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

During the national minority mental health awareness month, the main goal is to raise awareness about health disparities that continually affect minority populations. This year’s theme, “30 Years of Advancing Health Equity, The heckler Report: Disparities in America” commemorates government efforts in dealing with health disparities mobilized by the Heckler Report. In their action plan the HHS is trying to reduce racial and ethnic disparities to enhance community and clinical interventions that can help prevent mental illnesses among all Americans, including the minority groups at the risk of mental conditions. Mental problems are common among minority populations living in the United States and can be detrimental to GDP if untreated. By volunteering to spread helpful information about mental issues facing minority populations, you will go a long way to assist afflicted persons, their friends, family and others living around them.

Special Tips on National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Tips on National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Share your story providing every detail as required by the National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month form.
  • Let the public know how you are affected by mental health illness and state what happened before you sought assistance.
  • Specifically share about the person or anything that helped in your recovery process, including hospital or social platform.
  • Share how you are currently feeling indicating your feelings after you started recovering.
  • Briefly explain to your audience about competent mental health practices that played pert in your recovery.
  • Inform your audience necessary steps they can take to help them recover.
  • Let your audience know that many people are living with the challenge unaware that it can be overcome with proper treatment.
  • Help in the elimination of disparities in mental health care by volunteering provide details for standardized statewide race and ethnicity information.
  • Suggest useful resources for further studies to promote National Minority Health Awareness Month in your area.


Racial and Ethnic discrimination still exist in the United States despite of current civilization. Institutions and individuals are invited to join organizations to help in raising awareness about mental health, research and treatment in diverse populations by publicly speaking and reaching out to local communities. You can participate in various ways like hosting local events or activities in honor of your diverse community and share useful information to help affected persons and those close to them. Let’s join hands to help successful implementation of organizational diversity and efforts designed for assisting all those who are touched by mental illnesses like anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia, depression and autism among others.

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