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Hemophilia Awareness Month: Let’s Fight Against This Bleeding Disorder

What is Hemophilia Awareness Month?

Hemophilia is a disorder that affects the worldwide population immensely. Since it can be prevented, there’s a great need to pass on the information to other people. They have to be aware of the ways to prevent hemophilia and the most effective treatments to cure it. Ronald Reagan marked March as the Hemophilia Awareness Month. Since 1986 and until now, a huge amount of people with hearts, caregivers and volunteers have promoted the fundamentals and the purpose of Hemophilia Awareness Month helping millions of people prevent as well as cure this condition.

Hemophilia Awareness Month: Let’s Fight Against This Bleeding Disorder

Hemophilia Definition

Hemophilia Definition

Hemophilia is a hereditary condition obstructing the blood to properly clot. There are different stages of hemophilia varying from mild to severe cases.

  • Hemophilia A – By far the most frequent type spread across the world. It is triggered by a deficiency of the clotting factor VIII
  • Hemophilia B – Holds the second place and is triggered by a deficiency of the clotting factor IX
  • Hemophilia C – Triggered by a deficiency of the clotting factor XI

Usually, hemophilia affects people in their younger years. Prenatal hemophilia testing can also help detect traces of the disorder possibly forming after childbirth.

Hemophilia Causes

Hemophilia Causes

As mentioned before, Hemophilia is a genetically transmitted disorder. However, it can also occur in families with no known history of this condition. Therefore, a spontaneous mutation in genes during childbirth can serve as a bridge to this common disorder. That is the most frequent explanation given by scientists.

Hemophilia Treatment and Precautions

There are several ways known to help in the treatment of hemophilia.

Hemophilia Treatment and Precautions
  • Replacement Therapy – The patient injects into his vein the concentrate of his specific clotting factor. This can be done whether at home or the hospital. While this is a pretty beneficial therapy, there are still risks to be taken into consideration.
  • Desmopressin – This man-made hormone helps treat mild hemophilia type A only.
  • Antifibrinolytic Medicines – Pills are taken during the replacement therapy or as a whole treatment plan.

There are some other ways to treat hemophilia. However, some of them are still in the trial period. You must consult your doctor prior to picking out any treatment plan.
Purpose of Hemophilia Awareness Month
Hemophilia Awareness Month fights for a very noble cause. It is the best way to support the patients all over the world and spread the knowledge of how to prevent this disorder or lessen its effects. Hemophilia Awareness Month can serve as a great way to connect with the world and give a helping hand to the ones in need. During Hemophilia Awareness Month, organizations, communities, businesses and volunteers can arrange meetings, events, charities specially dedicated to this cause. More than that, anyone can get involved to make a change in this world.

What You Can You Do on Hemophilia Awareness Month?

Everyone is welcome to join the team of millions of people who consider them to be a family fighting for a certain cause. In this case, it is preventing and treating hemophilia that this big global family is fighting for. You are encouraged to do the following things

  • Become a member of the World Federation of Hemophilia and support their mission in this world
  • Donate to the ones in need. You can also have it done via the official website of the WFH
  • Attend events and meetings in your community dedicated to spreading knowledge about hemophilia. You can also arrange your events and invite health care specialists to give talks on the subject
  • Raise the awareness of social networks and let people know that you care
  • Talk to the doctors from your local hospitals. Let them know you want to come up with presents to all the patients with hemophilia disorder
Hemophilia Awareness Month Facts

You can think of your ways to help the world deal with this condition. Talk to your family and friends. Perhaps, they would like to get involved in your project for more notable results.

Message on Hemophilia Awareness Month

Since the worldwide population is facing such a difficult and hard to handle disorder, we ask you to join us in this cause. Let us do something for those who are in need. Just think of them as of your family members. Would you let anything happen to them? No, because you care. And specifically because you care you have to get involved.

With small but firm steps, we can dominate hemophilia disorder and control it. There is still a little time left until the progress in the health care industry reaches immeasurable heights. Until then, we are responsible for what happens to the world.

Stick to the information exposed in this informative post and make sure everyone you know gets hold of it. Let people know that you care during Hemophilia Awareness Month!

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