Healthy Lung Awareness Month: Join the Campaign for Healthy Living

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Published: Oct 1, 2015 | Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Healthy Lung Awareness Month

Lung is the most essential part of the body responsible for distribution of oxygen throughout the body. It does this involuntarily through breathing in and out. There is a thick network of blood vessels network that surrounds the lungs. This is majorly for the purpose of maximum absorption of oxygen into the blood stream. Failure of the lungs means failure of oxygen distribution in the body which can cause fatal effects on the body. These may include death due to low supply of oxygen. Therefore the lungs therefore need to be protected and that is why October is the national healthy lung month, a month that majority of the people experience lung problems due to pollens that are more rampant on this month.

Purpose of Healthy Lung Month

The purpose is to create awareness on the importance of protecting the lungs, problems associated with neglecting the lung health and the possible ways of avoiding lung health issues. It also aims at enforcing ways of eradicating environmental factors that can cause lung problem which include air pollution by industries producing toxic substances such as asbestos. It is also focused on empowering people on ways of dealing with lung problems when they arise. Preventive measures such as warm clothing, regular medical checkup and avoiding smoking are also recommended. This is due to rise in the lung infections that have become chronic due to negligence such as bronchitis

Activities on Healthy Lung Month

There are various activities that are undertaken during this month. These include campaign walks on the streets to protest against the production of excess toxic substances such as asbestos in the surrounding place by industries. Planting trees to promote abundant presence of oxygen within the environment where there is so much pollution from the industries. Encouraging citizens to choose and vote in a government official that supports conservation of environment especially ways that reducing air pollution.

People are also taught how to dress well for a cold weather by example since the month of October is the coldest month in many countries hence there is too much production of mold which many people’s lungs is allergic to. Campaigns against cigarette smoking is also included on this month, it is a major cause of fatal lung problems such as lung cancer, bronchitis. Those that are cigarette addicts are given rehabilitation and guidance on how they can avoid smoking temptation which one of them include keeping themselves busy doing youth activities such as cleaning the environment and planting trees. All these activities are done in groups on public meetings and some organizations supporting the health lung month sometimes give certificates to all the participants.

Message on Healthy Lung Month

Healthy Lung

Considering the month is to the chilliness of the weather therefore the major message passed across during the campaign includes advice to people to keep warm by putting on warm clothing. Chilly climate is beyond one’s control because there is nothing you can do to make the climate relatively warm it is only by protecting the body against it. All people are advised on that month through conferences held during this month to avoid at all cost human caused cases of the lung disease such as exposure to cold and smoking. It is better if you suffer from disease caused by unavoidable circumstance rather than the one you caused it yourself. Therefore every person’s responsibility on his body is highly advocated for in the campaign.

Special Tips on Healthy Lung Month

Apart from the above mentioned preventive measures other ways of protection are taught during this month either through posters or direct face to face explanation which include; visiting the doctor for check-ups on regular basis to avoid hidden lung infection becoming chronic by treating it at its early stages. Preventing infection rather than treating is much more recommended; this is a campaign that all governments encourage to be able to reduce cost of treating and use only cheap preventive measures that are not harmful. It includes; staying away from crowds during flu outbreak, ensuring your mouth is free of germs that can cause infection and ensuring you are immunized against outbreak lung disease


Healthy lung month is very essential for every country that is aiming at protecting its citizens from lung problems. It is celebrated in only some countries but it is not as famous as the diabetes walk since most countries have not seen the importance of protecting the lungs since its diseases are not major fast killers of the citizens. However it should be taken seriously because once the lung is damaged there is no lung transplants and the result will be death. The lung health is not only protected but the environment is also conserved.

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