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Autism Awareness Month – April

This is the specific month in which campaigns are run by different organizations in remembrance of something or in fight, create awareness and prevention of autism.

Autism Awareness Month – April

In this case, autism is the main topic of which the awareness month happens October. Members of the public get detailed information about this lifelong developmental disability that interferes with speech, coordination and social behaviors.

Purpose of Autism Awareness Month

This is to let everyone know how to take care of themselves not to get affected, to know how to leave with the affected, make them feel accepted in the society, to find a permanent cure for the disease.

The purpose of the awareness month is to assure the affected persons are provided with the opportunity to achieve the highest quality life. This is done by the community helping the affected utilize their talents to make a good life and be able to rely.

What can you do on Autism Awareness Month?

You can take posters and distribute them to as many people as possible. If there are flyers and banners, it’s also a good idea to help in placing them where necessary.

During this month you can take the fundraising forms and seek for people to contribute and help raise funds. Visiting the affected persons can also mean a lot.

Inform the public through your social accounts or request you’re your TV and Radio hosts to present topics about autism.

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Message on Autism Awareness Month

During the autism month, up to two people in a hundred are diagnosed with autism. It is stated as the fastest growing disability in most developed countries. For people who don’t know about autism, it is a neurological disorder that can last throughout the life of a person. The affected is not able to paying and even paying attention.

Even if you don’t have the disability, it’s advisable to try and understand them, show them concern and learn how to communicate with them. The origin and causes of this disorder are not known but research is still being done.

The autism society mains aim is to improve the lives of the affected by offering education advocacy, services research and support.

Message on Autism Awareness Month

Special Tips on Autism Awareness Month

  • The awareness month which helps every year is not recognized as a public holiday, but rather everyone is made aware of.
  • The awareness month ceremonies usually begin with prayers, then entertainment from both the autism patients and those not affected. This indicates that those affected by autism are not abnormal, but it is just a disability. There are different speeches made from the parents, the affected and then the main one is from the founders of this particular day.
  • Kids affected with autism are easily noted since they delay in speech and communication, they find it difficult to let you as a parent know what they want. Most Parents ignore these signs and give the child more time but as the child attains 5years they get to know there is a problem.
  • The brain develops slowly inclusive of repetitive behavior which is not common in the people without. As a parent or guardian it is good to note that autism affected children have a bright future too and should be taken care of normally like the others who are not affected. The reason to this is because they are very talented in arts, visual skills, math and music.
  • Guardians and parents should try to know which talent is in their child since, disability is not inability. There are kids who develop in the normal way but change at the age of two this when you notice that the child has changed drastically from the normal growth schedule.
  • The actual signs in a young child are seen or discovered when they are about one year or one and a half when they start communicating. If diagnosed early, this disorder can improve the outcome which is advisable for parents not to ignore any abnormal changes in their children. After a certain survey in developed countries, the analyst came to the conclusion that this disorder affects the boy’s more than the girls.
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Any disabled person must be accepted in society and given the right to be respected. Autism patients still cope in life and are able to be their own dependents.

This only happens in the right environment where; they are educated, taught their abilities that are related to their talents. They should be given responsibilities deemed in the areas they are best in.

As a parent to a child with autism, you should not dwell on their weakness or their negative side neither how you will cope with them throughout life. Parents should understand that the creator of human beings have a very good reason as to why He created them so and He knows their coming in and going out.

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