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Top Rated Hair Growth Products of 2020

Restore your hair and your confidence. Check out the 5 top hair growth products of 2020 for men & women.
Top Rated Hair Growth Products of 2020
Hair loss is a much-dreaded condition that can happen to anyone at any time.

We all know that bad feeling we get in our stomachs when we take a shower and look down and see strands of hair washing down the drain with the soapy water.

Or that moment when you wonder if the amount of hair you lose when you brush your hair is really or normal, or way, way too much. Sadly, losing hair is part of life.

The Top Rated Hair Growth Products 2020

We’ve discussed some of the products that can be used to help boost hair growth, now let’s talk about the products that will be the best options in 2020. Here are the 5 top rated hair growth products to look out for your hair loss treatment:

#1 Folexin


Folexin supports and improves hair growth. It has no major side effects. Folexin can be used by men and women with the same expected results. You do not need a prescription to buy Folexin.

There are many ingredients in products like this. It would take ages to list them all and discuss how and why they are so good for treating hair loss. The two key ingredients in Folexin are:


Fo-Ti comes from China and has been used by the natives for centuries to keep them young and healthy. It is believed to help restore the hair’s natural color and help with natural hair growth. Fo-Ti can be taken as a tea, juice or extract, but Folexin offers it in convenient supplement form.


Also known as Vitamin B7, Biotin is an important nutrient for many bodily functions such as helping to keep the skin, nails and hair healthy.

For best results 2 Folexin tablets should be taken a day; one after 12 am and one in the evening.


  • Folexin comes from a well-known manufacturer (Vita Balance Limited)
  • Great ingredients are used, with research to back it
  • It is not overly expensive
  • Folexin is shipped all around the world.


  • Currently, Folexin is only available online.
  • The product can take up to 2 weeks before any results are detected. Granted, this isn’t really much of a con, but if you’re in a hurry, two weeks can feel like ages.

#2 Profollica


Brace yourself, things are about to get very technical sounding: Profollica was manufactured to interrupt alpha 5 reductase enzymes from binding to free testosterone to form Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). That is a lot to take in, I know. Basically, all that means is that too much Dihydrotestosterone can form and it causes hair loss in men. This is what Profollica aims to take on – from the inside.

Profollica is a two-step plan with a daily supplement and what they call an “Activator Gel”.

The daily supplement consists of a combination of enzymes, nutrients and supplements that helps the body recover from stress and illness. The effects of poor diet are also negated with the supplement. Thus the supplement helps by aiding the body to cope with the factors that cause hair loss.

Provillus For Men

#3 Provillus for Men

Provillus is an Ultra Herbal product that is completely natural. Ultra Herbal is a widely known brand with a reputation of transparency and success.

Provillus works by giving dead hair follicles the needed nutrition to revive and restore them.

#4 Provillus for Women

Provillus For Women

Provillus for women is manufactured by the same company that offers Provillus for Men, but with some important changes that make it more suitable for use by women. It prevents unhealthy hair loss while also helping to thicken the hair and stimulate good growth.

Provillus nourishes the hair follicles and thus helps reduce hair thinning and loss.

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Why does your hair fall out?

There are many reasons for hair loss, from hereditary hair loss to medications, stress and menopause. A few other reasons are:

  • Chemical products (like dyes)
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Pregnancy
  • Skin problems (such as psoriasis)
  • Overstyling

There could be a number of other reasons for your hair loss and it is recommended that you consult your doctor to get to the root of your problems. Excuse the bad pun.

Understanding the reason(s) for your hair loss goes a long way to treating it.

As soon as you start treating the problem, you’ll be able to feel better about it. Most good hair growth products do take a while to start showing results, but rather wait a bit longer than suffer from the horrible side-effects that most of these ‘quick fixes’ can cause. Some side-effects are even permanent! Don’t gamble with your safety.

Keep in mind that a small amount of hair loss is absolutely normal. Hair has its own unique cycle, just like your cells, and when it needs to be replaced, it will simply fall out. You can lose between 50 to 100 hair strands a day without it causing any problems or being something to really worry about.

Washing your hair can cause a loss of up to 250 strands at once, but not washing your hair would not cure hair loss that is caused by something other factor.

Unfortunately, simply wearing a wig is not a solution anymore. It is as if people have learned how to spot someone wearing a rug and zoom in on him or her.

Or maybe it only feels that way to anyone who suffers from hair loss. It is a practical solution but it is also undeniable that having your own hair is much more preferred. Besides, wigs that will look as good on you as the hair of some of the famous celebrities do on them, will easily set you back a small fortune. Rather invest in a good hair growth supplement, it will be money better spent.

Do hair growth products really work

Do Hair Growth Products Really work?

The hair growth business is a billion dollar industry and there are millions of products promising to cure hair loss and give you a shiny head of full-bodied hair that would put Rapunzel to shame.

However, there are really products that have years of dedicated research to back their claims and that do really work to help reduce hair loss and even set hair growth on the right track.

The trick is just in knowing which products work and which are snake oil voodoo that will have you looking like that creepy, oily relative everyone avoids at family reunions. No one wants to be that person.

How do you make your Hair Grow Faster?

There are a couple of ways to take on the problem of hair loss. Some are natural and some incorporate the help of science and technology. None of the treatments are wrong. It is a matter of what you are comfortable with and what will work for you personally.


Some vitamins can help to naturally combat hairloss. The most effective vitamins are Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Biotin. You can take supplements of these vitamins but be sure to consult your doctor on the dosage as too much Vitamin A can actually promote hairloss. With nature, it’s all about balance.

Shampoo less, Condition more

Shampoo washes away dirt and product buildup and gives us nice and clean hair. It is a known idea that shampooing too much also washes away the natural oils of our hair and scalp.

This is true!

But conditioner helps to seal the cuticles, preventing more damage, and replaces the proteins in the shafts of the hair and does more good than shampoo would. Next time you shower and remember that shampooing too often does your hair no good, reach for that conditioner instead.

Give Hair-Boosting Supplements a Shot

Your hair needs quite a lot of love and care, more than people often realize. Correct treatment of hair includes a whole range of things like making sure it gets the right amount of minerals and proteins.

Take a closer look at your diet to find out if you are getting enough of these on a regular basis. Consider taking supplements to make up for whatever it is that you could be lacking. Be sure to check with your doctor that it won’t clash with any medication you might be taking and about the amounts you need.

Relax with the Relaxers

Try to stay away from chemical relaxers and hot tools as much as possible. These things do serious damage to your hair that is incredibly hard to repair. Curling irons, hair straighteners and hair dryers are only a few of the culprits that ruin our hair in the long run.

Relax With The Relaxers


With hair loss as such a sensitive matter for most people, especially men, it is important to treat the problem as soon as it is detected. After learning more about the various ways of treating hair loss and the great products that are now available, you can rest easy knowing your case is not hopeless.

You can take action and solve this problem, naturally and effectively. You should read everything that has been discussed here carefully and decide which product will suit your needs best.

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