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Facing Hair Loss? Learn To Prevent Hair Loss And Regrow Hair Naturally

Normally 90% of our hair grows constantly. Each hair strand has the ability to grow for about 2-6 years. The remaining 10% hair in our head remains in the resting stage. These hairs may last for 2 to 3 months.

Facing Hair Loss? Learn To Prevent Hair Loss And Regrow Hair Naturally

When this resting phase is over, these hairs shed automatically. This is how normally hair sheds; this is not a major kind of hair loss. Major hair loss can be caused due to many reasons such as

Male pattern baldness:
Male pattern baldness is the most common type of baldness in USA and normally it is permanent hair loss. 95% of the hair loss in men occurs due to this condition.

  • Hereditary Factors:
    Researches show that some genes which are responsible for hair loss develops genetically. This is the most common cause of hair loss in American people according to the study of the American Academy of Dermatology. This type of hair loss can continue in a family from one generation to another generation.
  • Hormonal Factors:
    Hormonal disease or disorder can be a reason for hair loss such as thyroid hormone disorder. Thyroid hormone has a great impact not only on the growth of your hair but also for skin and nails. If you do not have the right amount of thyroid hormone or excess amount of it, you may notice changes in body functions.
  • Mineral Deficiency:
    Research shows that due to iron deficiency hair loss occurs. More than 1.5 million women in United States are suffering from hair loss due to iron deficiency.
  • Autoimmune Disorders: There are many autoimmune disorders, which are the reasons behind the high baldness rate in the USA. The most common of them are

1. Alopecia Areata: It is an autoimmune disorder, where the immune system of the body attacks hair follicles. More than 4.7 million people are affected by this particular disorder in the United States.
2. Lupus: It is a chronic autoimmune disease, where the own immune system of the body attacks healthy tissues. More than 1.5 million people are affected by this condition in the USA and it affects mainly women during the years of childbearing.

There are many other factors works behind baldness such as chemotherapy, the side effect of some hormonal medicine, unhealthy diet, streets etc.

Effective Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Effective Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Up to 1/3 of the population suffers from hair loss. Whatever the causes, but if you can take a proper preventive measurement, hair loss cannot affect you. Below you will find some preventive advice, which can help you to prevent hair loss:

1. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle:

To prevent hair loss nothing can be better than following a healthy lifestyle. To maintain a healthy lifestyle you have to

  • Take Proper Diet for Hair Loss:
    As like as every other organ of the body, healthy hair depends on a balanced diet. Having foods which are rich in Omega- 3s, zinc, protein, Iron, Vitamin-A and Vitamin-C are very good for the growth of your hair as well as these helps prevent hair fall. A chart of foods, which contains above constituents in plenty given in below:
  • Exercise:
    Exercise helps in the uptake of sufficient amount oxygen in the body, which results in a good blood circulation in the brain and as brain controls all the function of the body it also helps to maintain healthy hair. Exercise also stimulates hormonal secretion such as serotonin hormone which is necessary for the growth of hair like other bodily parts.
  • Practice Meditation:
    Stress suspected as the major cause of hair loss problem (Androgenic alopecia). To prevent hair loss you need to keep down your stress level. To reduce stress meditation is better than medication. Practicing meditation is easy and helpful in the reduction of stress and thus hair loss.

2. Avoid Things Bad for your Hair

  • Too much Hair Styles:
    Chemicals and procedures, which followed to give your hair a good look, excessive use of them can damage your hair. A chart may help you to understand
  • Mishandling Wet Hair
    Our hairs are easily broken when they are in a wet condition or saturated with H2O.
    Water increases the protective cuticle of the hair and makes the hair hard. Brushing or aggressive towel drying in this condition can easily break your hairs.
  • Don’t Overheat Your Hair
    Heat changes the temporary hydrogen bond of the hair, which weakens hair protein leading to hair loss.

3. Manage Your Stress:

“Alopecia totalis” is a major hair loss problem occurs due to some autoimmune disorders. However, recent research shows that not only autoimmune disorders are the reason behind this medical condition; stress is also a major contributor to this condition. Due to “Alopecia totalis”, hair loss occurs from the scalp and in some severe cases form the different parts of the body.

4. Home Treatments for Healthy Hair

  • Oil Massage:
    Oil massage is a very good way to treating damaged hair, because of some particular chemical constituents of oil. Some popular hair oil massages and their benefits are given below:
  • Use Herbs:
    You can use herbs or herbal products to prevent hair loss such as Aloe Vera. Aloe Veras are rich in some enzymes, which eliminate dead cells from your scalp resulting reduced blockage of hair follicles. Blockage in hair follicles prevents necessary nutrients from entering in the hair roots which leads to weak hair resulting in hair fall.
  • Juices:
    Natural juices like garlic juice or ginger juice give cleansing effect. These juices also provide the hair with nutrients which are necessary to prevent hair fall.

5. Take Good Care of Your Hair:

Take good care of your hair because taking good care of anything promotes it. You can follow some tips for taking additional care of your hair such as

  • Reduce use of cap or hat; you may wear them for protecting your hair from pollution but these caps or hats make your hair thinner and more vulnerable to breakage.
  • Stop using hard gel, color, and other harmful chemicals. Before using something on hair know about the product and its constituents.
  • Genteelly brush your hair and always use soft brush or combs which do not contains sharps teethes.

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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

5 Wonderful Tips to Prevent Unexpected Hair Loss

Final Words

Hair falls more than the normal range (80-100 strands) can be signs of serious hair fall conditions such as androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata or alopecia totalis. Permanent baldness are caused due to these conditions. Sometimes treatment is not enough for saving your hairs.

So it is better you take a preventive measurement as early as possible. Tips described above will help you a lot but it may seem little difficult at first; If you can follow these tips for a week or for 15 days these are not that difficult to follow. These tips will not only help you to prevent hair fall but these will help you to maintain a healthier life. If at all these tips turn out to be futile, you can consider using a hair regrowth supplement such as Profolan. The inclusion of this supplement in your daily routine could boost hair growth, thus making your hair longer and stronger.

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