Hair Regrowth Products: Do They Really Work? All You Need To Know

Hair Regrowth Products

Remember in the good old days, when could either go bald or wear a wig? Well the world isn’t so simple anymore, and now a guy losing his hair will be losing even more trying to figure out what to do about it.

We saved you some trouble already by getting rid of all the supplements. We couldn’t find any that did anything or were helpful, and I had really high hopes for a couple.

So it comes down to your best topical, best prescription (basically Finasteride and some more Finasteride) and whether or not you would want hair surgery. I had a bunch of stuff on lasers and surgery, but…

Topical Treatments: What The Best Options?

Topical Treatments

Minoxidil was the original option, but not for hairline growth and not if you’re past a certain point in your hair loss.

Minoxidil was the original topical hair regrowth product, and is still available till today. Clinically, it has been proved to slow down the loss of hair but not signicantly. Guys always seem to be happy as long as they’re not looking for that hairline growth. Minoxidil grew hair back in the top, middle part only. They all have a specialty, that’s it.

Users of this product should know that one clichés very much applies:

Always use it, twice daily and the earlier on in your balding process the better off you will be. Also, be warned that it won’t do much for a receding hairline.

Rivogen and Follinox-5, however, are the two right now that are the best reviewed. On, Rivogen has nearly a perfect 5-Star rating. Follinox-5 does pretty well in customer reviews as well.

Follinox-5 is a little one we dug up, seems to be doing quite well, and no wonder because it’s 5% Minoxidil. We’re a charged-up Minoxidil, penetrate deep into the scalp, stimulate, new papilla for you and get them growing with the folia root.

How Do They Work?

Human Hair Growth

Minoxidil works by increasing* blood flow to the hair follicles, forcing the hair shafts open. The blockage of DHT within the shaft is what causes baldness in the first place. Rivogen blocks the flow of testosterone to the hair follicle cells, blocks the conversion of testosterone and DHT within the hair follicle cells, and stimulates hair follicles by lengthening their own growth phase.

Sounds crazy enough to work, actually. And Rivogen is exceptionally reviewed.

What About the Hair Regrowth Drugs?

The prescriptions have the highest rates of effectiveness (outside of surgery) because they have the side effects too, with Finasteride being at the head of the pack without a doubt. There have only been two or three other drugs for hair regrowth since Finasteride and I don’t even think they’re on the market anymore.

In one Finasteride study, 9 out of 10 men who took the drug had a 48% regrowth in their hair and a 42% total stoppage of further loss. That’s pretty impressive. There are many hair regrowth supplements available now that boast effectiveness without the side effects. Two of the more popular ones on the web are Procerin and Provillus.

These two were supposed to be the big hope: The two who could do the unspeakable the impossible! Regrow hair on a man’s hairline! Without forcing him to have surgery, o

r! Even worse! Force him to take Inasteride and say hello to this little friend for all times!

But, no. You two? Procerin, Provillus. You are but false gods. Get out of my sight.

They did put Procerin, Provillus and Finasteride in a study together. Oh, they just got slaughtered. Basically Procerin and Provillus grew a quarter inch of hair and that was between them.

What About Side Effects?

For the topical treatments, the side effects are: acne spots at site of contact on your scalp, a rash, burning of the scalp, blood pressure changes, dizziness, swelling of the hands or feet, unwanted facial hair, sudden and unexplained weight gain

Call a doctor immediately if you experience chest pain, however.

With Finasteride, the side effects are: headache, rash, dizziness, and tenderness in the breast area. And, as everyone knows, really bad sexual side effects as well. I did not list them off in graphic detail but they are numerous.

Monoxidil Extra Strength, there’s a chart and marking all of the side effect. All you see down this chart: no libido, low libido, premature ejaculation, heart palpitations, panic attacks, and dandruff, scalp problems.

Final Words

Well, unfortunately hair regrowth products are the life’s perfect models of compromise. You really, really have to love something and give something else away.

If life would empty without your life, and I’m putting myself in your shoes right now, those choices? Surgery.

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