Know The Beauty Hacks For Hair Using Champagnes. Must Try!

Written by Samantha Roger
Beauty Hacks For Hair Using Champagnes

Champagne is well known as a drink that many consume on special occasions like holidays and birthdays. It makes you feel super posh and glamorous when you drink it but did you know that it can actually make you look better? There are a few clever beauty hacks that this delicious bubbly on your hair. This may sound a little crazy but trust us, these hacks are brilliant and it will have you looking at champagne in a whole new way!

Don’t worry about being wasteful you don’t have to use the expensive bottles of champagne in order to get the full benefit of these hacks. You can do them all with budget friendly bottles of champagne. Although none of them call for you to actually drink champagne when you are done with your hack you can have a glass of your left over bubbly (if you are of age of course)!

1. Use it as a Cleansing Hair Rinse

You can mix champagne with water and form a clarifying hair mask. Just put your mixture in a cup or bowl and take it to the shower with you. If you find that your hair needs a bit of extra clarifying pour the mixture through your strands and rinse it out. The alcohol content of the champagne clears dirt and oil from the hair. It will leave your hair feeling fresh and looking super clean.

This hack is great for those who have a lot of excess oil in the top of their head. Instead of continuously washing your hair and still finding that you have large quantities of oil at your roots try this hack and see you oil problem disappear right before your eyes. However this is not something that you should do every day as it could make your hair and scalp too dry.

It is also a great hack for those who only wash their hair every few days or once a week. When you do wash your hair you want to clean out all of the oil, dirt, and product that has built up on your hair and scalp since you last washed it. Not washing your hair daily is a great way to preserve the natural moisture in your hair and it also saves you time.

However, it can also mean that you need to do extra work when you do wash your hair. If you are someone who doesn’t wash their hair daily then you know that washing with shampoo doesn’t always clear out all of the buildup, this champagne hack may just be the remedy that you have been looking for.

2. Give Volume to limp Hair with Champagne

Another awesome use of champagne for hair is to use it to add volume to limp hair. If you have flat hair then you know the struggle well. You can have a head full of hair but if your hair is flat it look straggly and thin, not an attractive look. When your hair is full it adds drama volume and the illusion of thicker, healthier hair.

This hack will provide you with beautifully full hair. The carbonation in champagne that makes it bright and bubbly boosts the hair when it comes into contact with your strands of hair. After you blow dry your hair you will find that it has the same type of drool worthy volume that makes us all envious of shampoo ad models.

Cleansing Hair

All you have to do is mix it with water like you did with the cleansing rise. Take your mixture into the shower with you and apply it to damp hair. However, for this hack you want to concentrate the rinse at the root of your head. You should also try to work it into your hair by using a scrunching and lifting motion with your hands.

3. Use champagne to preserve your blonde highlights

Blonde is one of the most difficult colors to maintain and preserve. Not many people maintain a pure blonde color throughout their life. Many people find that their color fades after childhood and they seek out highlighting to bring back the blonde that they lost back to their hair.

Keeping your blonde color looking fresh and light can be a real challenge. But champagne can save you major bucks at the salon and buy you a little more time in between coloring sessions.

All you have to do is simply pop open a bottle of champagne while to damp hair. Make sure that you have just opened it and start to comb it through the hair. Continue to work it into your hair with your hands and rinse it out completely.

The golden color of the champagne will bring out the same tones in your highlights; plus, the consistency and effervescence of champagne will make it shiny.

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In Conclusion

Hopefully you’ve found a new use for champagne that can remedy one of your hair care woes. These hacks are so simple and easy you have to try them. It’s time to pop the champagne and put it on your hair for gorgeous locks!

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