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7 Reasons To Stop Washing Your Hair Daily

In this article, we intend to let our readers know why they should stop washing hair every day.

Washing your hair every day can be more harmful than good due to several reasons. It is worth to skip the shampoo or the conditioner sometimes for as many days as you can.

7 Reasons To Stop Washing Your Hair Daily
Ways to break your daily hair washing habit. Shutterstock Images

Skipping can be determined by several factors, including your hair type, length, thickness, or your preferred style.

Have you ever wondered about what can happen if you skip washing your hair for a day or two?

It can hardly stink or irritate your scalp if you observe hygiene measures.

Here are 7 reasons why you should avoid washing your hair daily:

1. Eliminates Hair’s Natural Oils

Washing your hair every day removes the natural oils from follicles and your scalp[1].

Although most people try to remove these natural oils, the fact remains that they are very useful for your hair.

Natural oils make your skin healthier and shinier than most cosmetic products available in the market. If you have thicker hair, natural oils take a little longer before they can reach the tips of your strands, which means you should skip washing for a few days.

Even if you have thick hair, wash after every other day, especially if you have longer strands.

2. Makes Styling Difficult

Eliminate Hair Natural Oil

Styling freshly washed hair is a time-consuming method. Shutterstock Images

You have probably noted that styling your hair is easier during the days you don’t wash it. Washing interferes with curls and brushing them back into shape can be quite challenging after it is washed.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This is the main reason why most stylists recommend coming to the salon with dirty hair before you get an up-do or any particular service.

The next time you might face challenges trying to stick your curls in place, try it on the second day after washing. You will be surprised at how easy it will become.

3. Fades Your Hair Color

Washing your tresses on a daily basis can fade its color if you have color-treated hair[2]. Skipping a day or two will ensure that your hair color stays intact and attractive.

Even if you use a water-resistant dye, washing your hair every day can also weaken the bond.

Also, shampooing can strip your hair its natural color and cause it to fade. You are aware that coloring your hair goes at a higher price, and skipping shampoo or washing can help to reduce your cosmetic budget.

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4. Promotes Hair Loss

Promotes Hair Loss

To prevent hair loss, you should shampoo less often. Shutterstock Images

It is evident that heat can be detrimental to your hair. If you use dryers or styling products on a daily basis, they can weaken your tresses causing breakages or hair loss. By skipping washes, it means you won’t have to blow dry your hair.

Also, on the second day after washing, your hair will already be fixed, and thus you won’t have to use a curling iron or use a lot of other products when styling. Use less heat if you want to spare the life of your hair and save time.

5. Improves Hair Appearance

Skipping washing hair a day or two can not only help improve the appearance of your hairstyle, but also that of your tresses. You will realize that everything stays in place easily on the second day after washing.

You won’t spend a lot of time with frizz or drying your hair if you skip the shampoo.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

In case you notice that your hair appears a little greasy at the base of the strands, dab using baby powder or dry shampoo. Though this may sound weird, you will be surprised to see how your hair looks like a day after you skip washing.

6. Leads to Product Build Up

Most people who wash their hair every day say they do it to avoid build-up in oils. But skipping a wash is the best way to prevent build up in oils. Most often, the greasy appearance in your hair doesn’t come from natural oils but from the products you use for treatment and styling.

You may start noticing some changes if you start skipping washing your hair, but it will look less greasy after some time without the need for shampooing regularly.

7. Increases Maintenance Cost

Increases Maintenance Cost

More you use shampoo & conditioner, the more money you spend at the drugstore. Shutterstock Images

If you wash your hair daily, it means you will be using more shampoo, conditioner, hair appliances, and styling products.

Won’t all these hurt your wallet?

Washing your hair daily will also prompt you to go for frequent hair appointments, especially if your hair fades too quickly.

Skipping washes will help cut down the maintenance cost of your hair and save more for other uses.

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Washing your hair every day can be costly and unhelpful. It can trigger hair loss, breakage, fading and consume most of your time.

Skipping between washes can ease styling, help save time, lower maintenance cost, and improve the health of your hair.

However, don’t skip for too long as it can lead to a build-up of oils, dirt, and other compounds from products which can harm the skin on your scalp.

Wash every other day and enjoy the new look.


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