The Best of the Worst Exposed

Since 2003, has been one of the few websites on the Internet dedicated to bringing you unbiased overviews of all your favorite (and not so favorite) health and beauty products.

At we believe being transparent means being completely open with every single visitor to our website. It’s been that strong commitment we’ve tried to follow since the day we launched. has always been a commercial digital content website. We’ve always stated this on our website. Unsurprisingly, our work has rained quite heavily on the parades held by certain people, leading them to post outrageous attacks against our website online and even subjected affiliate products to threats and actions of lawsuits.

If you do a web search for, you’re likely to come across a few blaring announcements like this: “ is a scam!”

The false accusations are nearly always posted on untrustworthy “review” websites with zero transparency of the persons who actually owns the website that is making libelous claims.

Worse yet, nearly every single time we encounter such abuse it’s at the hands of a bad character who is subconsciously telling everyone their own reality.

What makes a scam we ask these bad actors?

Sorry, unlike you we don’t attempt to fool our readers.

We are an unabashed marketing site owned by a successful independent digital advertising company. We don’t need to hide behind the cloak of lies and deceit that you may find necessary.

Yet these failing scraped content site “competitors” (not in reality) call our site a “scam.” They then go on to rant that because we are based out of India it makes us even worse.

What does our ethnicity and geolocation have to do with our competency and ethics?

It appears to be xenophobia at its worst. We are proud Indians and even prouder to market and sell the U.S and other global brands of affiliate products.

We have positive relationships with people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. It’s not even a consideration of who we choose to work with. We work in a globalized connected economy for many years now. Technology has enabled that ability. For some reason, these racist individuals are incapable of evolving with the times. Is it any surprise that they’ve been “left behind?”

Based on what we’ve noted with these racist ranting “competitors” (not in reality) and their lack of quality websites, scraped content, and SEO skills…they would never get a job for any reputable marketing firm within India or anywhere else in an evolved environment.

So we ask them again-exactly what’s the scam? That they can’t compete so they yell foul.

Why would they even waste time wondering why they continually lose in a competing market-place?

Making up excuses and lies is not an effective business strategy.

In fact, it’s useless!

Question: Why don’t they themselves have any FTC Advertising Disclosure Policies on their weak bully pulpit content scraped websites? It doesn’t make sense but it’s not surprising.

So here’s how we will handle these characters moving forward. We have created a new section on this website called “Exposed.”

A place where those that lack merit is going to be identified along with a thorough expose on who they are and a complete breakdown of their nefarious actions and practices. We will provide facts, documents, and pictures unmasking them within an investigative expose. The secrets they would never want revealed-we strip them down for all to see.

Setting The Story Straight – Factually Inaccurate Statements

False Statement: is secretly owned and operated by the product owners that it’s affiliated with.

Fact: Completely false.

Let’s begin with a simple fact. It is not illegal to own or operate a review website as long as you are transparent about this fact. If an affiliate, or an individual, or company owns their own content website then they would simply have to be transparent and acknowledge it in their policies.

Why would anyone who can legally own a website and then not acknowledge it?

Well in our case it’s because they don’t own this website. This website has been wholly owned and operated since 2002 by Kyzooma Private Limited. We own and operate numerous content websites throughout the web and on each one of those sites (like this one) we disclose that fact to all of our visitors.

We are affiliated with the sales of hundreds of products by a wide array of manufacturers and distributors.

Unfortunately, some folks are willing to challenge this idea. In a recent legal case, an affiliate was accused of owning this site by a product owner. They probably read one of the “fake review sites” and ran to a lawyer then told them their “facts.” We even tried to demonstrate the true facts to them. They were not interested in acknowledging the truth. The product accuser was just so extraordinarily confident that they “knew the truth.” During the Discovery process, numerous subpoenas were sent out to a host of service providers and the results came in.

How do we know?

We received one. They wanted to know who owned our website and who produced our content.

The answer was easy..we do! The accuser who commenced litigation soon found that their original assertions were 100% wrong and their “case” imploded in on them. Their ignorance proved to be a very costly error for them. Not only was their own lawsuit thrown out by the judge but they themselves were countersued and lost. They are now stuck with a significant financial judgment against them – they must also pay all legal fees.

A word to the wise – assumptions are often dangerous and very expensive mistakes when you choose to ignore legal facts. If you want to challenge reality and make it up as you go along then take your shot. But know this- you will be held financially accountable when you lose. We won’t back down from litigation when we stand in the right.

Unfortunately, litigation is a part of doing business…but we are more than comfortable defending ourselves at all times, as well as counter-suing you when you have availed this opportunity for us. It’s not our primary goal to make an example of you, but we absolutely will if you choose to provoke us. When you knowingly post false lies we will expose you personally while our extremely competent attorneys handle you legally.

In today’s world, your reputation can evaporate very quickly. We won’t let you tarnish ours.

False Statement: doesn’t have Advertising Disclosure Policies on their website.

Fact: Once again, this false accusation is usually posted on untrustworthy “review” websites of dubious quality with zero transparency. The same persons who own “the independent review site” but just doesn’t see it in their interest to follow any FTC guidelines in letting anyone know of their financial connections to the site and its products.

Here is an easy to find a link on our website that clearly lays out our Advertising Disclosure Policies.

False Statement: does not have any Advertising Disclosure markers on their Product Overview Pages.

Fact: Wrong once again.

It doesn’t get any clearer than what is plastered on every single page where there is an advertisement and/or affiliate relationship.

Based on the disclaimers, the clear disclosure that each webpage relates to another’s products, and clearly-distinct linking on affiliate products nowhere does Kyzooma Private Limited misrepresents the nature, characteristics, qualities, Or geographic origin of anyone else’s goods. We are completely transparent to our visitors with all of our affiliate and advertising relationships…

False Statement: Your website is not allowed to discuss or do an overview on my product.
Fact: Absolutely not true.

Nominative use, also known as “nominative fair use”, is a legal doctrine that provides an affirmative defense to trademark infringement as enunciated by the United States Ninth Circuit, by which a person may use the trademark of another as a reference to describe the other product, or to compare it to their own.

Nominative use may be considered to be either related to or a type of “trademark fair use” (sometimes called “classic fair use” or “statutory fair use”). The user does nothing to suggest sponsorship or endorsement by the trademark holder. This applies even if the nominative use is commercial, and the same test applies for meta tags.

Furthermore, if a user is found to be nominative, then by the definition of non-trademark uses, it can not dilute the trademark. Any legal letters refuting our right to “nominative fair use” will be published on our website as well as to our social media channels and a multitude of other websites.

If something is factually incorrect then let us know. Go to Contact Us web page and we will respond in kind.

Look out for a first nefarious character to be exposed. Stay tuned!
LAST MODIFIED: September 03, 2018