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  • Currently, we are receiving many new applications and therefore, replies to you may not be as soon as you think or wish for. We appreciate if you can be patient as we work on the applications as fast as we can.
  • The approved candidates will be communicated to. Therefore, if you will not receive communication from us, kindly note that your application was not successful.
  • You are advised not to submit more than one application for the similar site as doing so may push you backward in the line.
  • It is required that you name yourself as the writer in case you provided writing samples in your application only for the local contributor applicants.
  • For the account managers, the contributor details are required. Therefore, the applications which indicate that the account manager is the writer are considered incomplete and thus, will not be received.
  • You are advised to make sure that you review the contributor guidelines which are provided so that you know what is required of you.

Note: It is not a guarantee that your submitted post will be published. It is important for you to review the editing notes if your post has not been published to help you correct as well as resubmit for another opportunity to be published.

The guidelines provided may change any time and as a contributor, you should make yourself aware of the changes and stick to them.

Thanks again!

    Contribution Inquiry - Consumer Health Digest

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    Please provide links to a couple of writing samples for which you are named as the contributor:

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