Contributor Guidelines – Consumer Health Digest

Are you passionate about health, beauty, fitness, and nutrition? Are you seeking a way to disseminate, educate and inform others of the benefits of nutrition, aimed at ensuring their well-being?

Consumer Health Digest is a site that is constantly in search of talented writers with an interest and a passion in offering sensitive and diverse information on health and nutrition writing. We look for both the established writers and the upcoming writers.

If you want and feel you can provide the visitors or site readers with nutritional or health & beauty information they need objectively and clearly as possible, with the right research, verified and justified facts, customer feedbacks and findings that are based on experts, then it would be our honor to have you featured on Consumer Health Digest.

Why Publish on Consumer Health Digest?

Consumer Health Digest is definitely one of the greatest information pools in regards to beauty, health, fitness and nutrition. In fact, it covers every aspect of the body and its health ranging from weight loss, sexual health, pregnancy and menopause, skin care and beauty health among others. This gives you a wide range of topics and discussion areas to write about.

We give you the chance to voice your opinion, let your voice be heard and expand the general area your information will reach. We offer you the chance to advance your writing skills, become a better researcher and create a better following for you on the social media.

Publishing on Consumer Health Digest may assist you in the process of getting your career started off and heading in the right direction. This is especially due to the fact that any writer is thoroughly scrutinized before being offered the green card to write and publish on the site. You are guaranteed that your work is of quality natural and more than a thousand readers will be seeing it. Furthermore, you acquire credibility the instant your work is published.

Articles written have the potential and can be featured in the newsletter produced by the site each week or month and sent to our subscribers every weekend and once in a month.

A published article is also promoted through our social media platforms once the article is featured on the website. You are assured of another following which is quite higher. If you haven’t yet subscribed on the site, don’t be left behind and join our – thousand followers and fans on social media. The breakdown of our social media followers is as follows:

With our access to the social media, your article shares will grow especially after it has been featured. Also, with the increasing media growth, you are included as a writer and for pertinent information provided, you will also start growing.

Our Interests

Consumer Health Digest has different interest and information that we are in search of or looking for:

  • Fitness – Expert information offering the reader nutritional value and a guide in taking the right meals, right meal combinations at the right time. Recommendations on what to take especially if aiming to achieve a certain health objective of it is only for nutritional purposes.
  • Joint Pain – Expert advice on different body functions aimed at offering assistance especially if aiming at offering pain relief.
  • Weight loss/Diet – Expert advice on how to lose weight objectively and more efficiently using the best means possible.
  • Colon Health – Provides definite information on colon health including cleansing, better digestion, nutrient absorption etc.
  • Sleep Aid – Expert advice on how to smoothen your sleep curve to eliminate interruptions.
  • Beauty Skin Care – Provides expert advice on skin care products, practices and beauty routines.
  • Women’s Health – Provides expert advice on menopause, pregnancy and women sexual health.
  • Mental Health – Provides definite information on mental health including depression, brain health, bipolar disorder etc.
  • Food Recipes – Healthy, easy to make recipes with a variety of food choices.
  • Latest Health News – Provides latest health awareness news.


How Long Does It Take To Review A Writers’ Submission?
The review process takes around a week or two. If the content is desirable and unique, it will be published the following month. You will be issued with notifications indicating that the article has been accepted and once it is ready for publishing, a link will be sent to you through your email address. This ensures that you are among the first people to see it.

When Is The Submitted Copy To Publish On Consumer Health Digest?
As indicated above, you will always be issued with notifications in regards to the articles progress. The accepted articles are listed for publishing in the following month. All you have to do is keep updating and checking your mail and you will receive the link once it is published.

Are There Any Payments?
Our services are mostly geared towards promoting your work, credibility, and guarantee in form of building up an individual reputation in the health, beauty, and fitness writing community. In addition, we as a site have a close-knit and a small team of the contributors of the site that offer services to us.

Positions in the team are limited in nature. However, for consistent and writers who produce quality work, they tend to stand out and if a position is open, they are asked to fill in if they still want it.

Do You Limit The Amount Of Content Or Articles I Submit At Any Given Moment?
There is no limitation as to how much content you can contribute. In fact, the more the content the better especially if it is high quality and relevant to us. Furthermore, it ensures that you gain exposure once more articles are published in a similar way.

Writers Biography

This offers one of the best ways to get readers of your content to know and identify with you. In addition, it is an opportunity to tell the readers what makes you a great fitness professional and a little more about yourself in general. Here are some of the details that must be included in the biography.

  • Biography – It should be around 100 to 150 words detailing and describing yourself with your designation and what you are really about. It gives you the chance to offer links, include images, videos detailing your achievements among others.
  • Social links – Details your social media platforms and how the readers can interact with you or follow you.
  • Headshot – Every biography requires a face to identify with. This is supposed to be your original profile picture and is supposed to be on your submitted content at the very bottom. Also, ensure that it is a large photo of higher measurements. Basically more than 600 by 800 (height & width).
  • Other Images – Include other images of you as a professional and also shots that can promote your professional appeal. The images are to be used to advance your professional profile ensuring that it looks the part and even goes beyond!

Submission Guidelines

Content submitted to Consumer Health Digest should fulfill the following conditions.

  • Your work – Content written by writers should be their own and be 100% original. Plagiarized content will be immediately declined. We will always check for plagiarism, so do not attempt it. Please proofread and edit your posts carefully before submitting.
  • Unique – Ensure that content submitted has never been published on any other site whether online, in books, magazines etc.
  • Creativity – Content and information is anywhere and everywhere today. So your work should be able to capture the attention of the readers, retain it and ensure repeated access to that specific information. To do that, you have to take a step, go out of your way to be creative and deliver the content in a fun but creative way. Get a solid start and an appealing end of the article, and summarize your article with separate conclusion section in the end.
  • Professional Edits – Ensure that your content has no grammar and other common mistakes made during writing by professionally editing your work. Ensure that there is no capitalization, punctuation, apostrophe or other errors.
  • Formatting – It should be correctly done with the content paragraphs being separated by titles or subtitles especially when an individual’s line of thought has taken a different line.
  • Minimum number of words – For general articles the minimum number of words is around 1000-1500. However, for other articles such as workouts and recipes, the length is not limited ensuring that you have the space needed to ensure that your work is comprehensive and clear.
  • Reader Centric – Content should be aimed at helping people and not just as a means to an end for the writer. Content that offers assistance is recognized and a writer is also seen as a valuable source of valuable information.
  • Advert Free – Content written by writers should not include sales promos, pitches or advertisements. If your work is deserving i.e. if it is of high quality and great, you will receive the desired recognition at the very end.
  • Recipes – Ensure that you add the nutritional information to any of your recipes. This includes the yielded service per single recipe, nutritional count, calories per a single serving and a high resolution or definition photo or image of the final dish.
  • References – For content acquired from articles or studies, ensure the content is well referenced or cited in order to create unique and quality content for visitors and readers. They should be created at the very end of the article with hyperlinks leading to the specific study content used. Use superscript to cite the content reference numbers within the actual content.
  • Backlinks – These are allowed but are limited to only two backlinks to your own site and also to your social media but within the author bio. However, they are prone to change or removal as deemed by the editors before publishing the article. Irrelevant hyperlinks will be removed and submissions containing keyword stuffing will be rejected. We reserve the right to remove or nofollow any link at our discretion.

Note: All links must naturally fit into the sentence/article and provide value to the reader.

Quick Tips For An Amazing Article

Precision: Be precise and concise in information provided at the article. Do not go around but go direct to the point with the fewest description words that can be used.

Practical Giveaways: Ensure that readers leave the article with something once they are through reading your article.

Format: Ensure that there are no mistakes in your grammar, pronunciation, or spelling. Use exclamations where necessary and keep the story short and precise. Break the content into smaller and desirable paragraphs, use bullets or numbering to indicate specific points to not all the time. Please send us your article in file formats .doc, .docx, .pdf, or else share it on the google drive.

Creativity: This is what differentiates your article from others. It ensures that it is unique and offers what others call a refreshing perspective. Think similar to the reader and check out titles and content that grabs your attention as a reader and do something similar to that. Aim at attracting the reader’s attention.

Be Intriguing: The key to keeping a reader continuously engaged is to be as intriguing as possible. Induce your personality into the content and making it fun while being educational at the same time.

Details: The content is aimed at offering information, educating on the most basic nutrition, Healthcare, Skincare, Wellness and fitness details.

Guidelines for Images & Infographic Submissions

If aiming at including images, info graphics or graphs into your content, ensure they meet the following requirements before submitting them.

  • Size: They should be at least 800 by 500 or larger. In fact, the bigger the image is the better it will be.
  • Format: The images file formats should be either JPG, PDF, GIF or PNG.
  • Original: They must be your own or original and not from image downloads. Otherwise, you have to attain a right to use the images and provide the needed proof or approval issued to use the said images.
  • Personal images: These are encouraged only if the content gives descriptions, specific exercise routines or techniques not known to others.
  • Must also include at least 500 words of original text. We expect this content to be as well written as a normal full-length blog post. If an infographic post contains thin text, regardless of how good the image is, it will be rejected.

More importantly, because of the high influx of submissions we receive, we can’t guarantee a response. Please don’t take this personally as we’d like to assure you that we try our best to cater to the needs of all our readers and members. Feel free to submit as many articles as you please.