Do You Find Any Hindrance While Practicing Whole30?

Whole30- Get Solution To Manage Your Diet

Have you been anticipating on getting yourself involved with the Whole30? I would suggest doing it right before a holiday or after a vacation.

During the holiday would be tough when you are around comfort zone with foods that you grew up with, there might be some struggle time during the program.

January is the perfect month of doing the whole30, after the busiest two months before Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Most people have some downtime in the first month of the year.

This will make it easy to consider adding Whole30, and also it is such an excellent way to detox out all the food you ate during the holidays.

Is It Hard To Do Whole30?

Whole30 has been known for its toughness approach. Or do you think it was easy for me to quit all my favourite foods like RICE and all other lovely treats* for a whole 30 days? No, it is not easy for me at all but just that the more you do, the more you will have a better feeling about your body.

Although this is just my simple principle which was made after I got into the Whole30 program. Presently, I am now on my 21st day in this program, and I can see the positive effect in me starting from the way I have a good sleep, my boosted energy, my glowing skin and more importantly, I am now in excellent control of what I eat.

I consider continuing whole30 while I am eating at home. I feel like I love the way my body and skin contact. I did so many detoxes before, they all give different results. The Whole30 provides one of the most satisfying results.

Here Are Some Roundups Taught Through This Program

Eating Out

Alcohol: Is a big “NO NO” for this program, not allowed for both cooking and drinking. Don’t think about splashing some wine while you are cooking pasta or mussels; it’s a NO.

Eating out: This can be possible, but please be sure to check out through an online menu of what your locals serve at the restaurants. You can call ahead and ask if they can be willing to adjust some ingredients to match with whole30.

Time: Planning your meal through the week is more likely the key to success to this program. Also, meal preparation is a tip to make things easy for you during the week whenever you are hungry. Cut out your vegetable and fruit ahead, then refrigerate for convenient using.

Meal Convenience: This program is not the ideal for those who are looking for a convenient meal plan.

Social Life: Whole30 doesn’t rob you from having a social life; you can still go and have some social fun anytime you wish, even though you might not be able to prepare a meal for yourself.

There are a few alternatives, for me, dry nuts in my pocket are of big help to get me through social nights with a glass of water. Oh, did I mention you allowed having sparkling water, and seltzer water?

Immune System: You will not feel sick often as before.

Native Food

Recipes: There are so many recipes in the “The Whole30: The 30-day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom”, also some more online for helping you accomplish this program. Or give yourself a challenge, come up with some dish from your native food. I am Thai; I love to come up with some Thai dishes.

Taste: Using a lot of fresh herbs is the big key to give your dish a big bold flavor, and even better than the dry herb.

My Meal Plan On Whole30

There are some guidelines to show you what the Whole30 overview look like. I usually prepare my meal on Sundays.

I make sure that I divide it according to what I write on my meal plan for a week. So then it is easy for me to grab it in the morning when I’m going to work. Here are some meal plans that I used on Whole30, and it works.

Breakfast: My favorite has always been the Smoothie, but unfortunately, I had to dish myself from taking the smoothie in these 30-day journey program.

In the Whole30 program, Smoothie has been declared to have a lot of technical complaints, and this is because it contains many fruits which have made it have a lot of sugar.

Research has shown that the foods that you drink will give you more satiety signals to the brain, rather than foods being chewed.

For my breakfast, I do plan; sometimes I make hard boiled eggs and store them in my refrigerator as a form of leftover.

I also love to use a lot of fresh eggs for my breakfast. Additionally, I make sure my leftovers come handy later, green salad is mixed with it along with a poached egg, and finally with a Hollandaise sauce. AWESOME!

Lunch: Salad is my favorite lunch; I make sure that I make some balsamic vinaigrette or some dressing on hand ahead on Sunday so I can use it up for the week. I grill, and oven bakes a lot of my dishes. So I can recreate a new dish with it.

So, every lunch I have the same salad mixed, then switching around with protein 2 or 3 different kinds, add hard-boiled-eggs, avocado, coconut chips, and some nuts (depending on what type of salad).


Dinner: Thai turkey naked burger, Roasted chicken and potatoes, turkey meatballs with roasted spaghetti squash, almond butte, sesame zucchini noodle salad or harvest sheet pan chicken, seared pan salmon with some grilled vegetables, chicken masala, Thai stir-fry basil with ground beef/pork topped with sunny side egg, and grill flank steak with chimichurri sauce. You can also find the entire recipe online.

Snack: A bag of dry mixed nuts are always in my purse. Also, I found that slice of apples help me on days that I feel super hungry.

Be sure that almonds or even a piece of fruit will perform an impressive trick on you when you use them.

Drinks: I drink a lot of water, coconut water, Kombucha, black coffee.

You can read the initial piece here – Part 1: What Should You Know Before You Start Whole 30?

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