No Clue On How To Beat Blues? Beat It With Your Mindset!

Welcome Winter – or not. It’s that time of the year – the celebrations of Christmas and New Years are over, and the bills are starting to come in the mail. The days are bitter cold and dark in the northern states and people hesitate to go out because of icy roads. Flu season is here, and people seem depressed and exhausted.

No Clue On How To Beat Blues? Beat It With Your Mindset!

This is one way to look at the end of January, however, there is another way to see this season. I see it as a time of growth, rebirth and taking action on new defined goals, which with intense daily focus, can lead you to new creative inspiration and reaching your dreams! You get to choose…stay negative and miserable, or be determined to beat those winter blues!

It is imperative that you make a positive plan to do this, for the good of all your social, work, and love relationships and family dynamics.

Positive Mindset Psychology & Life Coaching addresses the questions of how to find happiness and more daily joy by focusing on one’s potential, strengths and the daily Blessings that life offers.

We are what we think, thus, it is essential to monitor your ongoing thoughts often referred to as – “Self-talk.” I call this process “living consciously,” which very few humans do. Most people go about their lives with 8 out of 10 thoughts being negative and they verbally complain about how hard life is.

I challenge you to monitor your thoughts in the present; from morning to lunch, lunch to dinner, then dinner to bedtime. After each segment of time, write in a journal about how well you are doing. You will be surprised at how negative your automatic thoughts are. You can change this by immediately correcting a depressing thought with a positive one.

Rise On Beautiful

For example, you say upon waking and looking out the window, “Ugh, another cloudy, dark day.” Instantly change this self-talk by saying in your mind, “It’s a great day – no snow or rain, yippee!” then laugh out loud. Instantly, your physical state changes because you laughed or smiled. Keep doing the procedure of changing negative thoughts to positive ones for 30 days, the amount of time needed to create a good habit.

You will see your negative thoughts become much less, and positive thoughts, optimistic feelings and calm physical states will occur most often. What is even more amazing, is you will intensely notice everyone else’s negative thoughts, which will become overwhelming. You can help them change their sense of depression and negativity by sharing this exercise with them.

Research shows that when you have a happier sense of well-being, your life becomes more successful in all areas; including having more passion in your love relationships, increased career satisfaction, and improved personal health with less anxiety, depression or illness.

The word “disease” actually means – “dis-ease” – meaning, if your mindset is negative and depressed, then your body matches that state of being. Since a positive mindset improves our physical health, confidence and social relationships, making us more resilient to unexpected challenges or negative people, isn’t this something you want to invest your time in learning?


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

My Coaching clients have changed their lives from being depressed, anxious, over-weight and feeling stuck – to incredibly happy and peaceful through change or adversity, physically healthy and have well-balanced eating. They live a creative, fun, fulfilled life that they dreamed of. The human mind and what it thinks, is the source of all created pain or pleasure, and directly affects everything in our life.


In the book, Positivity, by Psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, she describes the 10 most frequent positive emotions: gratitude, hope, serenity, joy, interest, inspiration, awe, pride, amusement, and love, and when used in a 3-to-1 ratio against negative emotions, people are more open to life’s opportunities and possibilities.

Also, people who are happiest have strong social and significant relationships with people they can count on. With optimistic emotions, thoughts, and feelings, we increase our ability to connect with others leading to more life satisfaction. I write about how to increase your positive mindset in my book, LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success.

My Life Coaching Clients learn the importance of doing various daily mindset exercises to reinforce their positivity. We examination their various life spheres (love relationships, career, financial, social, family, home environment, health/wellness, hobbies, education, and others) and step by step, create new actions in each sphere that builds growth towards their dreams.

These various activities then lead to increased confidence, a more creative, upbeat outlook towards life, and an improved state of mental and physical health. The change is amazing! Choose to be positive, your happiness and health depends on it!

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