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Top 10 Tips for A Healthy Christmas!

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Healthier Christmas Tips

The holiday season has just started and we cannot even remember all the gatherings with friends and family that are coming and knocking on our door. No matter if you are the host or the guest to a holiday themed gathering; this is the year when some changes need to be put in order. May we recall last year? What did you do during the holiday season last year? How many times did you overeat? And what is the number of hangovers that you have experienced? Did you even think before serving cranberry sauce from a tin? Okay no more recalling the past! It is time to do something new this year and it better be healthy! Let us make it easier for you, holidays are stressful enough for some people, and share these 10 tips for a healthy Christmas this year!

What are the Risks that Christmas Gatherings Bring?

Do not worry, we do not suggest that getting together for a lovely dinner with your friends and family has bad effects. On the contrary, gathering with your loved ones will bring you nothing but joy and happiness. According to a recent study, refined sugars are more likely to cause grated metabolic damage compared with saturated fats. Which is why you should avoid refined sugars in any kind – that includes your dessert, the artificial sweeteners for your tea and coffee, canned cranberry sauce, and etc? There is also the danger of overeating. Most people do not know, but when you are overeating you are increasing the risk for diabetes and heart disease. And last but not least – the dangers of alcohol. Excessive drinking brings a lot of risks to the table since it causes problems with your vital organs, heart disease and stroke, hypertension and etc. And there is always the risk from humiliating yourself in front of your friends and family.

Christmas Gatherings

10 Tips to a Healthier Christmas!

We talked about the dangers of overeating, overdrinking and cooking with ingredients that bring their own risk to the table. Now it is time to offer a solution to these problems with these tips on how to have a healthier Christmas this year!

1. Think before you eat! It is considered that we consume over 3000 calories during a holiday gathering. You might not know but this number is way over the recommended calorie count for the day. Think before you fill you plate. Eat few small portions.

2. Limit the wine. Think of the risk from excess drinking before you fill your glass again. Drink more water in between to stay hydrated.

3. Eat healthy snacks. If you are the host, try and prepare a healthy option for a snack between meals. If you are the guess, stay away from the unhealthy snacks and eat a fruit or two between your meals.

Christmas Snacks

4. Stay active. After your dinner is finished, instead of sitting in front of the TV, this year put on your coat and goes outside. Make a snowman or just enjoy spending time with your loved ones playing fun games outside. You will get the chance to get closer to your friends and family and lose some of those calories that you have gathered during dinner.

5. Stay away from stress. Avoid sensitive topics during your dinner. The holidays are a reason to be happy and relaxed!

6. Eat a healthy breakfast! Eating a whole, healthy breakfast will keep you filled for the day and make it easier for you to avoid overeating at dinner.

7. Serve more vegetables. Instead of different sauces to go with the meal, offer various vegetable choices this year!

8. Defrost your turkey safely. Defrost your turkey in the fridge or at least in a safe, clean place with a constant temperature.

Stay Happy and Relaxed

9. Do not wash the turkey before cooking. Washing it actually increases the risk of food poisoning by spreading germs.

10. Cook the turkey properly. Find a proper recipe or if you are unsure if the turkey is cooked or not, ask for help in the kitchen.


The holiday season should be filled with happiness and joy for everyone. But a lot of people seem to forget to eat healthy during the holiday season. And we can see why with all those delicious recipes around us. Just because it is the holiday season it does not mean that you should forget all about the dangers of excessive drinking, eating or stressing out. And it is for sure not an excuse for you to stay at home without any physical activity of any kind. Do not wait for the New Year to start your new year’s resolutions. Start today! Prepare a different kind of holiday dinner this year. Who says that healthy cannot be delicious as well?

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