Staying Healthy While On Road – 6 Tips You Can Follow

Written by Drew Binsky Goldberg
Staying Healthy While On Road

I’ve been blessed enough to visit 110+ countries over the last 5 years[1], and I fully understand the importance that your health plays on the road.

Believe me, there is nothing worse than getting sick in a foreign country and having to see a doctor who doesn’t speak English.

Traveling – by its unpredictable nature – has a lot of ups and downs. You are thrown into stressful situations, exposure to unsanitary foods and bacteria and put in situations that are out of your comfort zone.

All of these things related back to your health, and the importance to remain healthy on your travels.

In order to maximize my health on the road, I follow these 6 tricks that I will be sharing in detail for the remainder of this post.

1. Always Keep Yourself Hydrated

Whether traveling or not, staying hydrated is an integral part of your overall health.

Longer flights will leave you dehydrated, because of the lack of fresh air alongside hundreds of other people breathing your limited oxygen.

So, drinking water before, during, and after flights is essential, to help lessen your jet lag and keep your system running smoothly.

A few trips to the bathroom is a small price to pay to avoid low energy and stiff muscles!

2. The Germ-Killer Kit

My Backpack

I travel around with a mini-pharmacy in my backpack[2]. As I mentioned earlier, you want to avoid going to foreign doctors at all costs, and most of the medicine that you are used to will not be available in other countries.

We all know this health-prep to protect ourselves from pesky diseases that are hell bent on impeding your trip.

You can’t avoid being in the middle of a crowd sometimes, but you also can’t risk getting any type of infection from touching germy hot spots.

Always bring a hand sanitizer, your vitamins, nasal spray, and disinfecting wipes, and or whatever will make you feel clean.

3. Be As Active As You Can Outside

Walking the streets, biking around town, going for a hike or simply dancing at a beach bar until the wee hours of the night are all things that will keep you active and healthy (well, as long as you don’t drink too much at the club!).

Constant moving throughout the day is great, and any doctor will tell you that a balance of energy intake and expenditure is the paradigm in keeping your mental and bodily functions fit.

Take advantage of the fact that you aren’t strapped to a desk. Don’t just lie on the beach with minimal activity, bring your camera, go for a walk and have some digital detox!

Going For Hike

4. Get Enough Rest As Much As Possible

Ideally, this is not easy to do when you are out there partying after an entire day of checking out beautiful, Instagram-worthy places.

And this can be tough on your body and mind too, so make sure you’re getting all the sleep you need.

One of the tricks I do when I’m in another country (with a different time zone,) is to stay up until bedtime andcatch those snoozes to get myself used to the new sleep hours.

5. Always Include Something Healthy In Your Food Adventure

Don’t forget to snack on fruits or greens whenever you’re trying a new menu.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a full meal or a side dish, your body benefits from eating greens and fruits.

It helps make you feel light and not bloated. As well as hydrating your cells and maintains your mind’s optimal performance.

6. Have At Least A Day Of ‘Real Vacation.’

Real Vacation

If you are traveling as part of a business or work, often it feels like a routine that you’re no longer enjoying. And that’s not healthy either.

Even being a digital nomad means you’re on the adventure of your life, you still need to take some time out of the day and pamper yourself.

How about indulging in a natural mud bath? Letting mother nature give your pores a boost is one of the healthiest ‘me’ time you can give to yourself.

Go in the forest and breath in all the fresh air you can get!

Also, loosen the pressure of trying to fit everything in. If you always have a planner with you wherever you go, try to keep an open schedule and give yourself some flexibility.

Leave a little room for some spontaneity and shake off the stress of trying to fit everything in.

That sums up my top tips to stay healthy on the road, and I hope you’ve learned a thing or two to help you on your next trip!

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