Sounding Smart – How to Improve* Your Vocabulary?

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If you find yourself trying to think of new words or more useful words, then you should start to try to improve* your vocabulary skills. You may only have a few minutes during a job interview to impress someone. Or, you may be making a presentation at work and you want to sound like you know what you are talking about. If you are a student who must write essays and research papers, then you need to expand your vocabulary. It is easy to improve* your vocabulary if you force yourself to work at it every day.

Sounding Smart

The reason you should try to schedule some time every day to improve* your vocabulary is because you will learn better when new information is presented in increments. A good place to start improving* your vocabulary is by reading a newspaper. Keep a journal next to you when you read and write down any words that you don’t know. Then try to figure out the meaning of the words by looking at the context in which the words are being used. Check the definition of the word by using a dictionary. Write a sentence using the new word. Make flashcards with these words and put the word on one side and the definition on the other side. Use the flashcards to help you memorize the new words.

Another way to build your vocabulary is to write down words that you use regularly and then use a thesaurus to learn more words that have the same definition. For example, we tend to use the word good to describe a lot of things. This word is overused and is not an accurate description in some cases. You may use a thesaurus and discover words that such as satisfactory or acceptable that can be used in place of the word good. Practice using the new words when you have to write e-mails or send letters. Start using the words when you are speaking so you can sound educated and intelligent.

There are games that are designed to help you build your vocabulary. You can buy software packages that will help you increase* your vocabulary also. A quality thesaurus will have sections in the back of the book that will help you learn new ways to describe people and objects. There are online dictionaries that are free. When you are improving* your vocabulary, you must not only learn a new word, but practice using the new word so that it becomes a part of your vocabulary.

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