Sex And Cancer…Why Doesn’t Anybody Talk About It?

Written by Patricia Maris
Sex And Cancer

For centuries, you couldn’t mention the word cancer without people reeling back in horror. It was incurable…a death sentence.

But not anymore. Cancer, for the first time in human history, is curable…yes, it can be cured. Every day, new molecular and immunotherapy treatments are forcing cancers to retreat and be eliminated from the body.

Extended lifetimes have gone up from months in the case of aggressive cancers, too many, many years with a number of cancers. Not in every case, but science and medicine are improving every day.

But there’s still one topic, which is rarely if ever broached when people talk about cancer. And that’s the impact which talking about sex, intimacy, erections, orgasms, masturbation and pleasure has when we’re talking about cancer.

So why? Why is nobody talking about cancer and sex? Probably because cancer has been a death sentence in the past, and so to associate the enjoyment of our time together with life-affirming sex, seemed to be almost an anathema.

But now that many cancers are becoming easier to treat, and the sufferer can expect to live many years, and not just months, sex should be enjoyed.

Cancer Treatment

And more than enjoyed! Physical Intimacy should be mandated as part of holistic treatment to improve the quality of life whilst undergoing treatment.

Why? Because of sex and physical intimacy releases endorphins and oxytocin, known as well as the love and happy hormones and spreads a well-being throughout the body which boosts the immune system, gives us a spiritual, emotional and physical high, and gives us reason to look forward to the future.

Those attributes are essential to assisting the body to cure its cancer, to marshal the forces, which the body uses to fight off infections and alien bodies in the blood, and diseases like colds and flu.

Cancer, of course, is vastly more severe than a common cold, but the body has a natural army of defending soldiers, which it could use if the circumstances were right.

The medicines and other treatments which doctors use to cure or mitigate cancers are like the artillery in a battle, which is the ‘big guns’ that must be introduced to fight the cancer but the body’s soldiers, the immune system, is a potent defence mechanism which the right frame of mind can incorporate into the treatment regimen.

So, assuming that your treatment is working for you, now…not tomorrow or when the time is right….but NOW is the time for you to think about Physical Intimacy.

Physical Intimacy

To think about sex and cuddling, to think NOT about your cancer and how you’ll cope, and whether the chemo or radiotherapy is making you feel unwell, or whether the pills are working, but thinking positively of the future and some sensual escapade with your partner.

Will it increase your lifespan? I don’t know…probably, but that depends on factors, which only you and your doctors know. Will it improve your mood and your capacity to deal with cancer? Will it increase your enjoyment, your quality of life? Yes…absolutely.

You’ll have a spring in your step, your mood will improve, and your mind will fixate on future sensual adventures. The oxytocin will kick in, and the endorphins will flow, and you’ll be amazed…. stunned…at the way your outlook improves.

And if you are single, please remember that ‘Masturbate‘ is a healthy ‘verb’ of course all in moderation, like chocolate, but I do talk about this subject in my books.

Sexual Tension

I have a friend who, whenever he needs to get ready for an interview, he would take the ‘top off’. (Think of this as a relief) And I also had a client that before attending an important meeting he would ask his lady to help him build up sexual tension so he could drive his meetings on a high let me say that again…on a HIGH!

Yes much like the effect of a drug only natural, courtesy of Mother Nature. To him using sexual energy to ignite his brain to a more alert more positive state of mind was the deal, without taking the top off!

Lets for a moment imagine a paradise on earth, after all, we all have been touched by the hands of religion in one way or another so we all have an idea of what this could look or perhaps feel like.

Picture yourself and your loved ones in there, go on take a couple of minutes, close your eyes and do it, yes now! …done? Very well, did you by any chance take into consideration all the things that give you pain or all the things that give you pleasure? Of course, you included only the latter! Because you are like me and we are humans.

State Your Body

The prevalent attitude to soothe our souls when we receive any devastating news is to withdraw first and try to process it, to take the news it from a verbal state news to carnal state, from objective to subjective by using our bodies, because they are the one affected by it.

But what if our ‘attitude/perception of it changes? How would you react to it? What if I told you that sensual-healing does wonders for your well-being no matter what state your body, mind and soul are in?

So how to make progress? First, we must understand that progress is impossible if we persist on doing what we have done and that “disattachment” is the key to success.

So now we know and understand the importance of intimacy, sex, playfulness and sensuality and the role it could play in terms of well-being and the treatment of cancer, and your recovery.

But let’s go back for a moment to the day when the doctor looked at you over his desk, lowered his eyes, and said in a terrifying and serious voice, ‘I have bad news for you, I’m afraid.”

Think NOT of that moment, when everything in your life suddenly came to a full stop, but the day before. Ok, you may have had symptoms, but you were still full of hope.

Feeling Bad

On the day before your appointment with the doctor, and in the weeks, which led up to it, your life had been full.
You were looking forward to anniversaries, time with family, holidays, and other moments in our lives that are part of the memory we build of who we are and where we fit.

Yet the day when the doctor gave you the news when you found that the tests confirmed what had been in the back of your mind, suddenly everything came to a halt. Suddenly all that you were became still! A dreadful silence descended on you.

You sat there, in the surgery, trying to cope with what you’d just been told. Your future hopes, all your dreams and desires, your aspirations and endeavours, took on a bleak dimension.

The future became gloomy. Hope evaporated. And you began thinking of your future as finite, rather than a realm of endless possibilities

You walked out of the surgery in a daze. If you were with your partner or friend, then his or her words of consolation meant nothing, just part of the background noise buzzing in your ears.

No matter what your partner or even the doctor said, about treatments and expectations of life and everything else, all you could think about was your coming death.

Expectations of life

But why? Why were you so different as a human being as you left the surgery, from the man or woman who entered? You’re the same person, but with a problem. And problems can be dealt with.

‘The ancestor of every action is a thought’ said Emerson. And although the thought that the doctor put into our minds with his news about our diagnosis had such an effect in our body, we can turn this around with a positive thought…an antidote.

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Patricia Maris is one of Australia's and America's most respected Holistic and Wellness Coaches. Author of a popular books series 'Nought to Ninety-Nine', dealing with relationships, self-help, nutrition, exercise, positive thinking and intimacy at all levels in our lives, Her passion, and the mission of her company, enigma7, is to assist men and women of all ages to achieve the balance, harmony, health, wellness and intimacy which the pace of today's world often robs us. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Patricia's assistance to her clients across the globe has seen her popularity skyrocket as her online presence grows. Her impressive list of credentials includes Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, HLC Level III CHEK Practitioner, Fitness Instructor, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Specialist in Energy and Intuitive Therapy and Life Coach with a focus on Intimacy and Relationships. You can contact Patricia on [email protected] and also connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn .

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