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HIV Positive With ReadyOra

With all the advancements made in the healthcare industry, one would think that a cure* for HIV and AIDS have been developed yet. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Even though a lot of money is being spent and a lot of research is being conducted on this virus, completely ridding a person’s body of the disease is not yet possible.

It is for this reason that it is essential that a person gets tested for HIV on a regular basis. When the disease is caught at an early stage and treatment are administered promptly, it can be managed more successfully than when it is caused in a more advanced stage.

According to AVERT[1], there are as much as 36.7 million individuals around the world who are currently living with the HIV virus. They also report that an alarming 40% of all people who are living with the HIV virus are not aware that they do, in fact, have the virus in their bodies.

Being tested for HIV is a matter that many people not only fear, but feel uncomfortable with – and the waiting period for results can be weeks, depending on where the tests are done.

ReadyOra, however, offers an alternative solution to help people avoid the uncomfortable setting of having them tested at a clinic or a doctor, and reduces* the waiting time to only a few minutes.

What Is ReadyOra?

What Is ReadyOra

Since being tested can be difficult for many people, a company has come up with a solution in the form of ReadyOra. ReadyOra is an oral test that can be utilized by any person to identify whether or not they may potentially have the HIV virus.

The best thing about ReadyOra is the fact that the device can be purchased in confidentiality and the test can be performed in the comfort of their own home – there is no need to visit a doctor’s office or a local clinic to use ReadyOra.

How Does ReadyOra Work?

It might seem strange that a test can now be purchased to determine whether you have the HIV virus without leaving your home – but thanks to the latest technological advancements in the medical industry, it is possible.

Traditionally, you would expect to offer a blood sample to a doctor or a nurse at a clinic if you want to know your HIV status. With ReadyOra, however, no blood samples are involved as the device has been manufactured with the latest technology that is used in diagnosing HIV.

To use ReadyOra, a saliva sample is used instead of a blood sample. This is an advantage for many people, as not only does getting tested for HIV bring up numerous concerns, but quite a large number of individuals may not be very comfortable with the methods utilized to extract blood for the test.

ReadyOra Work

A cotton bud and the ReadyOra device is all that is needed to perform an HIV test at home. The cotton bud is placed in the mouth, and saliva samples are collected on the cotton bud.

Once collected, the saliva samples are added to the ReadyOra device. The device will then start to read the data that it can obtain from the sample provided, and tell the user whether or not they might have the HIV virus.

It is truly as simple as this.

What Are The Benefits Of Using ReadyOra?

The most obvious benefit that ReadyOra has to offer users is obviously the fact that there is no need to visit a doctor or go to a clinic to find out whether they might have the HIV virus in their bodies.

This does not only save them a lot of time that they would have had to spent normally, but also ensures that they can perform the test in a more comfortable setting.

Another great benefit that the ReadyOra has to offer a user is the fact that it does not require a blood sample – offering a blood sample can be something that some people fear.

These are not the only benefits that you get when using the ReadyOra device.

In addition to these benefits, the device is also able to give the user the following benefits:

Testing for HIV
  • Testing for HIV at a clinic can take weeks before results are obtained, but with the ReadyOra device, results are provided to the user within as little as 20 minutes. Thus, there is no need to worry about whether or not you may have this particular virus for weeks on end, as it will provide you with the test results in a short amount of time.
  • ReadyOra has a 99% accuracy on all tests performed with the devices. This means that the results that the device provides the user will most likely accurately indicate whether they have HIV or not. This is another great benefit of utilizing a testing device with a low accuracy rating means you could be false diagnosed with HIV, or diagnosed as HIV negative when you do, in fact, have the virus.
  • The device is extremely easy to use, which is another benefit that many users will enjoy. An instruction manual is provided with the device that offers a step-by-step operational guide.

The user simply needs to follow this particular guide, and they will be able to have their results within the next 20 minutes without having to operate any complex devices.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Using ReadyOra?

Diagnosed as HIV Positive

The ReadyOra device has numerous benefits to offer a user, but we should also look at one particular drawback that it might have. Even though a 99% accuracy level seems to be excellent and trustworthy, it is still important to note that there is a 1% chance that the device will not provide accurate data.

Another major drawback is the fact that being diagnosed as HIV positive may wreak havoc on a person’s mental health – when the diagnosis is performed at a doctor’s office, the doctor will be able to start treatment immediately and even offer counseling services to help the person deal with their newly diagnosed disease.


Being tested for HIV regularly should be an important part of every person’s life. The disease does not only carry on to another person through sexual intercourse, so it is still possible to be diagnosed as HIV positive when no sexual activity has been performed.

A lot of people find that visiting a clinic for testing might make them uncomfortable. This, however, does not mean you should not know your status.

The ReadyOra offers a convenient way to test for the HIV virus without the need of blood samples and without the assistance from a doctor or nurse.

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