Proper Exercise – 3 Parts of a Proper Exercise Program

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Proper exercise is vital to good health. You may not find it to be a big priority, but consider this. If you don’t make an hour a day for your health now, you will find time to deal with the consequences later. Most any person would agree that they would rather spend their time enjoying their family and friends in life than spend the latter part of their life in a hospital bed or wheelchair, restricted from normal activities. There are three main components to a good exercise program, and those are cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility training.

Proper Exercise

The first part of proper exercise is cardiovascular exercise. This is when you use the major muscle groups to move the body around in such a way as to get the heart rate up and keep it there. This is the most versatile part of exercise and offers the most variety in the types of activities you can do. You can do a lot of really fun things to get your cardiovascular exercise into your schedule, such as walking the family dog, jogging with a friend, dancing, taking aerobics classes with others, playing basketball, or just playing with your kids in the backyard. The thing you do should bring your heart rate up and it should stay there in order to be effective in fighting the fat, keeping the heart healthy, and benefitting your general health.

The second part of a proper exercise regimen is strength training. The thing that is so vital about this portion of an exercise program is that strength training is necessary for your bone health, your overall strength, and metabolism. Your bones need to experience weight bearing work so that they will continue to grow and become larger. Your body is amazing and it knows how to adapt to the needs of the body, so if you are lifting, it knows you need more bone to support that, which prevents osteoporosis. Metabolism is developed by increasing* muscle mass through lifting. You will burn more even when you are sleeping. Of course, overall strength is due to strengthening the muscles.

The final part of an effective and proper exercise program is flexibility training. This will allow your body to experience a more full range of motion in the joints. Stretching is one way to achieve this, as is yoga. Yoga is a popular class that guides you through strength and stretches together. Combine these three methods for a great exercise program that will improve* your life, your energy, and your overall general health.

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