How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle by Following a Nomadic Diet?

One of the greatest joys in life is traveling, learning about different cultures, meeting different people. That’s why it’s not uncommon for people to; simply, decide to spend a year, two or even more just traveling from one destination to another. The nomadic life, or frequent traveling itself, requires a great deal of planning and you also have to make wise decisions to make sure you have a healthy lifestyle when on the road.

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle by Following a Nomadic Diet?

The core of a healthy lifestyle is adequate nutrition which is why nomads like to share their tips and tricks with others. So, what’s a nomadic diet? Let’s find out!

What is a Nomadic Diet?

If you were to Google the Nomadic diet, you wouldn’t find hundreds of pages with different recommendations of what to eat or avoid when you’re on the road. However, those who have mastered the skills of traveling tend to give out their own tips and tricks to eating a healthy diet when you’re meeting new cultures and living your life away from home.

For example, two nomads, a husband, and wife of the The Great Anomaly website claim they came up with the Nomadic diet. They are, admittedly, health “freaks” who eat grass-fed meats, organic food, and limit the consumption of heavily processed and refined foods. However, when they decided to travel the world, they knew staying healthy is important, but life on the road doesn’t allow you to take common luxuries that you have in the comfort of your home. Let’s face it, packing too much food would be highly impractical.

That’s when they decided to adapt their life to the nomadic lifestyle where minimalism and adventure have the priority. Spending months on the road helped them realize that it is entirely possible to stay healthy when traveling and you don’t even have to ditch the “health freak” way of life. What is their secret? They made a few modifications which they named the Nomadic diet.

Nomadic Food

How They Do It?

First, they encourage others not to worry about staying healthy on the road i.e. you shouldn’t let those worries prevent you from taking the leap and embark on the greatest experience of your life. Travel is healthy and so is experiencing new things.

Their Nomadic diet consists of bringing along the best supplements and super foods you have and discovering healthy foods in new cultures you visit. A combination of these supplements/super foods and eating healthy foods that locals do is a great way to preserve or even improve your health and enjoy it at the same time.

Eating Healthy On the Road

While the Nomadic diet isn’t the most specific eating pattern in the world, it does make sense. Nowadays, it is easy to purchase supplements that provide your body with recommended daily value of much-needed nutrients. Since you don’t have the comfort of your kitchen everywhere you go, instead of heading to the first fast food restaurant in the location, you should strive more for healthier choices, get to know the local cuisine and try out healthy foods they eat regularly.

This fits perfectly into the minimalist way of life, characteristic for all those people who want to travel smart.

Eating Healthy On the Road

To ensure you eat a healthy diet on the road, here are some other tips to bear in mind:


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

  • Plan ahead – As mentioned already, travel requires a great deal of organization and planning. You should research the local cuisine of your destination(s), learn more about healthy foods locals eat and plan where to eat when you get there
  • Pack lightly – Efficient travel requires packing lightly, which means your food options should be travel-friendly and nutrient-dense foods that don’t take up too much room but provide energy boost and various nutrients to your body
  • Eat fruits and vegetables – They are abundant in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants and the best thing is, you can find fresh fruits and veggies wherever you go
  • Dried fruit and nut mix – Mix your favorite combination of dried fruits and nuts and throw them into snack bags. That way, you’ll have a healthy snack that will prevent you from finding the nearest fast food place, and these snack bags are easy to carry with you


The nomad way of life is full of surprises, excitements, and adventures. You don’t even have to be a nomad who travels from one destination to another to experience these things; you can achieve the same feeling by opting to visit a new place from time to time. Regardless of your frequency of travels, one thing is for sure – your diet has to be healthy, practical, and efficient. The nomadic diet, as presented by a married couple who travels the world, is all about taking supplements with you and eating healthy foods characteristic for that specific destination. It’s simple and reasonable.



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