How to achieve your dreams with a balanced life & overcome all obstacles

Written by Cherie Rickard

If achieving goals and pursuing your passions were easy and simple, everybody would do it quickly and without any trouble or difficulty. Regardless of whether your vision is clear and if you can articulate a clear destiny there are always obstacles along any life journey.

It’s the happiness on the journey when clearing these difficulties that makes life fun, and benefits people feel truly accomplished when they finally reach their true pinnacle of success. So why is it some of us have it a little easier than others in balancing family, daily routines, work, hobbies and pursuing other passions and interest? These individuals have conquered battle fatigue! When your facing battle fatigue you’ve become lost in the balance of life.

Battle fatigue sets in when 1 of your 3 beings are off balance. We are created Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually and serving each being of ourselves is imperative to a balanced life full of success. You can’t run on empty in any of these areas. Sometimes with battle fatigue, it’s not a business problem your facing, it’s a physical problem.

Too often we are fighting battles because of how we take care of ourselves or lack of. You can work out 5 days a week, but if you’re drained emotionally or spiritually, you won’t be your best self. You can pray or meditate 3 times a day, but you won’t feel well physically or emotionally in battle fatigue. Living balanced is the key.

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You can’t stay up all night and not get your rest and expect to feel good the next day. You won’t have the passion you need, the creativity and you won’t make good decisions. If you’re waiting for a miracle to become successful or accomplish your goals, try living a balanced lifestyle instead.

One of the main causes of non-clinical depression is simply a lack of sleep and poor diet. Pay attention to the house you live in, I am referring to your body. It’s easy to work all the time, thinking about what to do next and becoming a workaholic has never served anyone for good.

You will be your most productive when your 3 beings are balanced Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. When you neglect one area, it will limit what you can accomplish and your subject to battle fatigue. Your life will be more rewarding when you can feel connected in balance.

If you’re going to reach your highest potential, you may just start your day in gratitude, making an adjustment in your emotional being and changing your attitude. The simple adjustment might be a daily morning routine to get your day going in an emotionally positive direction.

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Some more drastic changes but often necessary could be reevaluating who you select to surround yourself with. That being said, you can often define your own mindset by the 5 people you choose to spend the most time with. Make those adjustments as you see fit to remain balanced and mentally healthy.

Changes in how your brain functions also can have a big effect on your body. Is it any wonder, that sadness, negative attitudes, depression and grief contributes to a wide array of physical problems that affect everything from your heart to your immune system? Your emotional being affects much more than your moods.

It can contribute to physically increased aches and pains, chronic fatigue, weight gain, weight loss, insomnia or oversleeping. Creating a physical being doesn’t mean you need to start going to the gym daily.

An adjustment could be to stop, regroup unplug from social media and take time for recreation. A walk, finding a league game of a particular sport you enjoy or taking up yoga at home. Committing to a physical change will make all the difference to a better-balanced lifestyle.

Last but not least let’s discuss Spiritual balance. Emotional and physical imbalances often carry spiritual side effects that make it difficult to feel peace, love, or joy. The hustle and bustle of life make it easy to get distracted with other things that seem to take on greater importance than our spirituality.

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Staying connected spiritually is up to you. Some wake up with spiritual affirmation before taking their first step, and others fill their spirit in church once a week. There are numerous ways to connect spiritually and how you select the balance of your 3rd being is up to you. However, its imperative importance in staying consciously connected spiritually by whatever means possible and overcome your Spiritual Deficit.

You may first decide to incorporate a spiritual routine daily by waking up each morning, state out loud those things in your life for which you are grateful. Say thanks a lot during the day. Before you go to sleep review the day and note what you’re grateful for. It makes it much easier to meet life’s challenges and receive life’s bounty when you stay consciously connected in this way.

In order to beat battle fatigue, you will need to keep yourself balanced Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually which means you will require a detox. We learn alot about detoxification of our bodies.

Bacteria can develop, chemicals and pesticides can get into our system and experts will instruct you to experience a profound purification intermittently and avoid what is hurtful so if you can free yourself of these poisons. Similarly, there are a wide range of poisons that can develop in our brains.

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We circumvent harping on wrong contemplations, pondering what we can’t do or how somebody could hurt us, or how we’ll never excel, and these considerations are poisonous waste. It goes in your heart, soul and begins to affect our physical bodies which in turn stills our joy and allows us to evade our spiritual being.

Making a decision and go on fast, a fast from emotional negativity, polluted thoughts, and start living better physically and spiritually will start you on the road of living a balanced lifestyle and conquering battle fatigue.

Staying well balanced will give you a better focus and clarity to accomplish not just all your responsibilities in life but gift you success in all that life has to offer.

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Cherie Rickard RN, CGC is a Nationally recognized Author, Motivational Speaker, Certified Grief and Empowerment Coach. She has served as Medical Professional for over 24 years. More importantly, Cherie is a mother with a messages of hope, inspiration and especially passionate about helping to inspire, equip, and empower women in Building Confidence, Overcoming Tragedy, Grief recovery and learning to live a lifestyle with passion and purpose Cherie believes life's inevitable pains are an opportunity to pause, regain power and reinvent ourselves. You could read and order books written by Cherie through her website - or Amazon. You may also connect with her to Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

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