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How to Break Diet Soda Addiction? 10 Things You Should Do To Quit Diet Soda

To most people, there is nothing wrong with drinking diet soda beverages from time to time. However, the problem occurs when from time to time is replaced with several times per day. That is known as soda addiction. Generally, this type of addiction is overlooked because the person isn’t addicted to substances like alcohol, drugs, or they don’t smoke cigarettes. The truth is, diet soda can make significant damage to our body and if you have a tendency to drink diet soda beverages every day or even a few times per day, in order to save your health you should definitely stop. The bad thing is, that is easier said than done because people usually find it difficult to quit diet soda. The good thing is, it is possible and you can do it with the right instructions. The purpose of this article is to show you 10 things you can do to stop drinking these unhealthy beverages.

How to Break Diet Soda Addiction? 10 Things You Should Do To Quit Diet Soda

How to Quit Diet Soda?

It is possible to quit drinking soda beverages but it is important how you do it. If you say you want to quit diet soda and still have a few cans of Coke in your fridge, then you’re not doing it right. Here are 10 things you should do to quit diet soda once and for all:

  • Pouring the problem down the sink – literally; when you decide you want to quit diet soda head to your kitchen, take all cans or bottles of any soda beverage you can find in your fridge and pour it down the sink. You can easily give these cans and bottles to someone else, but pouring them down the sink is a symbolic move. Also, it would be ideal to do it in the morning so you don’t get tempted later during the day.
  • Get caffeine withdrawal remedies – This is an important step of quitting diet soda. If you are addicted to beverages like Coke and if you drink them a few times per day, it means the intake of caffeine can be pretty high. Your body got used to all that caffeine and you can’t just cut it out immediately because the body would require it. That is why you need to fight this problem adequately with caffeine withdrawal remedies e.g. red ginseng and magnesium oil. The purpose of these remedies is to provide the energy and is a good substitution for caffeine; before your breakfast have one of red ginseng’s tinctures and after the shower rub in some magnesium oil. On the other hand, if diet soda isn’t your primary source of caffeine, i.e. if you drink coffee, then your body won’t require remedies for caffeine withdrawal. REMEMBER: don’t try to quit coffee and diet soda at the same time.
  • Have big breakfast – You should never skip breakfast anyway, but when you are quitting diet soda you need substantial breakfast that will stabilize blood sugar and provide energy. Eggs are a good way to do that.
  • Find an alternative – Good way to quit diet soda is to find a healthy alternative. For example, if you like the fact it is sweet, you can make freshly squeezed orange juice, etc. The point is, whenever you feel like drinking diet soda beverage, take the replacement instead.
  • Introduce some limitations – If you find it difficult to stop drinking diet soda, you can introduce some limitations that will make things easier. For example, when you decide to quit, you can make a decision to only drink diet soda when you go out with some person. That way, you will only drink it for some occasion. Since you don’t do it constantly, it will be easier for you to stop drinking it entirely.
  • Tone it down – This refers to people who drink several cans of diet soda every day. It will be easier for you to quit completely after toning the consumption down at first. For example, whenever you feel like drinking your diet soda beverage, drink a glass of water instead. Water will make you feel full and you won’t be able to drink as much diet soda. Eventually, it will be much easier for you to eliminate soda from your life.
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  • Team work – If you have a friend, significant other, sibling, or any other person in your life who drinks as much diet soda as you do, then you could suggest quitting diet soda together. That will be beneficial for both of you because you can motivate each other.
  • Be determined – Every beginning is tough, but when you go through several days without diet soda, things will get easier. In order to quit diet soda successfully, you have to be determined and stay motivated. You should keep reminding yourself that diet soda is damaging for your health and you don’t want to destroy it by indulging in unhealthy beverages.
  • Good for your financial stability – When you look at the price of one can or bottle of diet soda it might not seem too high after all. However, try to calculate how much money you spend when you buy several cans or bottles each day and how big that amount of money is per every month. People usually don’t think about seemingly cheap items in this way, and that is a huge mistake. That is a lot of money you could spend on other, more important things in your life. When you think about soda addiction in this way, it will provide additional motivation for you to quit. When you quit diet soda entirely, you will notice the difference in your budget.
  • Keep a daily log – It might seem weird to you at the beginning, but writing things down always helps, regardless of the type of addiction, problem, etc. You can do that as well. You should start your log when your quitting diet soda period begins and you have the freedom to make any type of entry you want e.g. Day 1 without diet soda, Felt like drinking my beverage today, but I refused to give in to temptation. Your log can be a notebook, notepad, or even your phone. You should always take it with you and when you feel like you want to have diet soda beverage, look at the log and see how far you’ve come. This will prevent you from destroying all hard work you accomplished.

Diet Soda Facts

  • It has zero calories, but numerous harmful ingredients that can endanger your health.
  • 1 in 5 people in the United States have a diet soda beverage every single day, which is a staggering number comparing to overall population and even more disturbing is the fact that this includes even children 2 years and up.
  • 11% of the US population drinks 16oz of diet soda each day or even more.
  • 2 or more cans of diet soda a day increase your waistline by 70% in just 10 years.
  • Artificial sweeteners from diet soda interfere with our body’s ability to balance calorie intake.
  • Regular intake of diet soda beverages can increase the risk for getting stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, decreases fertility, damages kidneys, and increases blood pressure.

Ingredients in Diet Soda

  • Artificial Coloring – According to some studies, it causes tumors in animals.
  • Aspartame – Is converted into methanol in our body and leads to cell damage.
  • Phosphoric acid – Is even used as ingredient in some cleaning products. Moreover, it drains calcium from our teeth and bones.
  • Sodium benzoate – This chemical can potentially lead to leukemia and other severe diseases.

Healthy Substitutions for Diet Soda

There is a wide range of beverages you can drink instead of diet soda. For example:

  • Water – you should always keep hydrated and the best way to do so is by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. You can also spice things up and add mint leaves or lemon slice to your water.
  • Green tea – Is one of the healthiest drinks you can have. It is a great way to detoxify your body.
  • Black tea and other teas – believe it or not, teas can provide energy as well
  • Make juice of various fruits – That way, you will get delicious and yet healthy beverage
  • Milk – A great way to strengthen your bones and teeth, plus you can add some cocoa, who says it’s for children only?
  • Sparkling mineral water allows you to make your own diet soda beverage. You can add to the lemon or even strawberries and enjoy. Plus, mineral water contains a high level of calcium and can be a great healthy alternative for people who love diet soda too much.


It is believed that diet soda addiction starts in childhood. People usually give a few sips to their children as a reward for good behavior and later, when their little bodies get stronger, they get to drink a glass of diet soda or even more. However, diet soda addiction is usually disregarded and overlooked, but it is a huge problem to the entire population (as seen in the facts section above). With determination and a few tips, you can quit diet soda and save your health.



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