High Blood Pressure – Control High Blood Pressure with Lifestyle

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High blood pressure is a huge epidemic in society today. This goes hand in hand with our more and more popular sedentary lifestyles and wider waistbands. First of all, a normal blood pressure level is 120/80 or lower. If you are at 140/90 or higher, your doctor may want to put you on a blood pressure medication. One of the most effective ways to reduce* your body’s blood pressure is to get adequate exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise. Sodium is another factor that’s getting our blood pressure up. Sodium is high in prepared, pre-packaged, and fast foods, and since we eat so many of them, we are blowing our sodium intake off the roof!

Control High Blood Pressure

Losing weight is the biggest key, by far, to lowering high blood pressure and this is usually accomplished through a good exercise program and a healthy diet. Getting a good mix of cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility training is a good way to boost* the metabolism and reduce* stress to experience a weight loss* faster. Cardiovascular exercise should be performed most days of the week at the length of 60 minutes per session once someone is used to exercise. A beginner would want to start out 3-5 times per week with 30 minutes each time.

Stress is another thing that is affecting many people in the world today and causing high blood pressure. They work endlessly for corporations who expect more and more out of them. Their attempts to balance home and work life are nearly impossible. Finding that balance is very important for people to achieve so they do not inflict their body with this stress that can be so toxic and dangerous for the body. Outline some plans on how to manage it. Leave work at work. Leave home and home. The rest should fall relatively well into place.

High Blood Pressure is a plague that is affecting millions. Some simple changes to lifestyle, exercise, and diet are usually all that is needed to control it. Getting to a reasonably healthy weight, reducing* sodium intake, exercising regularly, and reducing* stress are the keys to keeping blood pressure down. If you have high blood pressure, you should definitely talk to your doctor about the risks and the solutions that may be available for you. Consider attacking the blood pressure with these lifestyle changes rather than taking a medication for the rest of your life. You will be so glad you did when you figure out how much more fantastic you feel with a healthier life.

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