Interesting Health & Safety Advancements for Your Business

Here are a few ways your business can use these advancements.

Health and safety compliance is a must for any business today. This can be difficult in some industries, but smart technology is making it easier than ever.

Interesting Health & Safety Advancements for Your Business
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There are a lot of health and safety advances for your business that can help improve efficiency, reduce workplace injuries, and lower healthcare costs. Here are a few ways your business can use these advancements.

Implement Incident Management

Incident management is a process that allows you to control your workplace health and safety to prevent any future occupational injuries within the workplace. It enables businesses to operate safely while also enabling them to run efficiently and profitably. Incidents can be anything that puts any of your staff and/or property at risk and results in budgetary impact due to issues like disruption in operations and compensation claims. They can also cause extreme damage to a company’s reputation.

Employers have a responsibility to ensure safe working conditions for all workers. Emergency preparedness and response software solutions providers like Juvare offer a one-stop-shop of incident management, which includes risk assessments and data tracking, alongside documentation and streamlined communication and reporting.

Inculcate a Culture of Safety

Creating a culture of workplace safety begins with the employees. They all have to be on board and aware that workplace safety is important. If your employees don’t view it as critically important, the chances of them following through and taking responsibility for it decreases significantly.

Compulsory training is paramount because only trained professionals can implement standard operating procedures and keep themselves and their colleagues safe. Make sure all of your employees complete the necessary programs for their job roles to assure adherence to company policies and best practices.

Use the Electronic Incident Command System

In the event of an emergency, it’s important to be prepared for anything. Specifically, if you’re in a position of responsibility, the Electronic Incident Command System (eICS) has a wide array of features that make electronic incident reporting and response easy. By implementing an emergency plan with eICS, emergency responders can communicate securely with one another in a way that lets them document and share information more efficiently, which encourages a faster, more effective response to situations involving any scale of the emergency.

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Advice on How to Mitigate Workplace Risks

Even though it may be obvious, making sure that all employees are completely trained and skilled in the safety measures required for their position is imperative for preventing possible workplace injury.

Labels and signs are a very convenient way to give information to employees about workplace safety. It makes it easy for them to read because you can simply rely on pictures, and this way the details of the labels don’t get lost in jargon or other complicated language that might confuse new and sometimes even veteran employees.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

When choosing your equipment list, make sure that you are getting all of the appropriate safety equipment; things like warning lights or hazards signs, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, etc., are essentials when it comes to following proper safety protocol at work.

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Solutions That Will Ensure Your Team’s Health and Safety

Hopefully, the coming years will see businesses increasingly taking advantage of tech solutions to improve overall health and safety in the workplace. It’s important to focus on an active workforce to make sure employees are healthy, aware, and prepared.

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