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Dental Trends: Why Home Aligners Have Increased In Popularity

At-home aligners work very similarly to the Invisalign aligners provided in a dental practice.

Home aligners have grown in popularity due to their affordability, effectiveness, convenience and comfortability for patients, and discreteness. The global clear aligners market in the US was valued at approximately USD 2 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach a value of approximately $10 billion by 2028, at a robust growth rate of 19.7%.

Dental Trends: Why Home Aligners Have Increased In Popularity

What Are Home Aligners?

Home aligners are the latest technology in dental care. They are designed to work seamlessly and are typically less invasive than traditional braces. Home orthodontics should be considered if patients are looking for a more affordable alternative to traditional treatment methods. Braces may be the best option if patients face a more complex issue, such as crooked teeth.

Modern technology in the dental industry has allowed for the straightening of one’s teeth without using traditional steel wires and brackets. These removable dental aligners are designed to straighten the teeth using pressure gradually and are worn for a set period. At-home-aligners are clear plastic aligners sent to the patient at home and do not require in-office visits.

As far as trends go, more companies offer clear aligners through a home delivery service. This method is very convenient and allows one to save money, but it requires a few in-clinic fittings. Clear aligners are an effective and reliable treatment option for various dental conditions.

Home Aligners VS Traditional Braces

The process involves creating a mold of the teeth and a 3D image of the mouth. These removable, customized aligners are made to align with the teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, these invisible aligners are designed to fit seamlessly over the gums and the cheek lining. Home teeth straightening doesn’t require special equipment or procedures. Instead, it’s done remotely, and some at-home straightening services are more convenient.

Modern orthodontics straightens the teeth using clear aligners and are removable and usually less painful than traditional braces. They are also more attractive to teenagers and adults. A clear aligner is a procedure that uses custom-made trays to straighten teeth. It works by removing the trays after eating or drinking. These procedures are made to be more durable and predictable.

Orthodontists create a secure fit for the teeth by gradually transitioning them into clear aligners. They are usually worn for a period until the teeth straightening. Initially, these devices were used for adults; however, as the products improved and the treatment for children with removable clear plastic aligners became more prevalent, orthodontists are also treating younger patients. There are not many well-documented studies showing the effectiveness of aligners for teens and adults; however, there are a lot of studies showing that they can be very effective for certain dental conditions.

Although home teeth alignment is very new, it comes with some safety concerns. While no dental professionals are overseeing the procedure, it is still important to visit a dentist before and after treatment to ensure the safety of both you and the teeth.

At-home clear aligners are significantly less expensive than traditional braces. Although clear aligners are more affordable than conventional in-office options, they may not be the best choice for everyone. At-home aligners can only treat minor to moderate cases of teeth misalignment. Face-to-face treatment may be the answer if you suffer from a severe misalignment case or have a complicated bite condition. Severe cases require braces or other orthodontic devices for adults or children. It is therefore recommended to visit a dentist before the start of treatment.

Not wearing them correctly can prevent them from working properly. The average duration of treatment for this procedure is around six months. This is significantly shorter than the in-office treatment duration.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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Byte Home Aligners

While providers offer a variety of services, most of them have the same goal in mind: to make treatment more accessible and less time-consuming. Byte home aligners provide an ‘at-home’ teeth straightening service and is a leading provider of home teeth-straightening solutions. They believe in providing a superior customer experience and are committed to improving through continuous clinical innovation.

Byte achieves better results than other aligner providers due to its HyperByte, which uses a high-frequency vibration device. This eliminates the pain and helps the teeth shift faster. Due to the device’s effectiveness, Byte users can save thousands of dollars by purchasing it for free.

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Concluding Thoughts

At-home aligners are usually able to straighten your teeth without any issues. However, there are times when they may not achieve the ideal outcome. This procedure involves taking new impressions of your teeth and submitting them to a dental team. They will then create a few new aligners to complete the final tooth shifts. The success of your aligners depends entirely on how long you wear them each day.

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