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How To Be in Control of Your Disease?

It is time for the #OurHealth movement, where the American public takes control of how the health care industry makes decisions.

Are you going to be your chronic illness today? Or are you going to choose to be a person first who also happens to have a serious medical condition? (But of course, there are no “funny” medical conditions.)

How To Be in Control of Your Disease?

It is not easy to forget you are dealing with a serious illness (in my case, diabetes) because a chronic illness has no rest period. It is there, wherever you are, 365 days/7 days a week/24 hours a day.

There is no turn off switch, as we must not only be just a person, but at the same time be constantly in a state of mind managing the medical condition. With a chronic illness, you are multi-layered.

You can identify yourself with other descriptions, but more than anything else, you must be more than your diseases, such as your occupation, your age, your ethnicity, your gender and of course your hopes and dreams.

You must seize your disease.

Did you know that? of Americans are pre-diabetic and ? are diabetic? Diabetes is no longer just your Aunt Tilly’s problem. There are 420 million diabetics on our planet and its population is rapidly growing.

Diabetes affects practically every organ in the body.

One of the significant areas of concern are those things called complications, which fall into two categories (potential or experiencing).

The diabetic patient list of complications is far reaching and changes frequently with intensity and importance in how they are controlled.

You name it and it is likely on the diabetic list: heart disease, high blood pressure, neuropathy, kidney disease, fatigue-it is genuinely ahead to toe disease.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

No matter the chronic illness, I believe we all have an inner strength that must be utilized in determining who we are as an individual first and as a medical condition second.

As you are quite aware, disease management is no longer as simple as a medical team collaborating with a patient.

There is the faceless partner, Managed Care. I will call it the universal complication. Its profit-centered ugly head casts a looming shadow over all of us, because we all will get sick and we will all eventually die.

Its poisonous tip is the relentless push to deny medical coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Medical Coverages

How is it that health insurance companies should welcome only those who do not have an illness? Who named them God?

Will this nation permit insurance companies to cross a line through the names on a list of those who need a policy the most?

Is your name on that list of rejections?

Are health insurance company profits more important than saving lives, despite their public relations initiatives that they love us with nurturing and outstretched hands?

How is that the value of living is determined by actuarial tables where the healthy have a seat and the sick are tossed onto the cold kitsch-like floor?

As military budgets continue to grow (to defend and to kill), we live during a time when multiple insurance companies and narrow-minded legislative bodies are so focused on separating the so-called healthy from those who are diagnosed with something they never wanted or ever dreamed they would face.

Our lives are in the hands of people and organizations that were never credentialed by a health degree. How did that ever happen? But it did. We were ignorant of the symptoms that fiscal greed had overtaken corporate public mission statements.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Despite the rampant growth in heart disease, there always seems to be more money in the War Chest for drones than to save lives by unclogging the damaged arteries behind our own Human Chests.

We are a patient lot that is not well organized like the gun lobby. Tell me, is that a bunch of guys with loaded rifles dolling out donations to Members of Congress?

The healthy and the unhealthy have laryngitis. A hoarse whisper that no one seems to hear, as if we are not truly here.

The voice of the patient can scream and cry but instead of being heard, we are herded into actuarial hell.

Sooner or later, everyone will have a disease. Each of us. And where will we be without protection to afford health care?

Hands Of Unhealthy

There are numerous societal issues that are finally raising their fists and their voices to stand tall against oppression. It is time for the healthy to grasp the hands of the unhealthy.

It is time for the #OurHealth movement, where the American public takes control of how the health care insurance industry makes decisions.

I am talking about the difference between your life, the life of those who you love up against the industry’s harsh, senseless power to control our pursuit of health & happiness.

There is one single common and necessary denominator that is a necessity for Americans: to have access to the resources to preserve and enhance our lives.

Without health, we are weak.

When we are healthy, we are wealthy.

Power brokers should not hold the key to our personal healthcare and our financial well-being in the richest nation which has one of the most expensive health systems on this planet.

Unfortunately, Health insurance has become Denial insurance.

A health insurance policy has become an industry-protected document produced by a nameless review committee that automatically sends out reasons why you will not get the treatment your medical team recommends to improve your health.

Medical Team Recommends

Today’s aging population with declining incomes is only a precursor of the next generation of poorer and sicker Americans.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

We are standing on the fault lines of an earthquake that will swallow all people except the 1%, who have the financial resources and access to excellent health care.

This dilemma has no cure unless we speak with one voice. Join me with Consumer Health Digest to make this movement of #OurHealth in association with #ConsumerHealthDigestOurHealth so that this essay spurs a nation’s voices to make this objective into an actionable positive outcome.

For our fellow citizens today and for the generations to come, after us.

This is a movement about life that affects everyone.

Please spread the word through social media and letters to members of Congress and your state legislators. This is not simply a national movement, but a campaign that we the people must win!

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Harvey Schwartz, MBA

Harvey Schwartz, is the author. Recently, he published a tell-all paperback memoir, The Sweet & Sour Disease: Emotionally Managing Diab

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