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Do You Hold Any Credibility On The Power Of Choosing Our Happiness?

Absolutely! You and only you are responsible for living your life in a state of either happiness or misery.

Do You Hold Any Credibility On The Power Of Choosing Our Happiness?

Visualize This

Two people are sitting near each other at a bus stop one afternoon, when Mother Nature herself, decides to release some rain onto the city.

One of the people sitting down chooses to stand up and begins twirling and dancing around like a child in the rain. This person is jumping from puddle-to-puddle and embraces the change in weather.

She expresses her gratitude for the moisture in the air because the vegetation so desperately needs the watering! The other person, however, chooses to huff and puff about the inconvenience of the rain because unfortunately now their clothes are becoming wet!

They are groaning about how much they do not like the rain.

This example presents the same reality; it is raining, but with two diametrically opposed experiences within these identical circumstances. How is it that one can choose to be happy while dancing in the presence of wet skies, and the other can choose to be miserable and stagnant during a rainstorm?

Same skies. Same rain. Two different people. Two different choices.

A Kiss With Reality


Who are you in this situation? Or rather, who would you prefer to be? The rain in this illustration represents life and all of its unpredictable happenings.

And while we may not always have control over the events that take place in our life, or the rain dripping from the sky, we do, however, always have control over how we choose to react to them.

If you could choose (and you can!), would you like to be the person dancing in the rain, or the person groaning about the rain? The choice is yours.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Right now at this very moment, I want you to look within and ask yourself the question: Am I happy?

The answer is either ‘Yes, I am happy,’ or ‘No, I am not happy.’

Now before you think ‘Hey, it is not that easy! I am happy when a, b, and c, but I am also not happy when x, y, and z,’ view happiness as the “big picture” in this case. Every subsequent question is merely a detail.

Why you are happy or unhappy, are all details. The more details you have, the more excuses you have. The more details you come up with as to why you are unhappy, be it because you are overweight, unemployed, single, etc., the more excuses you are allowing yourself to be unhappy!

On the other hand, the more reasons you can grant yourself as to why you are happy, the more currency you are affording yourself to be happy!

How Exactly Can You Choose Happiness?


First, you must give yourself permission to be happy! Your happiness is your responsibility, and it is up to you, whether or not you want to enrich your life with the fruitful benefits of it.

Next, a very important question to ask yourself is “What is my dream, and am I actively pursuing that dream?”

Whether it is your childhood dream of longing to be an actress, your teenage dream of wanting to be a doctor or your mid-life dream of moving to India to practice yoga, all dreams are valid, and establishing them moves you one step closer to your happiness!

Note: Many of us tend to have multiple “dreams” and aspirations throughout our lifetime, developing new ones during different stages of our existence. While having many desires accurately represents the multifaceted dimensions of the unique individual, it may be best for the achievement of them, that we focus on one dream at a time.

If your beliefs defer from this idea, however, the minimalistic advice I can offer you would be to “water all of your plants” that is, if you plan on going after all of your dreams at once, make sure to give love and attention to.

Details Are Excuses

After identifying your dream(s), think about how close or far you are from reaching this vision. Considering we live in an abundant Universe where all is possible (that is if you are living in a developed, Westernized country), ponder about why there is the distance between you and your goals.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

What are the details (ahem, excuses!) in your situation?

What Is Preventing You From Living Your Dreams?


Do you have a deep, driving passion for going back to school, but you ‘do not have the time’ considering you have a full-time job? What if you want to start your own business, but do not have sufficient capital to begin your project?

Time and money are almost always used as the two main excuses for not going after what we really want to attain. Contrary to what some people may want to believe, “not having enough time or money” is not actually what is blocking you from your goals.

The only thing prohibiting you from living your “dream life” is…FEAR!

If you take one concept from this article be it this: Happiness is to Love, as Unhappiness is to Fear.

Again, Happiness is to LOVE, as Unhappiness is to FEAR.

A zestful love for life is the underlying motivation for being happy, in the same manner, that fear is the main motivator for not being happy. It is as simple as this if you want and I mean truly want to be happy, you must LOVE life and as many aspects of it as you can possibly conceive.

To further simplify this idea, you must project love, initially, by loving yourself first, in order to be happy.

Everything starts within the mind. The inner voice (in our mind, body, soul or whatever you believe to be the source of inspiration) that speaks through love, light and an ambitious desire for being your “greatest self,” wants you to be happy!

The other internal voice, however, that speaks through fear, darkness and excuses want you live an unhappy life.

Returning back to the image of the two people in the rain, the person who chooses to embrace life for what it is outside of their control lives a life fueled by granting herself permission to be happy, an act which is completely within her control.

The person who chooses to groan about what is external from their immediate control chooses to be unhappy.


Happiness Lives Within The Self

Remember this: Happiness lives within yourself, NOT within the externals (details and excuses).

In conclusion, I again present to you the initial question, ‘Do you believe we have the power to choose our happiness?”

Do you believe you have the choice to dance in the rain?


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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