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The CBQ Method to quit smoking has been gaining increasing popularity over the last few years. However, with so many quit smoking methods and experts that fall flat, it’s easy to wonder what is cbq method and if it’s worth it.

CBQ Method Review : Here’s What We Discovered 
CBQ Method of Quitting Smoking

We checked extensively its website, testimonials, social media, track record, and dozens of google references, and after taking several factors into consideration, we can say that the CBQ Method is a legit and highly recommended method to quit smoking. There are 5 criteria we took into account to determine this.

5 Reasons Why the CBQ Method Is the Real Deal

1. The CBQ Has A Community of Thousands of Members

The CBQ Method is active on social media with a YouTube channel[1] and a Facebook Group with thousands of members participating.[2]

Upon accessing the Facebook group, it’s being made clear in a welcome video that this group is for anyone who wants to apply the CBQ Method to their quit attempt and not for those seeking advice on medication or other methods.

The CBQ Facebook group has people who:

  • Are paying members of the CBQ video program.
  • Apply the CBQ Method by themselves for free using the free webinars hosted by Nasia Davos, free videos, email newsletter, and the content shared in the group.
  • Apply the principles of the CBQ method in their quit attempt.

Some of the said principles are “mind over matter”, “smoking is 80% mental and 20% physical”, “quitting smoking does not start by quitting smoking; it starts by preparing”, cravings are just positive thoughts about smoking – that create positive feelings about smoking”, “nicotine is the problem, not the solution”, and “becoming addicted is a process, breaking free is reversing that process.”

In the CBQ group, the admins post content, reply to questions and offer help. Additionally, there are daily success posts and milestones shared by group members who credit the CBQ method for their success and for helping them “break free after failing before” and “change their thinking” while thanking other members for their support, advice, and camaraderie.

The CBQ admins have a second Facebook group only for the paying members of the CBQ program. We could not access this members-only group, but we learned that it offers hands-on help to those going through the premium CBQ Program.

2. The Success Stories Are From Real People

The testimonials of the CBQ method can be traced back to real people, and we were able to verify that.

Real testimonials should be common sense and an industry-standard, but there are many quit smoking websites with made-up testimonials and hidden names.

As mentioned above, the CBQ Facebook group has posts from Facebook users who are using and many swear by the efficiency of the method. We will respect the group’s privacy policy and won’t reshare any posts shared within the group.

However, on the CBQ Method website, there’s a success stories page where testimonials and reviews from ex-smokers are made public.[3]

The testimonials on that page are overwhelming proof that the paid CBQ program has helped them. Upon spending hours and reading hundreds of testimonials on that page, it’s evident that these are real people who quit many years ago and whose names can be traced back to a Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, Pinterest, or email address.

Many of the program members share a signature photo of holding the CBQ Method success certificate, reserved only for program members, and have given personal interviews on YouTube as part of the “Ask An Ex” series.[4]

3. The CBQ Is Trusted by Credible Organizations

A credible method has to be trusted by other third-party organizations with no vested interest, which is true for the CBQ Method.

The creator of the CBQ method, Nasia Davos, spoke about the 4 stages of the method in a TEDx talk that has been viewed over half a million times as of this writing.

And on November 8, 2020, Verywell Mind, an authority publisher in mental health and addiction, on their post The 6 Best Ways to Quit Smoking, distinguished the CBQ Method as the number 1 and best overall method to quit smoking followed by Nicotine Anonymous.[5]

The CBQ also has endorsements from medical doctors and a professor of psychiatry who wrote a review analysis about the method.

4. It’s Based on Science, And The Creator Is An Ex-Smoker And Psychologist

The CBQ was developed 9 or 10 years ago by ex-smoker Nasia Davos, a Greek-British Psychologist residing in London who has 2 academic degrees and a master’s in psychology as well as degrees in coaching, NLP, and smoking cessation.

In her early days as a smoker herself, Davos went on to research and interview ex-smokers who had been successful for decades and saw that those who quit easily had, did, or thought similarly about certain aspects of quitting smoking. She put those lessons in a method, which became the CBQ Method, and was able to quit smoking herself and help others do the same.

CBQ stands for cognitive behavioral quitting and is based on:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is scientifically proven to help with addictions.
  • It also has Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is known for changing the mental representations and associations in the mind
  • And Neuroscience

There are 4 stages of cbq method.The first stage has to do with making a decision that prepares you to quit, which is proven to increase success.[6]

The cbq method stage 2 is about using your potential, overcoming your fears, and changing your mindset. For example, a growth mindset is related to greater motivation and commitment to quitting smoking.[7]

The third stage is about changing your smoking pattern or behavior and how you respond to your triggers.

And the fourth stage is about remaining smoke-free by replacing smoking with another behavior, a practice coming from habit reversal therapy.

5. You Can Still Benefit From the CBQ Method Without Paying

We have to admit that reviews from former program members on the CBQ Facebook group, the CBQ website, and independent reviews in blogs show the paid program is well worth the money for those who value the support and a step-by-step approach.

But we liked that the CBQ Method is not gated financially, and those who don’t have the funds to join the premium step by step program can still benefit from this method using the free CBQ videos and CBQ webinars online.

Because the method has quit smoking stages and clear principles, it can be used by everyone, which in our view shows it’s the best choice of our times.

CBQ Method, you got our vote!

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