Why Is The Consumption Of Bone Broth Becoming Popular These Days?

The holistic natural medicine community is buzzing about bone broth, health food cafes are serving it in coffee cups, top-notch practitioners are selling it as a core supplement and the list of health benefits is long.

Why Is The Consumption Of Bone Broth Becoming Popular These Days?

Bone broth consumption is especially common on the ketogenic and Paleo diet. Bone broth consumption can come from chicken, fish, lamb, and beef to name a few.

Chicken noodle soup is not just a comfort food it is truly a food that boosts healing, improves the immune system and it is easy on the gut through digestion.

A study regarding the healing powers of chicken soup shows that the amino acids produced during the process of making the soup reduce inflammation specifically in the respiratory area, it has been shown to improve the overall immune system and reduce symptoms of asthma.

Remember that store-bought soups do not typically have the same health benefits of homemade broth. Big soup companies make broth from artificial ingredients that only taste like broth but contain harmful preservatives.

Making Bone Broth

Bone broth is made by simmering all of the inedible parts of the animal including bones, ligaments, tendons, and marrow in water for a long period of time. This simmering process releases nutrient-dense compounds that will improve health.

The compounds include collagen, proline, glycine, glutathione and glutamine. The minerals in the bone broth that are released are in a form that is very easy for the body to absorb, as compared to supplements which are not as easily absorb because the body has to break them down.

These minerals include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and sulfur to name a few.

Additional compounds include chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, these may sound familiar if you have ever taken a supplement for joint health.

Bone Broth for Glowing Skin

Bone Broth for Glowing Skin

As we age our bones and joints naturally become stiller and the cartilage gets worn and we tend to have more aches and pains. Supplementing with bone broth and absorbing the natural collagen and gelatin from the bone broth will not only restore cartilage in the joints but it can also help with the appearance of the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

There is limited research regarding cellulite but some have reported improvements in the appearance of cellulite, typically on the upper thighs of the legs.

The collagen helps produce elastin which enhances the overall tone, and appearance of the skin reducing the loss of firmness and tone in the skin that is common as we age or are exposed to daily environmental toxins.

Toxins include pollution, pesticides, artificial preservatives in food, cosmetics and/or stress. The bone broth also enhances the liver’s ability to properly get rid of the toxins we are exposed to, by promoting healthy body tissue growth and the body’s ability to utilize the antioxidants overall.

Joint Health, Muscle Loss and Nutrient Absorption

A 24-week study from Penn State Sports Nutrition Department experimented with the sports performance benefits of bone broth with athletes and joint pain. After 24 weeks the athletes reported a significant decrease in joint pain and discomfort due to overall improvements in the connective tissues of the joints.

Not only does broth help reduce inflammation in the joints the amino acids help rebuild up the walls of the gut, this is especially important for those who suffer from the leaky gut syndrome.

Decreasing the permeability of the inner walls of the gut reduce malabsorption of vitamins and minerals and the complications of nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin D or K.

As the gut is repaired it is able to host optimal levels of healthy bacteria in the form of pre and probiotics improving overall immune function and even tolerance of certain foods that you may have had to avoid previously.

The immune boosting antioxidants also help rebuild cells and reduce the onset of muscle loss as we age, making it easier to maintain lean muscle mass and an ideal weight as we age.

Nutrient Breakdown of Bone Broth

Bone broth is comprised of approximately 20 essential amino acids, collagen and gelatin for healthy skin and joints, and abundant nutrients including minerals and electrolytes that help support optimal digestion, heart health and repairing leaky gut syndrome.


Making Bone Broth

As mentioned before it is best to make your own bone broth as compared to buying it at the store because store-bought broth is made from laboratory ingredients, not real animal parts. As the popularity grows through the Paleo or Keto diets there are store broths available at higher end natural food shops.

If you decide to make it, it is best to get all parts of the animal to make the broth including feet, neck, etc. Aim to get products that do not contain antibiotics or steroids.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

The type of broth you are making will determine how long you let it simmer and some experts recommend adding a little apple cider vinegar to the recipe to help extract the nutrients.


Bone broth is safe to consume daily and there are no side effects reported. Enjoy the health benefits and overall improved immune system.

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