Everything You Should Know About Body Hacking Con 2018

Written by Dr. Ahmed Zayed
Body Hacking Con 2018

We are swamped with tips and tricks about healthy lifestyle and they motivate us to finally do something about it. Regular physical activity and well-balanced diet aid weight management and prevent the onset of numerous diseases and health conditions.

How to achieve this ultimate goal of a healthy lifestyle? While the idea of making certain tweaks seems simple, you’re already aware it takes more than that. Our greatest obstacle is the lack of health-related information and inaccuracy of a great deal of content we find online.

That’s why conventions seem like a great idea and in 2018 you can be a part of Body Hacking Con 2018 – #BDYHAX. What is Body Hacking Con and why does it matter? Scroll down to find out.

What Is Body Hacking?

When it comes to health there is no one size fits all rulebook. Every individual is different and our needs differ greatly. That’s why we take a different approach toward health and well-being. Body hacking is similar, it doesn’t have one specific definition and it can mean a different thing to different people.

For instance, body hacking can refer to a practice of including technological devices into a person’s body to serve a specific purpose. The goal of these devices would be to help a user improve his or her life. The implantable technology was pioneered by Amal Graafstra who used his own body to experiment with these devices.

He is well-known in body hacking community as a person who designed bio-safe magnets and the microchip holding encrypted information and unique ID numbers that can be used to open doors or unlock a smartphone.

Although some people would assume body hacking[1] is just a process that turns people into cyborgs, that is far from the truth. Devices implanted in a person’s body could benefit their health at the same time. It all comes down to a person’s needs and preferences.

Robot Human Hand Connection

Body hackers are individuals who recognize that technology has evolved immensely in last few decades and it got to the point where it can improve our health , not just fix problems. If you think about that fact, it makes perfect sense. We are inclined to fix health problems and use different treatments and therapies to get better, but the most important thing is to improve our health and prevent those diseases and conditions from developing in the first place.

Body hacking doesn’t have to involve the use of cognitive enhancers or biometric tracking devices. Everything that a person does in order to improve their lifestyle can be considered as a type of body hacking. This leads us back to the beginning of the article which says that one’s approach to well-being is different than someone else’s. Tattoos, piercings, hair dyes , bodybuilding, cosmetic surgery , meditation, prosthetic limbs, and many other practices and technologies belong to the body hacking universe.

Essentially, body hacking is a catch-all phrase that covers everything a person does to alter his/her body and improve it. Now, your definition of improvement of your health and body appearance is different than your friends, for example.

As mentioned above, body hacking involves the use of different methods and devices to improve your body, health, and lifestyle. The most common body hacking methods [2] include:

  • Aesthetic body modification – We decide to dye our hair or get a tattoo or piercing not only because we like those things, but because they make us feel better and more confident. Everything you do to improve your appearance is a type of body hacking
  • Brain training and nootropics – Our cognitive skills fluctuate as they’re influenced by a number of different factors. Brain training and nootropics lead to sharp memory , improved concentration, and they also boost problem-solving skills and many other aspects of cognitive functioning
Woman With Healthy Food Indoors
  • Health, fitness, and nutrition – Everything you do on a daily basis to improve your health and lifestyle can be considered as a body hacking method. Great examples include specific types of training (bodybuilding, cardio, HIIT etc.), making diet tweaks or following some specific diet plan, yoga , you name it
  • Wearable tech – This category includes everything that is worn or implanted with the purpose to enhance your ability to track or measure your own data in order to achieve better health, improve your workouts, personal growth, or improve the ability to sense the world around you for other reasons. These can include chips, hearing aids, smart-watches, fitness bands, among others

What Is Body Hacking Con 2018?

Healthy Living Illustration

Now that we have established what body hacking is, let’s focus on Body Hacking Con 2018. This is not just some ordinary convention [3], but a marvelous opportunity for health- and fitness-minded individuals receive and share information about wellness and health. The primary goal of this convention is to provide users with resources and tools necessary for true body hacking.

The highly informative official website of BDYHAX conference explains the event brings together industry professionals, hobbyists, citizen scientists, and curious newcomers. While many other health- and lifestyle-related conferences usually revolve around a single idea, Body Hacking Con 2018 offers a wide range of subjects and topics thus allowing all partakers and visitors to get the information they truly care about.

Topics At Body Hacking Con 2018

The conference will cover numerous topics including:

  • Personalized health care
  • Better living through diet and meditation
  • Ethics of implants and body modifications
  • Prosthetics
  • Wearable technology
  • Biometrics

It is also important to mention that the event will also set up workshops for all visitors. What makes this conference important is its versatility. Regardless of your interests and goals, you’ll find the perfect event that will answer all your questions.

After all, Body Hacking Con aims to bring technology, lifestyle, health, and wellness closer to you. It will be easier to find a way to improve your health, manage/prevent a certain condition, or make lifestyle changes when you learn from professionals and other likeminded individuals.

What Is The Purpose Of Body Hacking Con 2018?

Corporate Communication

Every conference has its purpose and you’re probably wondering about the goal of this year’s event. Well, the organization committee behind the conference aimed to create an event that will help visitors do the following:

  • Discover – All body hackers and those who want to adopt this practice will get an opportunity to learn about the current state of body hacking science, methods, and techniques. This will allow you to make all the right choices for long-term health and wellness. If you’re just curious about body hacking, you’ll get informed about this practice while those who are already into these techniques will have the opportunity to learn about the most recent developments in body hacking world
  • Connect – The convention goes beyond teaching and informing visitors and participants about body hacking techniques, it also promotes networking or connecting people with one another. Body Hacking Con 2018 enables visitors to connect with likeminded persons, trade experiences and stories, develop friendships, and join a community of people who think the same way about health and lifestyle
  • Experience – Sometimes we doubt our own choices and decisions. While this is a normal part of life, it can prevent us from achieving our goals. Body Hacking Con 2018 also gives you the opportunity to take part in discussion groups, interactive events, and other sessions that provide all the information you need to make a solid decision. How do they do it? It’s simple, they work by boosting your experience and knowledge about body hacking and everything that comes with it

Who Can Attend Body Hacking Con 2018?

Most conventions only gather a certain group of attendees, but Body Hacking Con 2018 is different. How? The event is created for absolutely everyone. You don’t even have to be a body hacker to attend this convention.

This year, like in previous years, Body Hacking Con 2018 will gather people from all walks of life ranging from experienced industry professionals to curious amateurs and those who want to give this practice a try.

Whether you’re a part of body hacking community or a person who wants to get informed about different approaches to good health and happy life, this event is perfect for you.

What Will Body Hacking Con 2018 Include?

Sex Tech

The full schedule of the convention will be released at the beginning of 2018, but we already know it will include some very special events and speakers. Here are a few examples:

  • SexTech Friday – An honest and open conversation about what sex may look like in the future. As technology and science evolve, we can expect some of those innovations will take place in the bedroom too.
  • The Wormhole – An annual cyberpunk-themed party
  • Film screening – The event will host a screening of a haunting, subtle, and an urgent documentary called Fixed. The documentary questions commonly held beliefs about disability and normalcy. This particular work explores technologies that promise to change our mind and bodies forever

Body Hacking Con 2018 will include a special presentation from Justin Sanchez, DARPA Biological Technologies office director. Biological technologies are expanding our definition of the technology itself and they redefine how we interact with and use biology and this presentation will provide answers to all questions you might have.

When And Where Will Body Hacking Con 2018 Be Held?

Based on everything you’ve seen so far, chances are high you’re interested in this event and what to see what all of this is about. Perfect! Body Hacking Con events are truly eye-opening and they come handy for all people who want to start making changes in their lifestyle, but don’t know where to start. But, where is the event taking place and when does it start?

The BDYHAX will be held in Austin, Texas at the Sheraton Austin Hotel @ the Capital. Conferences and sessions will take place in newly renovated ballrooms and conference rooms. The event will start on February 2 and end on February 4, 2018.

What If I Don’t Live In Austin?

Hotel Room Key

Bearing in mind huge interest in this convention and the fact that many attendees aren’t from the Austin area, the official website also provided the link to the reserved room block at the Sheraton Austin Hotel.

If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t get a room elsewhere, the answer is simple – booking the room at reserved room block comes with great discounts, meaning you can stay there, have a great time, learn more about body hacking, and save some money. To book your room at a reserved room block at Sheraton Austin Hotel, click here [4].

Where Can I Buy Tickets?

The best thing to do is to purchase your tickets online to secure your place at the event and avoid finding out, later on, that all tickets are sold out. To get your ticket, click here [5] .

You can opt to attend Sunday lunch only or to attend different events with useful passes. The organization committee behind the Body Hacking Con 2018 made sure you have plenty of ticket options to choose from, based on your interest in specific classes and workshops.

What If I Want To Present A Product Or A Research?

The event is a wonderful combination of industry experts and people who want to learn about this subject. If you have a product or research about this topic and want to present it in front of likeminded people, then you can easily apply and attend the convention. Persons who want to talk about their products or research findings can do so by applying here [6].


Even though body hacking seems like a modern term, it has a long history. Body hacking refers to all devices or practices we use to improve our health, appearance, general well-being, fitness, and overall lifestyle.

Body Hacking Con 2018 is a unique event which gathers industry experts, amateurs, scientists, and people from all walks of life. The event aims to educate, connect, and help you get more experience on this topic. It’s, definitely, a must-see event even if you’re not from Austin area.

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