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The Great Hidden Detox Teas To Help You Live Healthy Lifestyle

Read what is Detox Teas, What are the benefits, and top Detox Teas you should know for a healthy lifestyle!

Resisting a cup of tea is impossible for some people but did you know there are some teas which help you lose weight with complete detoxification? Well, they help you shed fat from the body easily with its super ingredient power. Detox teas are known as herbal teas which help you cleanse the body internally.
These teas are consumed to lose weight, clean liver or the toxins in the body. In simple words, detox teas help you cleaning out the internal parts of the body. It does not work as a cure for a disease but protects you from indulging into a chronic disease. There are numerous benefits of detox teas which help you make a firm decision on moving towards a healthy lifestyle.
Focusing on your health requires you to take some important steps which may be no one near you tried before but if you take the initiative then others can benefit from it too. Learn about the detox teas to drink them regularly in your routine to see the positive change which you will surely love.
Researchers have proved that detox teas never effect negatively towards the body but protects it from getting attacked by the harmful diseases which you may not realize presently but would show up in the later stage of life.

The Great Hidden Detox Teas To Help You Live Healthy Lifestyle

Honey Lemon Tea

Why Detox Teas?

The Best Detox Teas have been popular among the people who are conscious about their health. It has been a handful big business to offer weight loss and detoxification process of the body especially to look good. There are rants on the social media about different kinds of detox teas which no one ignores.
Instead of going on an diet plan, drinking detox teas is a great version of losing weight for trainers and celebrities especially. Weight loss products are made out of natural ingredients which help people in believing that they are safe to use and won’t have any adverse effect.
The dynamic results of detox teas created a huge buzz to compel people into trying new kinds of teas. You may be thinking that does it actually work or it’s just another way to grab people’s attention towards plunking down your money. Well, here are some of the things which you need to know before you spend on getting detox teas:

  • Detox teas alone won’t work dynamically for you unless you work out and consume proper healthy food. It is a myth to believe that they would work when you eat junk food and then drink a cup of any detox tea. A regular exercise is necessary for the detox teas to show its true formation of bringing change to the body.
  • Detox teas might help you get rid of the water in the body but won’t reduce the fat. The combination of caffeine and teas can help for the body water weight which may make you feel light but your appearance won’t change. Getting a flatter stomach does not indicate your weight loss but it eliminates the waste out of the body.
  • There are no adverse effects of detox teas but it boosts the metabolism in different ways and if you are sensitive to food items, then it is better to check to the dietician before the intake of detox teas.
  • Detox teas combine with caffeine suppress appetite and enable you to eat according to the quantity which is necessary.
According to the research in America, about 70% of the people[1] are obese and associated with chronic diseases like a cardiovascular disease or diabetes. They are trying to adopt cleaner diets which help them in reducing weight and there is less risk of getting prone to new diseases. One of the research in Cochrane systematic review[2] proved that detox teas help in weight loss for the obese and overweight people.

What are the Benefits of Detox Teas?

If you refer to the internet for latest trends of detoxification methods for the body cleansing then there is no shortage of it. The health industry is full of methods which help you in losing weight and cleans the internal body but do you think that is enough to get slim or to be in shape? Well, Dawn Jackson Blatner[3] (a registered dietitian) proved that along with detox teas, a healthy diet is important to be safe from the dangerous diseases.
Here are some of the benefits associated with detox teas:

  • Detoxification of body helps in keeping the liver strong and let it function properly. The liver does not get clogged with the environmental pollutants if you drink detox teas. If the liver does not detoxify then there are risks of getting engaged in diseases like hormonal imbalance, cancer, brain dysfunction and cirrhosis.
  • It changes the living into a healthy lifestyle with consuming organic food items. It eliminates the eating pattern which includes fats, caffeine, carbohydrates and other substances with toxins.
  • It helps in keeping the body hydration level normal and benefits the body with keeping it active and strong.
  • It improves the performance of the digestive system and makes the metabolism stronger than before.
  • The regular intake of healthy food and detox teas help in maintaining healthy organs with proper functioning.
  • Dr. Michael Lam (MD, MPH, ABAAM and a specialist of nutrition) proves in a study that detox teas eliminate waste out of the body due to the herbs in it which promote active digestion.
  • It also improves the sleeping pattern for the people who are not able to sleep well due to the problem of digestion.
  • The detoxification of body helps in getting a clean and soft skin which may please a lot of ladies out there.
Vital Healthy Diet

The magic of detox teas[4] works well with a combination of water, healthy food and exercise. The properties of detox teas trigger when the combination fulfills with burning the fat in the body. A good diet always helps you in staying within the normal weight and keeps you away from health risk factors.
Whenever you feel that the body is getting heavy or your clothes start to tighten then it is time you pause and think about it. Waiting until the last moment never helps instead you have already welcomed diseases to your body until you realize. A quick check of your own body is necessary where detoxification plays a vital role and along with it, you have to maintain a healthy diet with exercise as well.
Here are top 10 detox teas which melt away the body fat with boosting metabolism. It makes sure that your body does not form new fat cells by regulating your hunger hormones so you do not feel hungry anymore. These magic teas help to burn calories and detoxify the body by reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Top 10 Best Detox Teas to Look Great

Learn about some of the amazing and popular teas in the market to try at home to stay healthy physically and mentally. Do not wait to try the best detox teas instantly!

Green Tea Burn Calories

1. Green Tea[5]

Green tea is taken by a majority of people to have the taste of it after food but did you know it is known as the best metabolism booster? It unlocks the fat cells and flushes them out easily. You can take it before a workout which can work as the fat blasting effect on the body. It turns the burned fat into energy by speeding the liver’s capacity. It fixes the damage of cells due to environment, toxics or blood clots. One cup of green tea is equal to one serving of vegetables which are full of protein and minerals necessary for the body.

2. Oolong Tea

Oolong is named after the black dragon in China. It is a floral tea with essence of green tea. It helps for detoxification and mobilizes the metabolism smoothly. People who take oolong tea more than 6 times a week are likely to lose weight within 2 weeks’ time. It works as a therapy for stress as well for the people who have had a long working day.

3. Mint tea

Mint tea makes you skinny if you consume it twice a day. It kills the cells which trigger hunger in the body. You are able to lose 5 pounds within a month with the help of mint tea. The essence of the tea spreads throughout the room and you would feel good to think how it would make your body healthy if you consume it daily. It cleanses the liver and other organs with leaving it fresh and less prone to toxics.

4. White Tea

White tea is not exactly white but it does not have a thick texture as well. It prevents the fat cells from forming. This tea is rich in antioxidants which boosts the lipolysis with the ingredients present in white tea. It works best when taken for continuous 7 days without any interruptions.

5. Rooibos Tea

We feel hungry when the fat hormones become active so Rooibos tea helps you to control these hormones by working as a cleanser for the body. This tea is made of the red bush plant which is found in South Africa. It reduces stress on the body with preventing the fat storage cells to trigger the hunger hormones. It works best for the people who have diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

6. Pukka Tea

Pukka tea is free of caffeine and organic with the star anise (Chinese ingredient). It includes fennel and cardamom seeds along with celery seeds. It is one of the popular detox teas to drink every day. You can drink this tea 2-3 times a day after every meal.

7. Gaia Herbal Tea

Gaia tea is made of rooibos and artichoke with the flavor of peppermint and lemon oil. It works best for the cleansing of the liver and the flavor remains in the mouth until you consume any meal.

8. Yogi Detox Tea[6]

Yogi detox tea includes juniper berry, dandelion and burdock flavor. It also has a hint of black pepper and ginger in it. The taste of Yogi Detox tea is spicy having a strong fragrance with maintaining its high quality since years. It is delicious and purifies the body completely if taken once in a day.

Yogi Detox Tea

9. Capital Teas

Capital Teas is made of Vitamin C extracts, ginger, and lemon. It has a hint flavor of peppermint in it too. There is medium caffeine included in capital teas. It is one of the great organic teas found in every household due to its purity. The fragrance of this tea spreads through the entire room with having a mild herbal taste. There are other infusions of this tea such as lemongrass and lemon oil combination which work best to try out new flavors for this exquisite tea.

10. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea is sweet and salt in taste with the hint flavor of Schisandra berries. It contains light caffeine with high promotion for the liver cleansing. It gives a perfect punch to clean the liver by extracting out all the toxins in the body. The taste of this tea is complex but works best for the detoxification process of the body.
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Instead of having black coffee or milk tea, it is better to have Best Detox Teas which work best for your metabolism to keep yourself slim and healthy at the same time. You will be more active than before when you start consuming the detox teas.
It is not difficult to get a hold of the taste once you keep on drinking, you won’t be able to get over them for sure! It is a time where you start focusing on your health and spend some time in arranging the ingredients which can keep you fit. If you consume the right amount of food and beverages, you are least likely to get attacked by chronic diseases in the later stage of life. So do not waste time and think about your health now before it’s too late!

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