Are You Aware About Hickey and What Else to Know?

Did you know that hickeys have a wide array of downsides? There are many things about hickeys that are largely unknown to most people! Read below to find out more.

Hickeys, you got them and you, most certainly, made them on your significant other’s neck (or some other body part). To some people, hickeys are like trophies they get to flaunt and show their love life is blooming while others aren’t big fans of these “decorations” on their necks. But, there are many things about hickeys that are largely unknown to most people. Did you know that hickeys have a wide array of downsides? Keep reading to find out more.

Are You Aware About Hickey and What Else to Know?

1. Hickeys are Bruises

Even though it takes more effort get a hickey than falling and injuring your knee, love bits are just bruises. The pressure from suction causes rupturing of the veins, and your blood starts to leak out, thus forming a bruise. Naturally, the harder you suck on someone’s skin, the worse the bruise is. However, not all people react to hickeys in the same manner.

2. It’s Easier to Get Hickeys on Certain Body Parts

Although you can get a hickey just about anywhere, some parts of your body are more prone to them. For example, it’s relatively easy to get a hickey on your neck, inner arm, lips, and chest. Why? It’s because the skin on these areas is quite delicate and thin without a tremendous tissue support for veins. Therefore, tiny blood vessels rupture easily in these areas and cause a dark bruise that we call a hickey. This is also the reason why you create a hickey on someone’s neck even if you aren’t trying to do so.

Get Hickeys

3. People With Iron Deficiencies Get Hickeys Faster

As mentioned above, not all people react to hickeys in the same manner. In some people, skin develops hickeys quite easy, while in others that’s not the case. For instance, individuals with iron deficiencies get hickeys easier than people with normal iron levels. It’s because having an iron deficiency is linked to bruising easily. If that’s the case with you, increased intake of iron-rich foods can prevent them from appearing so fast.

4. The Color of Your Hickey Can Teach You More about Your Body

You have probably never thought hickeys can teach you something about your body. The reality is, these love bites we get are more complex than we think. The color of your hickey depends on how quickly the body breaks down the blood. Bruises follow a certain pattern; they have a predictable course.

For the bruise to disappear, your body has to reabsorb the blood that leaked from your veins. The change in bruise color indicates the way the body breaks down hemoglobin, a protein molecule in red blood cells. If you’ve ever wondered why your hickey goes from red and purple to brown, here’s your answer.

Color of Your Hickey

5. Hickeys Can Pass the Oral Herpes Virus

If your partner has oral herpes and they give you a hickey while their cold sore is in the active stage, you can get the virus too. The same goes if you try to give a hickey to someone if you’re the one with oral herpes. It’s needless to mention that people with oral herpes outbreak shouldn’t engage in any sexual activities if they want to keep their significant other healthy.

6. Remember All Those Tips You Read About Eliminating Hickeys? They Don’t Work!

The chances are high you’ve come across different tips and tricks to get rid of hickeys. Using a cold spoon, toothbrush, or even a coin are just some examples of different hickey hacks you can find online. Unfortunately, all these tips aren’t quite effective. Just like all other bruises, hickeys take a while to go away and there’s nothing we can do to make that process faster. If that was the case, doctors and other healthcare workers would be rubbing toothbrushes, coins, and spoons all over their patients to make their bruises go away too.

In fact, rubbing all these things against the affected area can only make things worse. What you can do is to use ice or cold compresses to relieve the painful sensation in that area. Other than that, wearing turtlenecks, scarves, and chokers are your best bet. The healthier you are, the faster the hickey will go away.

7. Hickey can Leave a Scar

Although it’s rare for a hickey to leave the scar, it’s possible. The formation of a scar has a lot to do with how fair or delicate your skin is and the severity of your hickey. Additionally, you can get a scar from hickey if you constantly pick on it. Just leave it be and disappear by itself.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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Hickey is the most common sex-related injury, and this article showed you seven things you probably didn’t know about it. If you have iron deficiencies, eating foods rich in iron will prevent hickeys from forming that easily. Furthermore, instead of trying out different techniques to make them go away, you should be patient and let your body do its own thing.



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