Science Backed Anti-Cancer Benefits of Avocado

Anti Cancer Benefits of Avocado

Reports claim that as much as 60% of the American population enjoy eating avocados. These statistics are truly fascinating news, especially when considering the new scientific discoveries behind this fruit. New studies suggest that avocado may assist in curing specific types of cancer.

It is stated that an approximate sixty percent of Americans like Avocados. This is great news because they are one of the best foods for you! Even better, new studies suggest that Avocados may hold the keys to curing certain cancers.

This new research emerging from the School of Medicine of Mexico’s Monterey College of Technology suggests that some of the fats found in avocados are filled with cancer blocking antioxidants.

Avocados are known for their bioactive phytochemicals – These are antioxidants in or bodies which detect biological behavior. The following list defines the phytochemicals found in our precious fruit.

  • Carotenoids – Any class of mainly yellow, orange or red fat soluble pigments, including carotene, which give color to plant parts. Carotene is an important factor in the diet as a precursor for Vitamin A.
  • Terpenoids – (also called isoprenoids) – Terpenoids are a diverse class of organic chemicals that occurs naturally. They are derived from a group of five different carbon isoprene units. These units are modified and assembled in numerous ways and is known as an organic compound that is usually referred to as volatile liquid.
  • D-mannoheptulose – It has been shown to inhibit both synthesis and release of insulin.
  • Persenone A & B – Food compounds thought to have several health benefits according to a variety of tests and subjects.
  • Phenols –This substance is reported to be used in the form of a disinfectant when diluted and is branded in this form as carbolic. It is reported that this substance is a toxic crystalline, white in color and mildly acidic. Coal tar is the source of this substance.
  • Glutathione – A substance naturally produced by the liver found in fruits, vegetables and meats.

All of these are reported to have anti-carcinogenic properties.

It’s in the Flesh!

Reports have also explained that the benefits an avocado has on your health may be effected by the way it is peeled. They found that the highest concentrations of phytonutrients were found in the seed and peel of the fruit, which is the parts we usually throw away. They continue to report that, when peeled correctly, we can still get an adequate amount of these phytonutrients into our bodies.

Avocado Health Benefits

The California Avocado Commission has reported that a ‘nick and peel’ strategy works best for peeling an avocado. When this method is used, a larger amount of the avocado’s essential phytonutrients is preserved, thus a maximum amount of benefits can be gained. With this strategy, you do not cut off the dark green section of the avocado pulp, also known as the outermost layer. It should be avoided to cut this off too much. This method is associated with the way we usually peel a banana.

  • Start by cutting the avocado into two halves, lengthwise. After cutting, the seed should still keep the wo halves together.
  • Twist the two halves in opposite directions. They will naturally separate.
  • Once separated, the seed should be removed. After removing* the seed, cut the two halves in half again, lengthwise, once again.
  • Now peel of the skin like you would peel a banana. It is recommended to use your index finger and thumb for the best results.
  • The phytonutrients are now mostly preserved in the flesh of the avocado, which means you gain maximum health benefits from the avocado you just peeled. Yes, it’s more effort, but it’s also better for your overall health.

We haven’t even touched the surface of this special fruit.

Dr. Mercola – a leading author on health and fitness published results stating from a study published in Cancer Research, “avocatin B (found in avocados) targets leukemia stem cells, which are responsible for causing most cases of AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) recurrence.”

According to another report –

A study conducted by the Ohio State University concluded that avocado does not only offer antioxidant benefits to the human body, but also plays an important role in defending against cancer. The study provided evidence that acetogenins found within avocados can inhibit cancer cell growth, which can assist individuals in combatting cancer.
Acetogenins are essentially defined as antioxidant compounds. Antioxidants are substances that inhibit oxidation. It is reported that one of the most vital oxidation process inhibited by antioxidants are once that is associated with the deterioration of foods products that are stored. They go on to explain that the presence of a substance such as vitamin E or vitamin C may destroy harmful oxidizing agents within the human body, as well as in other living organisms.

At the same time, the report explains that the two identified acetogenins have the ability to stop the progression of cancer cells within the mouth. The phosphorylation process of these cancer cells can be blocked, which provide a defense mechanism for the body, preventing the metastasize and expansion of oral-related cancer cells.

Cancer Benefits of Avocado

It should also be clear that most of the research for cancer fighting benefits of avocados has been focused on the larynx, the pharynx and oral cavity.

You should know that the larynx is otherwise known as your voice box. This would be a form of throat cancer should the cancer be developed.

The pharynx is the the membrane lined cavity behind your nose and mouth, connecting them to the esophagus.

The oral cavity includes the lips, the inside lining of the lips and cheeks, the teeth, gums, the front two thirds of the tongue, the floor of the mouth below the tongue and the palate.

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There are plenty of other benefits to eating avocados too, but we’re here to focus on the cancer research:

The thing is, it’s also in the way we absorb the food once ingested…
According to WebMD – Glutathione is involved in many processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and for the immune system. It is a substance produced naturally by the liver. –

But the truly great part about this ‘tripeptide’ is how it functions as an antioxidant. (Note a tripeptide as a biological term relating to the function of proteins and amino acids… and the order in which they occur according the breakdown in our bodies).

Half an avocado is reported to contain approximately 19mg of glutathione. The National Cancer Institute reports that this amount is much higher than the content of any other fruit. Furthermore, it is reported that the body breaks glutathione into separate amino acids. Research also provided evidence that an increase* in the consumption of glutathione leads to a decreased* risk in developed pharyngeal cancer, as well as oral cancer.

So while all these reports are boasting all these fancy words related to the biology of this tasty snack, we’re still unclear how they are beneficial to fighting cancer.

The fact is – the benefits are difficult to list. All the reports mention studies whereupon the scientific terms are all we get to clear up our confusion.

However, moving forward, remember those carotenoids mentioned earlier?

Scientists have successfully fought cancer in a petri dish according to one report. The scientists explain that, while these positive effects were observed, they do not yet know if the same benefits would be present in the human body. They also explain that the ability of the human body to absorb carotenoids largely depends on the level of dietary fat present in the body. They also mention that the large amount of monononsaturated fats that are present in avocado may result in an improved* absorption rate of carotenoids.

Anti-Cancer Research

As a side note – take heed that avocados are considered to not be fattening as the myth imposes. A study by the South African Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education reported findings of a study they conducted to proof that avocado does not have fattening properties. The study was conducted among a total of 61 patients. One group consumed avocado oil as a replacement for sources of other oil. The group with the avocado oil had a significant weight reduction* when compared to the other group.

This study was conducted by researchers from South Africa’s Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, stating their purpose was to ‘dispel the myth that avocados are fattening.’

Remember those carotenoids again. In a statement by the California Avocado Commission – They report that avocados grown within California contains a total of 11 carotenoids. It is further reported by USDA Agricultural Research Services that a number of phytonutrients are found in avocados, including the carotenoids mentioned by the California Avocado Commission. They report that these compounds can offer the human body a number of health benefits.

The Journal of Nutrition reports findings of a study lead by Dr. Mercola regarding the connection between avocado and vitamin A. Findings provided evidence that a mixture of fresh avodaco, combined with raw carrots or a tomato sauce (organce colored kind) can provide assistance in the absorption of carotenoids. These carotenoids are then converted into an active vitamin A form.

Dr. Mercola goes on to explain that the body can be protected from damage caused by free radicals with this conversion. When avocado is added to a healthy salad, absorption of the carotenoids are increased by up to 500%.

So what exactly is holding you back? If you’re in the forty percent of Americans that do NOT enjoy this tasty berry fruit, you need to consider getting on the wagon. You can do your own research, there is more than cancer fighting benefits held in this creamy treat*.

The high levels of potassium found in avocados also leads to several additional benefits to tissue, organs and cells within the human body. Reports claim that this fruit also provides several essential nutrients that many citizens within the United States are deprived of. Furthermore, the nutrients found in avocado are reported to support healthy heart functionality.

Go ahead, give it a try. Your body will thank you.

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