Change Your Life by Trying Something New Every Day

Trying new things can be scary and therefore a lot of people don’t often step out of their comfort zones. Psychology explains a lot of this, it’s a paradox actually… some people are afraid to try new things while others (even though scared on the inside) are actually eager to take the plunge.

Change Your Life by Trying Something New Every Day

There is actually research that suggests too much routine and/or the fear of novelty may actually shorten one’s life. If that’s not reason enough to consider trying new things each day, consider embracing new experiences for the thrill of it. For the skill building, and the extra knowledge you’ll obtain.

Here are 12 Reasons to Try Something New Every Day

1. Builds Courage

Stepping out of your comfort zone can help you build courage in doing things you may have felt uncomfortable trying out before. Even if you’re still a little uncomfortable, that’s okay, summon up the courage you need to get going on your new adventure. Think of your courageous character as a muscle that must be continually strengthened. Aristotle focused on courage in his studies and said that we develop courage by performing courageous acts.

2. Possibility to Find Something you Enjoy

Trying something new is like giving yourself the opportunity dip your toes into a new path of your choosing. There is nothing in this world stopping you from doing something that you love with your life. When you try new things, especially things you might like, new doors will open and you could find yourself in that dream house or dream job you’ve always wanted.

Find Something you Enjoy

3. Decreases Boredom

One must challenge oneself from time to time in order to alleviate boredom. Even the most routine loving people enjoy a break from the routine once in awhile to try something they’ve never done before. Think of it this way, you’re shocking your neurotransmitters and muscles into action when you try new things. We feel better when this happens.

4. Forces Growth

When you’re doing the same things day in and day out, sticking to those rituals that are comfortable will not allow you to grow, spiritually, mentally or physically. Get out there and try new things… forcing beneficial change in your life. Growth requires action, action requires our attention. When you have your own attention, you are more apt to learn more from yourself, and therefore you will grow more as a person.

5. Peace of Mind

Lessen anxieties about trying new things by trying new things, more often. Fear often holds people back from evolving past their own emotions about different situations than what they are used to. Embrace those fears and face them head on by pushing past the barriers that are keeping you from trying new things. You’ll feel better, I promise you.

6. Builds Confidence

When you try something you’ve never done before, you’re also accomplishing something. Accomplishment brings feelings of success and therefore builds confidence so that you may be better prepared to try the next new opportunity that comes along.

Builds Confidence

7. Expand Your Social Networks

Staying at home every Friday night might save money and become comfortable after a while, but it’s important to get out once and again to expand your social networks. This can be beneficial for your career and your personal life.

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*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

8. Expand Your Worldview

When you’re out in the world experiencing new conditions, you’re worldview may begin to change – for the better or worse is up to you of course. Don’t forget too that change is the only thing that is certain in life. If you’re not going to do something different in your daily life, someone else is likely to shake it up for you. Be prepared.

9. Self Discovery

Learn more about yourself, especially when it comes to fear. Perhaps you’ll start small but make sure you allow yourself the chance to conquer those fears. You’ll also feel better when you start learning; believe it or not, learning is fun for our brains. Self discovery saves you from getting smug, thinking you have everything all figured out.

10. Lessens Vulnerabilities

This all boils down to fear and routine. The less fearful you are to step out of the box; the less vulnerable you will be to change, which is inevitable.

11. Breaks Monotony of Routine

Also consider that when you have a broken routine, it leaves less room for vulnerability in as much that others will notice your strength in allowing yourself to step out of the comfort zone and henceforth those people that may consider harming you, likely will refrain.

Breaks Monotony of Routine

12. Life Satisfaction

Don’t just live to be alive, live for life.

As a side note – It’s amazing to me that some people never step out into the world and experience the beauty for what it is. Once, when I lived near a large metropolitan city with a neighboring state just nearby, there were people I knew that had never been to the neighboring state. These people were prude. Don’t be like that

Life Satisfaction
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