Say Hello! To The Reality- 9 Lies Of Weight Loss & Muscle Gain Busted!

Written by Mai Pham
Weight Loss

You must be confused and frustrated.

I mean, who doesn’t?

Facing too many opinions and guides when it comes to fitness can make the smartest person in the world go insane.

“Seriously, just tell me once and for all, what should I do to lose weight?”

We all know weight loss is the result of an equation. Like math. If you use more calories than you consume, you would lose weight.

It is that simple, but we love to make it complicated. From that, hundreds of methods and exercise were born. Almost all of them claim that they can bring you good result because they have their own “special method”.

Let’s see few of the biggest lies in the fitness industry and let’s see how many of them have fooled you.

1. You Need a Special Workout Program to Lose Weight

It all comes from the math equation above. To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. And to do so, you can either change your eating habit or do more physical activity.

The myth that you need a special workout program to lose weight is BS.

Program To Loose Weight

2. You Need Supplements to Get Better Result

Supplements are your friends, they help you to get incredible results on their own. Without those supplements, it is nearly impossible to achieve them.
Another lie. Truth is?

Some people can bend the truth. It all started with some people wanted to sell some unreal thing. They started rumors about it, advertised it and eventually they brainwashed us, made us believe we could only get incredible results by using their supplements.

The truth is most supplements are loaded with artificial colors, flavors, and empty calories. They can trick your brain and make you lose weight in the short term, but that comes with consequences, including blood pressure, increased heart rate, kidney problems or liver damage[1].

3. There are some Magic Diet Programs that Help you to Lose Weight

This probably the most famous lie you have heard. Tens of different diet programs claim to be the most efficient when it comes to weight loss.

In fact, there is no such thing called “magic”. Those programs aim to cut down your calories intake so you can lose weight.

However, watch out some diets that significantly change the ratio in nutrition chart, because an unbalanced diet will hurt you in long term.

Magic Diet

4. You Have to Eat Lean Meat and Dairy to Gain Muscles

For people who do not only want a smaller clothing size but also some muscles in their bodies, they are told that they need to eat a large portion of lean meat and dairy. But this is also a myth.

To gain muscles, you need protein, which can be found in many types of food, not just lean meat and dairy.

Some vegetables like spirulina or spinach even have more protein than meat[2].

5. If you Lose your Extra Weight Fast, it Means you are Getting Healthier

You are bombarded with perfect pictures of supermodels and they make us believe that skinner means healthier. But it is not.

Being healthy should be feeling good about yourself, not how skinny you are.

In fact, you should be concerned when you lose weight too fast because it means that you are cutting down too many calories, which has a detrimental effect on your metabolism and drains your body.


6. There is the Best Diet or the Best Workout to Get the Best Result

Again, there is no such thing called “best” or “most effective” to get results. People in the fitness industry try to lie to you by significantly cut down your calories intake and increase your physical activity level to create calories deficit.

Some extreme versions have negative impacts on your body, immune system, and metabolism.

In fact, you need to adjust your diet habit in accordance with your activity level and health condition to lose weight safely.

7. Lifting Will Make your Arms Big and Ugly (Women Only)

Some women don’t want to have big muscular arms. They are afraid that weightlifting might make they look like men. But this is nearly impossible.

Women cannot build big muscles because you don’t have enough testosterone. Therefore, to build big muscles like your favorite movie actors, you need to spend 5 hours at a gym and use supplements.

If you are not using supplements and not working out 5 hours at the gym every day, you can relax and go for some lifting.


8. The More Tired you Get, the Better Result you Will Get

You cannot deny the positive and fast result of high-intensity exercise. However, it can be dangerous to push yourself over your limits.

The side effect of overexertion includes overheating, muscle damage, joint injuries, and cardiac issues.
Exercise wisely. Consult a doctor before you jump into a HIIT training.

9. If you do a Lot of Crunches, you Will Get your Six-Pack Abs

People love nice, lean, six-pack abs. And there are different workout programs designed to target the abdominal area. They claim to be able to give you the abs that you have been wishing for. But again, this is a lie.

The truth is, you cannot get six-pack abs just by doing core exercises.

When you exercise, the impact spreads all over your body, gradually reduces your body fat percentage. Once your fat percentage reaches a certain level, finally your abs can be revealing.

There is no exercise can help you to sole lose the fat on the abdominal area, but there are some moves to increase the core muscles.

Six Packs

Let’s Make Fitness Become your Personal Thing

“I look fat. I want to lose weight”

“I want to lose my belly fat”

If these are something you used to say, stop for a second and find out why you say that.

Isn’t it because of all the hot models you saw in the Victoria Secret show? Isn’t it because of all the Facebook, Instagram pictures of super lean people?

Yes, that was why you wanted to lose weight at the first place. But it is simply the wrong approach.

Being fit must equal to being healthy.

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What is the point to lose 10 pounds and be able to see your ribs in every move if you cannot go out and enjoy a walk in the park because you are too weak?

What is good to have a flat stomach while a dried, wrinkled skin is the consequence?

Your body is a personal thing. Stop comparing it with others.

Now you know of some of the dirty lies in the fitness industry. Don’t be fooled by them, Be smarter.

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