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Running Shoes Guru: Run Lean, Run Strong Nutrition Program

Running is the easiest way to stay fit and protect your health. Everyone can do it, regardless of your age and fitness level, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. In order to get the maximum out of the most popular activity in the world, you need adequate running shoes and learn how to adapt your diet and adjust the tempo to avoid injuries or getting tired too soon.

Running Shoes Guru: Run Lean, Run Strong Nutrition Program

It’s easy to Google running shoes and choose the first pair you see in some store, but not all of them are created equal.
Running Shoes Guru provides assistance in choosing proper shoes and to help you reach your goals starting from running as a pastime to enrolling in a competition. But, is it really effective? We aimed to find out.

What is Running Shoes Guru?

What Is Running Shoes Guru

Running Shoes Guru[1] is a popular website created by, Ruggero Loda, a passionate runner and triathlete from Alps of Italy now living in Amsterdam. Loda is an active individual who participated and trained many sports and he spent years working in the sports footwear industry.

As you can assume, Running Shoes Guru website reviews running footwear available on the market right now. Although popular among current runners and those who are just trying to get informed, Running Shoes Guru started as a place where Loda reviewed footwear that he and his friends wore.

The website gained popularity fast and it became the go-to place for advice about shoes and running in general. Today, you can find everything running-related on this website as Loda and his team made this platform a reputable source of information.

The best evidence of the website’s popularity is a huge fanbase on social media. For example, they have 10.4k followers on Twitter[2] and 29,277 fans on Facebook.[3]

What is Run Lean, Run Strong?

Run Lean, Run Strong is a program, or more like guide, written and published by Running Shoes Guru. The program comes in the form of ebooks that you can use to maximize benefits from running, prepare for competitions, avoid injuries, and so much more.

According to the official website, Run Lean Run Strong delivers everything you need to know about nutrition, weight loss, strength training, and injury prevention. All these factors are of huge importance for every running.

Just by making simple changes in your diet, you can get better results from running in terms of an energy boost, supplying the body with much-needed nutrients, among other things. Runners are prone to injuries, but they are largely avoidable when you know how to prevent them.

Run Strong

What is Inside?

Run Lean Run Strong is an abundant source of information that you can really use. This is important because we come across books that promise to help us maximize running benefits, yet they don’t provide anything practical. These ebooks are different and revolve around the following:

  • Nutrition – what to eat, when to eat it, and how to cook your food
  • Weight loss – 8-week plan to lose weight without affecting your athletic performance
  • Stretching – most runners, even the experienced ones, tend to overlook the importance of stretching before and after your daily jog. As a result, they deal with cramps. Run Lean Run Strong features a stretch guide, particularly post-running to avoid these cramps
  • Strength training – training with or without weights to build a stronger core, torso, arms, and legs
  • Injury prevention – one in three runners sustain an injury within first three years of running. The ebook teaches you how to avoid injuries altogether

What eBooks are Part of this Program?

E Books

Running Shoes Guru’s online program consists of the following:

Run Lean

Nutrition plays a vital role in our health and wellbeing and it also helps you run better, particularly when training to compete. There is more to sports nutrition than restricting calories. Ideally, you should consume a well-balanced diet that delivers a variety of nutrients to your body. Run Lean teaches you how to shed extra weight, adapt your nutrition, and properly fuel up your running for better results.

Run Strong

A common mistake that runners make is focusing only on training runs and nothing else. Run Strong is an ebook that teaches you to use free weight workouts in order to boost running performance and minimize the risk of injuries.

The goal of strength training here isn’t the bulk up your muscles, but to develop your strength in a more balanced and comprehensive manner. This allows all areas of your body to work together in order to achieve all your goals.

Running Injuries

A vast majority of injuries in runners are caused by training mistakes, racing speed, running surface, body weight, and many other factors. This guide identifies common mistakes you’re making and provides detailed information about different things you can do to avoid unfortunate scenarios.

How Much does it Cost?

How Much does it Cost

Running Shoes Guru released three well-written ebooks, but they aren’t sold separately. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay a fortune for this program because the price for all three ebooks is $29. We have to admit the price is affordable and suitable for everyone’s budget. The program is automatically downloaded to your device in PDF format.

Are there any Guarantees that Enhance User Experience?

Yes, of course! Running Shoes Guru provides[4] a 60-day money back guarantee that protects your rights. That way, if you don’t achieve desired results within eight weeks, you can get a refund.

Not only that but purchasing this guide also makes you eligible for lifetime free updates. Loda and his team are constantly working on adding more information, tips, tricks, and evidence-based advice to each of these guides and you’ll receive an updated version regularly.


Running Shoes Guru is one of the most popular websites for runners and together with his team, the founder released thorough guides to improve running and prepare you for competitions or to meet your body goals.

The guide offers all-around approach toward enhanced performance, healthy nutrition, and injury prevention for a highly affordable price. Plus, purchase allows you to receive updated versions regularly. That’s definitely money well spent.

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