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Advantages Of Naked Yoga That You Should Keep In Mind

We are all well aware of the benefits of a “regular” yoga class and the positive impact it can have on your life. However, now with the new Naked Yoga trend, there is an added dimension to how yoga can improve your lifestyle and well being that’s right, Yoga just got even better.

Advantages Of Naked Yoga That You Should Keep In Mind

All the usual physical benefits of yoga remain such as increased flexibility, lowered blood pressure, increased muscle strength and tone, balanced metabolism, improved respiration and energy, circulatory health and protection from injury.

If these aren’t enough reasons to get you onto the mat, Naked Yoga hones in on the psychological benefits that yoga can bring you and deepens the mind-body – spirit connection, aiming for practice in the purest form.

Why Practice Naked Yoga?

Body Positivity:

Naked yoga is about getting you to feel comfortable in your own skin. How often do you put on clothes or plan an outfit only to feel worse and more aware of your insecurities? Now, how about that feeling you get after you’ve gone skinny dipping or danced around your room naked?

That exhilarating happiness you’ve received from completely embracing your body and not letting it stop you from loving yourself at this moment.

You gain a different perspective of looking at your body and learn to take pride and pleasure in its ability to move as it does for you each day.

Deeper mind-body-spirit connection:

mind body spirit

In today’s society, the ultimate aim of yoga has seemed to have gotten lost amongst what you wear and how you look on the mat. Whether its the funky pants or latest yoga mat, it seems people send more money on the yoga gear than on the actual class itself.

In Naked Yoga you have no attachment to the clothes you wear or the stories that come along with them. Clothes often remind us of our differences and insecurities, let it be gender or status. You leave all of that at the door and you show up in your purest most authentic form, more connected with yourself and in return yield a more connected practice.

Shedding old skin and negative emotions:

Naked yoga allows you to completely let go and release everything in your life. When you remove the constraints of your clothing it allows you to feel that deeper psychological letting goes off everything in your life.

Holding onto toxic emotions will soon show up negatively in the body. In yoga, there are 7 main Chakra’s (or energy points) and it is believed that an emotional imbalance in a certain chakra will show up as a physical imbalance as well.

As you release these negative emotions you will start to feel good on a mental and physical level. Serotonin (the feel-good hormone) is produced and released in the gut, meaning this natural mood enhancer is an immune booster as well!
A happy mind really does = a happy body.

Save money, time and energy:

Save money, time and energy

Since you won’t feel the need to keep on track with all the latest yoga fashion trends (your beautiful naked body is the trend) you can save your money for other necessities. Yoga was never about the expensive colorful spandex and matching bralette, in fact, the ancient yogis barely covered themselves with a loose piece of cloth.

The true aim of yoga enlightenment, contentment, and deep peace seems to have gotten lost amongst all the money-making trends that modern yoga brings. Yoga is about being fully present with your mind, body and soul and Naked Yoga embodies that concept.

Keeping an open mind:

Naked Yoga teaches us to stay open-minded and engage in new experiences. For most, the idea of being naked is more daunting than actually being naked, but the truth is it’s more natural and connected to ourselves than the identity that our clothing gives us.

We are very quick to judge and have an opinion about something before actually trying it out for ourselves. When was the last time you tried something new?

It’s a thrilling experience trying something for the first time, to grow as individuals we must move out of our comfort zone and who knows you could discover something that really resonates with you.

Feeling sexy:

Naked yoga is not about sex or being erotic.

It takes us back to our primal and most natural selves, where we can shed our differences that clothing so often reminds us of and instead we can just be.

It’s about self-confidence. It’s about feeling powerful and comfortable in your own skin. It’s that deep level of self-love and acceptance that is truly sexy.

More Peace:

More Peace

Once you have felt this deep inner peace from practicing self-love, mindfulness and acceptance you will show the same kind of compassion towards others. The kindness you show yourself will shine through you and touch other people’s lives, making the world a more peaceful place.

Although there are studios that practice Naked Yoga if doing yoga naked amongst strangers is a concept too daunting for you. There is no reason not to try it out in the confines of your home first, you might be surprised at how spiritually enticing your practice can be.

There are two Sanskrit words that are part of the 8 limbed path to yoga that I am reminded of; “Ahimsa” meaning compassion and “Santosa” meaning contentment. We must first show compassion to ourselves, our bodies, our minds and then our compassion will spread to all living beings. We are always waiting for something to happen or someday to arrive in order to be happy. Instead, we must appreciate ourselves now and be content in this very moment.

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Naked Yoga embraces these two words and moves towards creating a deeper connection to ourselves and our universe in a society that has so greatly lost touch.

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