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Fitness Isn’t destination It’s The Way Of Life- Become Fitter In 2018

‘The definition of fitness is the physical ability you have to carry out your desired job or task in hand’

Fitness Isn’t destination It’s The Way Of Life- Become Fitter In 2018

That will make more sense if I give you some examples

1. You may be fit enough to walk for miles but too unfit to run 1 mile

2. You may be fit enough to run a mile but not fit enough for a marathon

3. You may be fit enough to run a marathon but not fit enough for an Ironman

Yes, even people who run marathons can feel unfit if they think of Ironman

Almost everyone I do a consultation with will mention they want to be fitter but they have no idea what fitness is, what their current level of fitness is, what level they are aiming for and how they will know when they’ve reached it

So I ask them those exact questions until I get a response, like the one my client gave me recently. She found she was out of breath getting up the stairs at the train stations and would like to be able to get to the top without dying

I do think going up stairs makes us all feel unfit but I knew I could help train her to feel effortless and this is what we did…

Step ups on small blocks
Loads of lunges, static and walking
Step ups on medium height blocks
Loads of squats
Step ups on larger height blocks
Sprint drills
Going up and down hills
Going up and down stairs

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After a few weeks of training, she could get up the stairs without being out of breath but we would never have known that her fitness had improved if we hadn’t worked through where she was at the start and what the outcome would be at the end

Fitness doesn’t need to be about marathons, it can be every day tasks, in fact my sister was in bad shape after her second boy was born and she had to sit down every short distance to recover, before pushing the pram again

I got her whipped into shape…

Ask yourself these questions:
What in your mind is fitness? (what does fitness look like?)
Where are you in your current fitness? (think of an example)
Where do you want your fitness to be? (setting a goal)
When do you know you’ve reached your fitness? (achieving the goal)


One of my friends is a GP and she had a patient who was seriously obese with type 2 diabetes, breathing difficulties, high blood pressure and so on. So the GP brings up the subject of exercise and the woman tells her she gets plenty of exercise, she had to get up and down all day to let the cat in and out of the window

Her perception of what exercise and fitness equalled in her world, was getting up, crossing the room and opening the window, then going back to her chair and sitting down. She obviously thought she was fit but most people wouldn’t regard it as sufficient exercise and that she was unfit

From a health point of view, letting the cat in or out, isn’t enough

Once you’ve established what fitness is, you will probably want to improve your fitness and there are plenty of ways to do that. Aim to improve on one of the following each time you do a workout and I’ll use my clients workout for getting up the stairs


Aerobics Class

Try for longer, instead of 1 minute, try 90 seconds then 2 minutes and build up to your desired goal. This one is especially good for running and other aerobic activities to improve your stamina


Whether you are doing bodyweight exercise or using actual weights, to get fitter it pays to get stronger. Not only can a good weight session get your heart rate higher than a cardio session but your muscles will be stronger to cope with the demands of your chosen activity.

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Try to do your workout faster without compromising your quality, for example, when doing step-ups or squats timed for 1 minute, trying to get more reps in each time

If we go back to my client who wanted to get up those stairs at the station, if we take the step-ups as an example, we could start with 30 seconds of step-ups, adding 5 seconds each session until she is doing 60 or 90 seconds.

Fitness Training Kettlebell

We could add a weight that gets heavier as the sessions progress, something like a kettlebell or plate that can be held or put in a backpack if outside. We could also make the step-ups faster by counting how many she did in a minute, say it was 32, trying to get 33 or 34 next time and so on

Basically, if you keep doing the same exercise, with the same weight and the same amount you won’t get any fitter. You need to reach out of your comfort zone and put a bit more work in

What do you want to be fit for and are you close to that goal? How will you plan on becoming fitter? I’d love to know, please leave a comment

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