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5 Fantastic Health Benefits for Hula Hooping

Never underestimate the power of doing what you love or the importance of having fun. You never know where these things will lead or what they may inspire, and most importantly, how they will affect you on a vibrational level. I am a bit of a hula hoop addict; it has helped transform my life for the better, it became was first inspired to Hula Hoop while I was traveling in Thailand back in 2008. I saw my first fire show and made friends with a fire hooper named Kelly, an American girl living there and performing on a fire team of Thai guys out on the island of Koh Phi Phi. I thought it was so free-spirited and fascinating… I knew right then and there that I wanted to do that one day – although at this point I couldn’t get actually hula hoop. Many years later, and after several sporadic trips that led to long-term adventures or living abroad, I returned to Canada and bought my first oversized 8 lb. hula hoop solely with the intention of weight loss. The added weight gives the hoop momentum and the larger the diameter of the hoop, the longer it takes for the hoop to circle around, thus slowing it down. Having the right hoop to start off with changed everything – it was the first time that I could make hula hoop! Now, look at me… it’s now one of my side gigs that I absolutely adore, and the best part is, I get paid to do it; I love my job.

5 Fantastic Health Benefits for Hula Hooping

Fire Performing

Fire Performing in Koh Phi Phi December 2016

I’ve had close to 6 years of hula hooping, and I have evolved as a hooper in many ways. I was fortunate to have gained some incredibly inspiring and valuable experiences. I’m continuously experimenting and testing out new moves, dancing with new hoop sizes and sometimes with two. I even perform quite regularly with my LED hoop; and recently while traveling in Thailand, I was hoop dancing with a fire team out in Koh Phi Phi (this was definitely above and beyond what I’d imagined and dreamed of). I’m only making a point of this because it shows that you really can achieve anything you put your mind to (and more) when you actually do trust your intuition, follow those dreams of yours (doing what you love) so that your happy and high vibrational which makes you a positive energy magnet and causes you to attract like-minded people, situations, and things. Regardless of whether or not you can hula hoop – there are many reasons you should try to at least pick one up and try. You may not have the desire to dance with fire, or perhaps it won’t become a part-time gig but you may actually enjoy it and learn a few things. Like all things, practice makes perfect, so although you may not see results right away, the more you play you will begin to improve. Eventually when muscle memory forms you will be able to subconsciously fall into a natural flow state. This is, in my own words, tapping into the universal flow.

We know the hula hoop is fun, that’s a given benefit. Yes, it’s cardio, but there’s so much more that you could potentially be tapping into when you give your hula hoop a whirl. Here are a list of 5 surprising ways that hula hooping will not only raise your vibration but can upgrade your life.


The Key to Manifestation is raising your vibration – Sunshine Girl Shoot 2016


1)Hula hooping releases those ‘happy’ hormones. You can get your fix in just 20 to 30 minutes as endorphins are releases in the brain. These fabulous feel-good neurotransmitters can raise your vibration and can leave you buzzing and feeling fantastic for several hours afterward. Through mindful and dedicated practice with a hula hoop, you will continuously boost your endorphins count and allow these hormones to cumulate, and store themselves in the body, having a back-up supply at your disposal will help promote a more positive mindset and positive habits in your life and helps reduce pain and stress and negativity. Who doesn’t want to have more happiness in their life?

2)Hula Hooping can be a form of meditation – When hula hooping, whether in a ‘flow’ state or incessant drills, are forms of meditation. Yes, these are meditations in motion using the hula hoop as a tool to help guide to different conscious states, and these are also achieved in different ways and provide different benefits respectively.

Hula Hooping can put you in a flow state consciousness – it forces you to be present, in complete unity with the hoop in motion, with a moment to moment focus and awareness which I consider tapping into the natural flow of the universe. How? Well if you look at a hula hooper from directly above and over the head, and there was a paint brush attached to the hula hoop, it would appear like a giant spirograph, as well, often hula hoopers are listening to music and simply freestyling their flow to the music in their environment. Dancing is the art of translating sound and emotion into movement and telling a story or creating beauty, so this is why hoop dancing is so appealing.

To use a hula to get into a trance state, drilling in sequences of movements repeatedly is a great way to get there. The rhythmic movement around our body promotes excelled body awareness and becomes what I like to call a mantra of movement, and once the body has subconsciously stored it in the muscle memory, your mind is free to imagine and daydream. I personally like to visualize my goals and listen to some good tunes and/or binaural beats, and it lifts my spirits and raises my vibration as I rhythmically plan out what I want to achieve. By raising your vibration and sending out positive energy and intentions into the universe, you become a happy, high-vibing manifesting magnet.

High-Vibing Manifesting

My first oversized hoop for weight loss (8 lbs.) 2011

Body – Believe it or not, the Hula Hoop is an incredible tool for transforming your body through physical benefits for better health.

1. It can create a fun & powerful workout, and fun fitness is by far the best because you are getting plenty of vigorous exercise without even trying. Hula hooping increases your stamina, boosts your mood by releasing endorphins, it strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system… and on that note, it’s one bad-ass cardio workout. As stated by the American Council on Exercise Hula hooping vigorously for an hour can burn up to 600 calories as it is a full-body workout and activates up to 30 muscles in the body, depending on how you are hooping which also helps to gently sculpt and tone the body.

2. A hula hoop can promote better posture, form, and flexibility when proper alignment becomes the focus of practice or when combined with different stretching and conditioning techniques or practices such as yoga, dance, breathing and other exercises.

3. Hooping improves hand-eye coordination, hand-foot coordination, balance, reflexes, and sense of timing.

4. Hula is hooping around the waistline aids in detoxifying the body and in digestion as it stimulates the (digestive) organs through a rhythmic pressure; this also gets blood and oxygen circulating more evenly throughout the entire body and boosts energy levels, concentration, and alertness.

Hooping Balance

Keeping my focus and living balanced lifestyle in Panama 2012

Spirit – Nothing raises the spirits more than doing something fun and feeling happy. Believe it or not, hula hoops have been around for centuries for fun, entertainment, fitness and even in spiritual ceremonies. Something very intriguing about dancing with a hula hoop (or other flow art toys) is that it helps deepen your ability to connect with your spirituality or inner voice, intuition or guidance. This is because when you are in the motion, you are aligned both in breathing and movement— concentration on the repetition of these motions ensures that you are focused and present. Most hula hoopers don’t think of such things while they are hooping, they simply do it because they enjoy it, but upon further reflection, we can see that there is a deeper reason for this. If you were to look at someone hula hooping from overhead, their dance movements would look very much like a spirograph if their hula hoop had a pen attached to it. The movements and flow patterns align us to sacred geometry and connecting us to the flow of the universe. Depending on what body part you are using to hula hoop, you can create mandala-like shapes through fractals of energy caused by patterns made through the motions of the hula hoop. Aside from this fascinating ability to aid us in tapping into the universal flow, the hula hoop is also an excellent tool in activating the kundalini energy in the lower spine, and it actually happens quite effortlessly once you get the hoop going. Another interesting fact is that in Reiki one of the Master symbols symbolizes the kundalini snake (energy); in is drawn with a spiral motion coiling down, very similar to the motion of a hula hoop or even reminiscent to the graphic above. The lower spine is also the primary spot for most people when hula hooping; the circular movement around the sacrum helps activate the sacral chakra, which is the second major primal chakra known as the creativity center. This area around the sacrum is where many people often retain tension and hold energetic blocks. The gentle massaging of the hula hoop actually helps release the blockages and allows the energy to flow freely through this area.

Focus – When first hooping, the focus you need to maintain control of both the hoop and body movements will naturally boost your self-awareness and sharpen your concentration skills. The rhythmic motion of hooping combined with all those wonderful endorphins can transform brainwave activity—this is a powerful process called neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to change thought patterns, perceptions and perspectives as it reorganizes itself and creates new neural connections. Our already fast-paced society is constantly speeding up, with social media, stress and other distractions we suffer the repercussions in our health. So many of us don’t feel we have enough time for ourself. I recommend using your hula hoop as a time out: time to focus on the present moment, and time for your daily practice. By committing as little as 20 minutes to something that is healthy (and something that makes you happy), you will gain a deeper sense of well-being. Daily practice will help you ground by taking some time for yourself and giving yourself permission to escape (even temporarily) from today’s fast-paced lifestyle; you will let go of the thoughts, doubts, and stresses that do not serve you as you tune into the movement of the hoop and connect more deeply with yourself. Consider your hoop time your ‘Hour of Power‘ or ‘Minutes for Manifesting‘ (however long it may be) to help you maintain better focus on your goals and also gain clarity — I use my hoop time to plan the necessary actions I need to take. If you dedicate even 20 minutes to actively focusing on your goals, you will succeed in achieving your dreams. The brain functions more optimally when physical and spatial skills activated are, and your emotions are stimulated, so grab your hoop and get to it, eventually, when you achieve your dreams, you’ll realize that jumping through all those hoops to get there was totally worth it.

Hoop Dancers

My Hoop Dancers for a Hermès Event I choreographed during Fashion Week, Panama City 2012

Creativity – Einstein said it best, “Intelligence is creativity having fun” and if that’s true, I’d say hooping is the smart thing to do. The reason hula hooping is popular among the youth is because it’s entertaining and can be enjoyed with others or individuality. Once someone has conquered the waist hooping, then any moves moving forward can be expressed and transitioned to creatively. If you are hooping with friends, you can choreograph different movements, create optical illusions and try all sorts of poses, new moves, and just experiment. That’s when the fun happens! Every hooper has their own style, some really enjoy off-body and on-body hooping, others tend to lean more towards hoop dance, or isolations and tricks. However you find your hoop flow and choose to express yourself and personal style, you will discover that the creativity will flow through you very intuitively. I used to let people watching me hooping affect me, I was self-conscious or felt anxiety about performing, but the more I learned to let go and surrender to the hoop, the movement, and the music, that’s when I allow myself to connect to the flow of the universe. The subconscious movements will flow through you if you surrender and find harmony in the music. That is in my own definition, hoop dancing.

Hoop Dancing

Hopefully, this article inspires you to pick up a hoop and start twirling it around you. Just remember the right hoop can really change your experience. Perhaps you’ll want a hoop for fitness and losing weight, or maybe it’s to help with proper form and alignment or do gentle resistance training… perhaps to relieve daily stress by jamming to some music and doing a hoop dance. Whatever the reason, it’s a good one. One thing to remember is that not all hoops are created equal (and neither are all people) so it’s important to know what you are looking for when deciding what style and size hoop will be the right fit. And hey, maybe hooping isn’t your favourite form of motion meditation, and if it’s not a hoop, I encourage you to find whatever tool that could work for you…but it can’t hurt to try to use a hoop— one thing is for certain, it definitely will help you raise your vibration.

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