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10 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is essential in your daily routine. Motivate yourself to exercise regularly. Here, Tom Holland, a fitness guru who lives in Connecticut, shares some proven tips on how you can make exercise a habit.

How To Exercise Regularly

Exercises are challenging indeed, and most people give up soon after they have started. It doesn’t matter how you do it and for what reason. It clear to all that they are beneficial to our health. There are those people who don’t miss it out in the gym almost every day. We envy them sometimes because we wonder how they make it. It is only that we forget we are capable of joining such a team. Here is Tom Holland, a fitness guru who lives in Connecticut sharing some proven tips on how you can make exercises a habit.

10 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise Regularly

Make Exercises a Priority Every Morning

Stretching in the morning is not enough. It is the high time you start waking up earlier every morning and do some exercises. It is a great way to start your day which can be a boost to your work out plan, according to a study from the University of North Texas. It is easier to adapt to the schedule in the morning than later in the day, in reference to researches.

Don’t Rush

A habit doesn’t form in a day. It takes time and you should never rush. Give it a minimum of 6 weeks in disregard to the controversial believe that it takes 21 habits for a habit to form. With exercises, this is an adequate duration to start noticing changes in your body. The results will motivate you to stick to the plan. Skipping a day or two without exercises will tell the difference.

Identify Enjoyable Exercises

Although it doesn’t mean that you can fit all exercises, there are some that you will find not matching your niche. You shouldn’t stick to one form of exercise. Trying different ones can be great for your body. It won’t take long before you become used to various styles. Eventually, it will become a hobby and you won’t even recognize that you are hitting the gym to exercise but for fun.

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Use a Trainer

If you start exercising without a professional trainer, you might do it the wrong way. It might not benefit you in some way. A trainer will motivate, guide and inspire you to continue with exercises. Fitness experts say that even if you can’t afford to hire a trainer, just a few sessions can be helpful in your workout plan. Holland says that a good trainer will hold you accountable and will be there for you when in dire need.

Join a Fitness Club

Joining a fitness club is a great step towards achieving your fitness goal. You will find people to motivate you offer all the support you might need. According to Holland, it is the reason behind the success of groups like Weight Watchers and CrossFit. You can find a gym or a fitness class where every person can identify you by name. Competing with your friends, coworkers or even your spouse can keep you motivated, says Holland.

Look For Comfort

It is your duty to plan when, where and how you will carry out your exercises in the most comfortable manner that can fit in your daily tasks. There is no need of travelling long distances where there is a gym. You can find one near work place or home where you will conveniently spend some time. Plus, your home can be the exercising ground. Plan all the activities in advance to avoid any inconveniences.

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Spend On It

Partying with cash will make you accountable. It will convince you that in deed you are paying for a service and you will work towards reaping some benefits. It can even motivate you to work harder than what your money is worth. With every achievement, there should come some rewards. Give yourself a treat or buy a new dress once in a while.

Don’t Go to Extremes

This is a common mistake that most people make once they get into a fitness plan. It recommendable to watch out your exercise plan by trying not to achieve so much within a short duration after starting a fitness regimen. Other than hurting your muscles, overworking yourself can cause injury which can put you off for even a longer duration. With the help of an instructor, it will be easier to make progress at a reasonable pace.

Embrace Technology

Working out every morning can become fun for some people but not for all. It is recommendable to embrace technology where you can tell how many miles you have covered in a day or the number of calories you have burnt. There are several apps and computer programs you can use. Informing friends about your new progress can go a long way in keeping you on the go. This can be done through social media.

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Set Realistic Goals

Holland says that most people who fail in workout plans often set unrealistic goals that are too ambitious. She recommends that you should set goals that can be achieved and focus on then when you are exercising. Even if you are on a weight loss course, don’t expect to shed so many pounds within a short time.

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