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Health Benefits of Wearing a Fitness Tracking Watch

Do fitness trackers really improve health? Take a closer look at the health benefits & learn how it inspires you to achieve your fitness goals!

Fitness is such an essential part of the lives of many. So many people spend their time in pursuit of a new level of fitness, and they take it very seriously.

Health Benefits of Wearing a Fitness Tracking Watch
Fitness trackers are the best way to stay healthy and sporty. Shutterstock Images

This often means that you’ll see people tool up with all kinds of different gear, from trainers to running clothes to a specific phone case.

However, something which not many people bother with is a fitness tracking watch.

This is an item which can offer a lot of health benefits to you, but so many people just don’t bother with them.

We’re going to be taking a look at what gains you’ll reap from wearing one so that as many people know as possible.

1. Your Heart Rate, All The Time

One of the first and most obvious advantages is being able to know your heart rate all the time.

The heart rate may seem like something strange to focus on, but it’s a good indicator of how well your body is adjusting to the exercise.

For example, if you found that you were exhibiting a higher resting heart rate, then it might be an indication that you need to take a recovery day and allow yourself time to rest.

People who are focusing on stamina when they exercise might also benefit from knowing how quickly they exert themselves, and when their heart rate begins to approach higher levels.

2. Stopwatch and Timer Capabilities


Keeping track of time will allow you to be more efficient in your time and workouts. Image – Shutterstock.com

Let’s be real for a second – we all lead busy lives. Exercising is important, but few can afford to have it take up their entire day.

In some cases when training, the goal is to cut down the time it takes you to run a certain distance, or even just to continually move for 20 minutes.

A fitness tracking watch usually has stopwatch and timer capabilities built-in, which means you can keep track of how long you’re active.
Daniel Richmond of Tic Watches thinks that ‘while your ordinary watch is a good tool for keeping track of time, the safer and more purpose-built option is a fitness tracker’.

3. Honest Performance Reviews

Honest Performance

Tracking your fitness progress and improving your overall health. Image – Shutterstock.com

Exercise can be tough[1]. No one’s disputing that when you’re out running in the rain, you’d rather be at home with a hot chocolate.

It becomes easy to lie to yourself and convince everyone that you’re doing more training than you actually are.

This can have the knock-on effect of being bad for your health because you’re not doing the exercise you should be.

For better or for worse, a fitness tracking watch stops this from happening.

It’ll calculate how many steps you’ve taken, how long you were active for, and in some cases the distance you traveled.

It becomes harder to lie to other people and more importantly yourself, which means that your overall health will improve.

After all, you can make all the excuses you like for a fitness tracker – it won’t listen!

Overall, these are just a few of the different benefits which can come from a fitness tracking watch.

Whether you’re keeping track of your heart and how it’s coping with your routine, or pushing yourself that bit harder to meet your target, there’s no denying the health benefits which can come from a fitness watch.

With brands like Fitbit and Apple offering a watch which helps to give you the best possible workout, you can see why investing in one might be a good idea.

A fitness tracker can come in many forms, but the watch is one of the more natural variations and can serve as a timekeeper while being a stopwatch, a route planner, or a timer.


Terry Ramos, CPT

As a trainer and writer, Terry loves changing lives through coaching and written words. Terry has a B.S. in Kinesiology with a Minor

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