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6 Tips One Expert & Get Fitter – Sore Today Strong Tomorrow

So the new year is here and we wonder how to turn some of those holiday pounds into something positive, but we really don’t know where to start. This article I have laid out six steps you should goal set with and see which quality you can improve on this successful year.

6 Tips One Expert & Get Fitter – Sore Today Strong Tomorrow

Healthy balanced lifestyle, all starts and ends with these qualities revise these weekly and see how your lifestyle changes for the better.

1. Keep things Simple!!

I see so many people posting on social media about fab diets and crazy workouts regimes they try. In the end, you may or may not adopt too. The end result should be about having a overall healthier Lifestyle and feeling more energized in your day to day.

I have had the privilege to have coached and Personal trained for over 11 years now and the first mistake clients make is, trying to make 100 changes at once. Remember if you want it to last, then take one day at a time and gradually make realistic changes.

For example; if you eat out all the time, make your goal the first week to only eat out twice and prepare the rest at home.

Food and Fitness

This is a huge step, that can deliver a lot of amazing results without even having to incorporate exercise yet.

Add vegetables into all your meals, five to six times a day or start to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Small changes can go a long way. You will know what ones to start with. When you feel you have accomplished the first goal, praise yourself and set the next goal.

2. Exercise doesn’t Always Mean the Gym.

What I mean by this, is not everyone likes to go to the gym and workout. Find something that keeps you active three to five days a week, that you grow to love.

Moving and keeping the body fit, means feeling good and loving what you do. The body is meant to move and be active more often then not.

Join classes like yoga, spin classes, Zumba or a running club. Start walking outside 30 minutes a day, swimming or join a recreational sports team with friends. Keep it fun and upbeat.

I am a Pro athlete and work in the gym full time, I find it very refreshing to step outside the gym. I really enjoy snowboarding with my friends in the winter months and water sports in the summer months.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are, these outdoor sports sure give you a whole new appreciation for fitness. Enjoy being alive and active!

Zumba Fitness

3. Lets Talk about Food & Exercise

Now we all talk about food and exercising, as this is what most people focus on. What we don’t talk about, is the mind set and making that stronger. This is where our mind can play tricks on us and even take advantage of our game plan.

Did you know, that you have a 5 second window where your brain moves an idea to action before your brain kicks into high gear and can sabotage any change of behaviour.

Your brain is wired to stop you from doing anything uncomfortable, uncertain or scary. It is your job to learn how to move those ideas into acting ones.

Planning and sticking to a healthy routine is the answer. Have a weekly routine and make sure it flows and it not exhausting. Always include down time with loved ones and personal responsibilities.

Things to check off your list; when to eat five to six small meals a day, when will I make time for activities this week and what time is my bedtime at? Feeling in control of your daily routine will make you feel extremely proud and you will accomplish much more in your days. A well balanced routine id key.


4. Stay Motivated

How do we stay motivated? This is the underlining question for many. The deeper question is what really motivates you? What does happiness and health mean to you? How would a healthier lifestyle effect the rest of your life? What more would you accomplish in your life if you were more active?

What is a long term goal that really means something to you, I mean deep down inside.

Some great answers I have heard are; to get off my medications, to run again without my knees hurting, to keep up with my kids without feeling exerted. I have even have heard; I would build houses over seas if I was healthier.

These are huge goals so what is holding you back? The impact we could have on other people around us, if we change small daily habits in our life.

Choose just one really, meaningful thing and remind your self of this one thing when your brain tries to sabotage you.

Having any sort of motivation, will push you to the finish line. It has to be a valuable goal for yourself only. Choose one and keep it in mind 24/7.

Goal setting is important but, the “whys” are even more important. Focus on what you do accomplish daily, not what you don’t. Keep momentum moving in that direction and always stay positive.

Make goals a priority and you will feel more motivated in what you do this year. Remember we are here to better our lifestyles, so embrace change.

Sports Team

5. Support Or Reassurance

Everyone needs Support or Reassurance. Make sure to choose these people wisely; who you vent to about failures and successes within your journey. Nothing will make you more discouraged then someone not on board with your new lifestyle changes.

Surround yourself with happy, energetic positive people, who are striving to push themselves forward like yourself. Now this also means, don’t look for someone to lean on.

Create a healthy safe place and set boundaries with these friends. So many journeys can be sabotaged, if they do not surround themselves with positive support and like minded people. In the end your lifestyle will change for the better.

Start to open up to new friends with similar interest. Don’t be shy to receive positive support and encouragement when needed. Acceptance is ok.

6)No Excuses

6. No Excuses

Eliminate excuses !! “I am too tired, I have a headache, I forgot a clean gym shirt or didn’t eat enough today.” No excuses!!

Every time you catch yourself complaining or making up a reason why you CANNOT do something, do it. Do it right away, too.

I grew up riding horses and when we would get bucked off, my mom would say “get back on your horse now and ride.“

Why on earth would she say that!?

Its because the second you say to yourself; its scary, you can’t, or you feel uncertain about something, you fall into the arms of comfort.

If you act on it right away, chances are your fear will be less overwhelming. You will start to take control of many bad excuses and eliminate those sabotaging thoughts. Stand up for what you really want to improve on and be confident in what is best.

Will Smith quotes “get comfortable with failure and you will achieve more in your life. With failure comes more success, bottom line.”

Dont Excuse

Excuses are the only thing that holds us all back, from achieving greatness.

Make sure you have a heart filled goal, that you long to chase. Chase your goals not your excuses it will get easier everyday with a healthier stable routine.

In the end it’s a battle with yourself, you are fighting to have control over. Working on being a better version of you every day, never goes unrecognized and take it day by day.

Keep things simple, enjoy the activities you choose to do and praise your self daily for what you do achieve. Forget about what you don’t do.

If you are still trying to achieve your goals but have not yet, you haven’t given up.

Keep moving forward, you will get there. Believe and want it more than the excuses in your mind. You might be surprised this year how many people you will influence along the way.

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