How DNAFit – A Genetic DNA Fitness; Can Help You Get Better Health?


Fitness is something that we all should pay attention to, but, unfortunately, most people do not. For many people, a night in front of the television after a hard day of work sounds much better than doing some hardcore training at the gym.

At the same time, a pizza sounds more attractive to the majority of people when compared to a healthier dinner, such as a turkey salad.

Continuing with such a lifestyle and not making changes to these nasty habits can cause weight gain, nutrition deficiencies and even lead to a higher risk of being diagnosed with certain diseases.

The National Institutes of Health[1] reports that over 33% of adults in the United States are considered obese. Obesity is a health concern that refers to excessive amounts of fat accumulated in the body.

In addition to this statistic, it is also important to note that another 33% of adults in the country weigh more than what would be considered “normal” for their gender and height.

In addition to these statistics, we should also mention that, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services[2], only around 33% of people in the United States obtain an adequate amount of physical exercise weekly, and an amount lower than 5% of all adults in the country obtain a minimum of 30 minutes physical activity on a daily basis.

Why People Fail To Consider Fitness And Health A Priority?

Most people weight too much

The statistics we have shared here are definitely a call for concern. Most people weight too much and do not obtain enough exercise. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are two separate conditions, each holding a large number of health complications for a person.

When combined, the health complications that a person is prone to develop increases* significantly; thus also reducing* the particular person’s quality of life.

The problem, however, is that many people do not know where to start if they wish to turn their lives around and start to work on both their general wellbeing and their fitness. People make all kinds of excuses when it comes to avoiding healthy foods and participating in physical activities.

For most people, it just seems like too much effort. For some, health concerns may stand in their way of doing exercise, and the person may use this as an excuse.

There are also a lot of people who believe you need to have a membership at a gym to become healthy.

What Is DNAFit?

DNAFit Workout

While numerous excuses are used to get out of a good workout at the gym or a healthy plate of food, people need to realize that these objectives are beneficial for them. A major problem amongst the general population, however, is the fact that they have no idea where they should begin.

When you go to a gym, you are usually given a standard workout plan – one that is used by hundreds of other people that are also attending that specific gym. A personal trainer might offer you a more personalized approach to how you can improve* your fitness levels.

There are also instructors that can offer you vital information on how you can change your diet to improve* your health and even contribute to your fitness.

Unfortunately, no matter how unique these plans may seem, they never take your personal DNA data into consideration. Every person is unique, and there are no two DNAs that match each other perfectly.

Your DNA is like your fingerprint – unmatchable and uniquely your own.

For the last couple of years, thousands of people have been able to overcome the problem that training programs offered by instructors at a gym are not tailored toward their genes and DNA. The solution to these problems is now worldwide known as DNAFit[3].

DNAFit is a company that is based in the United Kingdom. The company has come up with a solution that will help people identify the most appropriate way for them to improve* the wellbeing of their own body, and to help improve* their fitness levels over a shorter amount of time.

The people who have turned to DNAFit to help them improve* their health and fitness have also noticed that this particular program yields more effective results, as well as faster results, then what can be obtained from a personal trainer at their local gym.

DNAFit is a unique company and was the first to offer the services they specialize in. The company provides the most personalized approach to nutrition and fitness.

It is also quite interested how they help their customers – the entire company revolves around studying a person’s DNA to identify what particular types of physical exercises they may require to achieve a specific goal, as well as to determine whether they have a deficiency in any particular nutrients that may have an adverse effect on their wellbeing and fitness levels.

Is DNAFit Worth The Money?

Genes Tested

The price of a test conducted by DNAFit depends on the results a person is looking for. You can choose only to have certain genes tested to help you adjust your diet, or you can choose to have them look at genes that affect your fitness.

There is also the option to obtain both reports at once. The question on everyone’s mind is… is such a test really worth the money.

You might have heard some claims that the information shared by the tests that are performed by companies like DNAFit is not yet good enough to provide adequate results, but one particular study has proven this fact as incorrect.

Men’s Fitness[4] reports that a recent clinical study looked at whether or not a personalized plan based on a person’s unique DNA could help them lose* more weight.

At the end of the study, the results proved that those who followed a personalized diet and fitness plan, based on information obtained from their DNA, lost an average of 33% more than those who simply followed a standard diet and fitness plan.


We often fail to consider the importance of our diet, as well as the physical activities we participate in. Yet, diet and fitness contribute to a happier, healthier life, as well as a lower risk of developing certain diseases.

DNAFit now offers the general public a more convenient and more effective way of adhering to their wellbeing, by identifying certain traits in their DNA that helps them improve* the results they achieve from their diet, as well as from their exercise routines.

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