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Diet Bet, Weight Loss & Dollars – Easy Way To Lose Weight

What is Diet Bet Weight Loss Game?

Diet bet is a game that is played online, and it involves betting using money. The winner must lose up to 4% of their weight for them to win money. Typical bets range between $25-50. Many players are brought together online and they start the bet game. This game can accommodate many players, and the pot size will be equivalent to the number of players.
Individuals participating in this betting game should take their weight at the beginning of the game, and they have a period of 1 month for them to lose 4% of their body weight. If you achieve 4% weight loss, you will have won the bet game split the pot. If you don’t reach the target, you lose the bet. Most of these lose weight games have many participants, as players are motivated by the money in the bet.

Diet Bet, Weight Loss & Dollars – Easy Way To Lose Weight

What are the Definition of Terms used in Diet Bet Lose Weight Games?

Money Diet Concept
  • Dietbet – Itsa contest where players bet money, and you have to lose 4% of your starting weight for you to win.
  • Kickstarter – Is a dietbet that take 28 days and the competing players should lose 4% of their starting weight.
  • Organizer – It is a person who creates a dietbet, and set the game stakes and start date.
  • Hosted dietbet – It is led by a person selected by dietbet.
  • Private dietbet – It is the one that the players receive invitation from one of the players or from the game organizer.
  • Open- access dietbet – It is an open game and all eligible players can join.
  • Referee – Is an agent who manages official weighing of the participants.
  • Bet – Is the money collected by dietbet, and is kept in the pot until the game is over.
  • Pot – It is the total amount of all bets.
  • Unofficial weigh-in – Are weight that are self reported by the players.
  • Official weigh-in – they are weight controlled by a referee and they require photo for verification.
  • Lightweight clothing – It is a dress code which should be worn during official weigh- ins.
  • MVP – It is a player who has invited most friends to join the bet game.
Friends Shaking Hands

Kickstarter Rules

There are rules set to govern this game and they are based on weigh-ins, refunds, winning, unsportsmanship behavior and sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship Rules

  • All players should adhere to the following guidelines of good sportsmanship.
  • No harassing other players
  • No embarrassing players
  • You should not intentionally misrepresent another person’s weight
  • No nudity
  • No promotion posts or business in this game
  • No forging weigh-in photos, creating multiple accounts or manipulating weigh in process
  • No posting of photos without permission
  • No betting for someone else

Unsportsmanlike Behavior

Women Drinking Water
  • All the participants must be above the age of 18 years
  • All the participants must have a BMIof 18.5
  • No binging or hydration
  • No self-induced vomiting
  • No excessive dehydration
  • No engaging in medical procedures that leads to weight lossduring the time of bet
  • No tampering with the results of measurement reported by the scale

Winning Rules

Electronic Scales
  • Final weigh-in results should be submitted 48 hours after the game
  • The final goal weight is calculated by subtracting 4% from the initial weight
  • Any player who meet the goal weight will be a winner unless they have lost more than 12% of the weight or they are removed by organizer
  • Referee shall solve all dispute in the game and his decision will be final

Refunds Rules

  • Players who want a refund of their money have up to 7 days from the day the game started.
  • Players who want to leave the game due to medical reasons must have relevant documents for them to claim money refund
  • There will be no refund after the game ends

Weigh-Ins Rules

  • Initial Weigh-Ins – This is the initial official starting weight. It must be submitted 48 hours before the start of the game.
  • Weigh-Out – It is the weight of a player at the end of the game. It should be submitted 48 hours from midnight of the last day of the game. A referee must approve photos and weight.
  • Multiple Game Weigh-Ins – This applies when the players are involved in multiple games. The kickstarter is allowed to select a game after submitting weigh-in.
  • Unofficial Weigh-Ins – This is the weight updated by the player and it does not need verification from the referee.
  • Photo Base Proof of Weight – Players should send 2 photos on scale, for approval by the referee.
  • Auditing – These are random checks conducted to detect unusual activities within a game.
  • Dress Code – Players should dress lightweight clothing during the time of weigh-in.
  • Scales – You should use the same scales for official weigh-ins. It should be doctor or digital scale placed in a flat surface.
  • Units – The unit of the weight should be in kilograms or in pounds.

How Diet Bet Works?

How Diet Bet Works
  • Join – You can join a game that is about to start soon, or you start yours and challenge friends to join. You need to put money in the pot and the winner who will have lost 4% after 4 weeks will split the pot.
  • Weigh-in – Submit the starting photos and the official starting weight 2 days before the game begins.
  • Weigh out – Final weight is sent 48 hours after the game ends.
  • Win – The winner must have lost 4% of the initial weight. Winners are announced after 24 hours and the pot money shared among the winners.

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Diet bet lose weight games are fun and has become popular. It is a win-win game, as everyone is the winner at the end. You can either win by losing weight or win by both losing weights and splitting the pot. For you to qualify to participate in this game, you must be 18 years and above.
You have to bet for you to participate. This game is motivating as everyone strives to reach the target weight goal for them to win the bet. However, for you to win the game, you must lose up to 4% of the initial weight.

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